Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First of all, this is my 40th post!
Yow. All that writing!
All your reading.
I'll have a martinti, later.

I watched a Nicolas Cage movie last night called "Knowing". A strange little piece of celluloid- especially towards the end. It just didn't cut it. Where I should have been sniffling and empathetic, I was going "whatever". For instance, there was this one part where Cage- upon meeting **SPOILER** these "beings" pulls out a gun.
Typical American.
Pull out your gun to kill- although Cage's character would see it as " Protecting Amerca!".
He doesn't wait to see if this "being" is friendly, he just gets ready to shoot first.

It reminded me of walking along Kuhio Avenue in Honolulu. The street is peppered with people trying to shove pamphlets on snorkling expeditions, Luas and evening booze cruises in your face but there was also this disturbing pack of men dressed in florescent "hunter's vests", wanting you to go to this Family Gun range and shoot things.
On the back of their vests were pictures of all manner of armoury- from pistols to repeater rifles.
I turned to Tom and said "Only in America".
Can you imagine men on a busy street filled with tourists-especially kids, passing out these same pamphlets in Downtown Orillia or Toronto? Maybe in Butt-Tug Hollow in Northern Ontario it would go unnoticed but then again in a public space- maybe not.
So, there were these Americans trying to make a few bucks on a true Yankee passtime- shooting things.
I found it disturbing but it's a right they have to possess firearms- isn't it?
Yet, every time some nutso walks into an American school and shoots all the kids, the Americans are shocked and horrified.
It's what they preach. Here these guys are selling the discharging of firearms- for fun, in Paradise in the same manner as the young blonde guy on the next corner- with the amazing pecs and biceps, wants you to take surfing lessons from him. At least his "guns" don't kill.

Another day in the sunshine cleaning up the yard. Didn't get to gazebo building or Bar B Que assembly yesterday but maybe today. The outdoor pond and fountain are in working condition though.
I love that sound of the water.

Have a great one.