Thursday, April 1, 2010

I just won 25 million dollars in a Hawaiian State, I have decided to move to Hawaii.
April Fools!

Pretty lame.
I know.
It's the best I can do here in Paradise.
Day two for Tom and I. We are having a wonderful time. It's been too long since we were here last. The Cabana at Waikiki is simply a home away from home. Miho the General Manager is just so nice. We got big hugs and kisses when we met her in person for the first time. Janet- the head of housekeeping, is one of the nicest, jolliest people you would ever want to meet. She was born on the Big Island. She tells me she lives near Honolulu International Airport and takes "The Bus"- that's what the transit is called here, to Waikiki. Parking and driving is a hassle and expensive.

Miho is a beautiful lady and has customer service down to a "tee". She speaks Japanese as well as English. Pretty handy second language to have in Hawaii. We sat and chatted yesterday like we had been friends for years. Turns out her daughter was born on our anniversary four years ago. It was one of those times when you feel such an attachment. Makes me believe that we have all been this way before.

We did the Beach thing and sat at out usual spot at "Queen's Surf". No Gay jokes please. I used 15 sunblock everywhere- except 30 on my face and neck and shoulders. No burn after a few hours but the Hawaiian sun is still turning me a delicious bronze. That's typical for here- if you are a Leo and tan. It's just one of the things we do-besides being a "leader".
Sure! I'll lead anything. Ya got a band?
Buh-dah-bump! Thanks folks. I'm here every Thursday and Friday in the lounge!

As a Canadian, you will be glad to know that Hawaii has progressed, Tuesday mornring I asked our server at Lu Lu's if he knew what a "Caesar" was- I mean the drink.
Little Mikey didn't. That's not his real name.
He was from upper New York State. A stone's throw from Canada.
He stumbled over  the word "Clamato" juice-like it was a foreign language- but asked the bartender anyway. The Bartender had heard of it but couldn't make it. No Clamato Juice. Then he asked what was in the beverage. I told him.

Later that day at a Safeway- my gawd you would not believe how expensive it is, I found Clamato Juice on the shelf.
Then last night at a restaurant on Lewers Street, they not only knew what a Caesar was- but could make one! Our server happily rhymed of two other etablishments where Ceasar's were made. She said she loved the drink herself and asked me what ingredients I used. I also told her it was like our "natonal drink" in Canada.
Nope. I never mentioned beer!

Then when fries arrived with my grilled chicken sandwhich, I asked for white vinegar knowing full well it would not be available. She says- "Yes, we have it!"
What?? I practically fell off my seat.
A Caesar and vinegar for my fries, all in one spot. In Honolulu?
It's the little things-isn't it?

Since we are in a condo we can cook, make our our own coffee and toast- whatever. So let me tell you about Island prices.
A loaf of bread. Over 5 dollars.
A small jar of jam- like Smuckers, almost 5 dollars.
A tiny jar of Nutella is $5.99.
One store offered 6 bagels for $6.99. At Safeway I found 6 bagels for $2.99.
A young lady checking prices in the yogurt aisle where a tub was again about 6 bucks, says to me- when I remark about the high prices-
"Ya, but our liquor is cheaper than yours in Canada!"
"So, you're going to just drink booze and not eat?"- I say.
She laughs and agrees the prices are high.
The price of living in paradise. That's what many locals tell you.
At the checkout the lady tells me she's from Pennysylvania. She had no accent so I thought she was close to the border, near Ontario- yet not New York State. She knows our prices are cheaper.
Her husband and her moved to Oahu in July. She says she found out very quickly that there are not many items under five dollars. Again  I hear the familiar phrase- the price one pays for living in Paradise.
She also says it has only rained a half dozen times since July. Yet flowers and plants and palms are all lush and beautiful.

That's it for now. Oh yes. Swisssh Radio happily palys all day long in the Condo and I even have Miho listening in the office downstairs.
I never stop promoting?

So a morning excercise walk along the Ali Wai Canal is next.
There are no plans for today. No schedule. That's what it's like "living in Paradise".

See ya. Have a good day!