Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's been a few days since I blogged here but I have an excuse.
You see I am on vacation and it only took 19 hours from m y door to the door of my hotel room to get from there to here.
Where is here?
Honolulu Hawaii in the South Pacific.
You know the place.
Palm Trees. The Hula. Bronzed men. Magnum P.I.Surfer dudes.
I am really just a bit Diamond Head from Honolulu in Waikiki Beach, to be more specific.
We- that's my hubby Tom and I, are in a little hotel- cabana actually, on the third floor. Only three floors to this charming little building a half block- arguably, from famous Waikiki Beach.
I have to tell you the accommodations are lovely and so Hawaiian.
We have a full suite. Got it at a great price and once we booked they upgraded us to a better room. You can't beat that that savings and quality.

I'll write more later because right now I have been up for more than 24 hours with only a catnap on a Toronto Vancouver flight and a short doze or two on a Vancouver to Honolulu flight. I am on adrenalin.
Being in Hawaii is not something new. I have been here many times and it still is s truly wonderful place to be on a vacation.

So I sign off for some shut eye and will write again later.