Monday, April 19, 2010

Another day and my husband Tom is still stuck in Frankfurt because of volcanic ash and particles of particulate floating in the air in the flight paths over the Atlantic.

50+ crew members are stuck in Frankfurt. More in London, Tel Aviv and Zurich. All Air Canada Crews.
They are getting restless.
They want to be home to see families and get back to mundane day-to-day life schedules.

Tom says his crew is sticking together doing breakfast and dinner and touring the area- places such as Heidleberg and Weisbaden.

Back on the home front- a weekend of kitchen renovations.
The dust has settled for now. Next step is replacing or painting cupboard doors and a new counter top but I need to have Tom here for his opinion too.
Good Gosh!
The Volcanic ash is disrupting my day-to-day as well.

Junos last night and Michael Buble a big winner. I read about the awards but didn't watch. I was too tired and busy putting things back in place. Michael deserves it although I would have loved to see Jann Arden get artist of the year. Her latest album- that you hear on Swisssh Radio, is great!

Don't make me laugh. Now the Pope says the Catholic church will protect it's young. Like a mother hen protecting her chicks from the big, bad fox. Where the hell have they been the past few decades with abuse seemingly running rampant? Time to tear down the beliefs, close the church doors and sell the gold and expensive paintings. If the church and it's faith mean that much, holding a weekly meeting under a maple tree in someone's back yard would be just as good.
It's nice to be in a place that has nice decor and central heat of course but it's the beliefs and faith- not the trappings that make a church- isn't it?
I mean apparently Christ wore sandals and a cotton shift- not Prada.

On my list of things to do this week is assemble a new BBQ. I am feeling kind of "cocky" because I erected a gazebo last week all by myself, when the instructions said it would take two or three people.
One good Gay Man trumps a set of Chinese instructions any day of the week!
Of course, a BBQ is another matter. All that gas that has to run through the pipes and into the burner makes it more of a delicate matter.
I'll let you know what happens.

Have a great day!