Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Holy Black Jesus!
That means, I have sat here at this keyboard 600 times.
I posted my first ROBBLOG back on February 13, 2010- six years and 3 months ago.
That's a lot of writing.
A lot of time.
A lot of memories, during which many friends, family and loving pets have left this earthly plane.
...and I still Blog On.
...and I don't know why exactly.
This ROBBLOG is fairly well read around the world in many countries. As I browse back over some of the Blogs, I can't remember writing many of them.
No, that's not right.
I can't remember writing most of them!
I especially like the little stories I have written. I read them like it's the first time and I realize there's the beginning to a short story, a book or a play in many of them.
I may start to read them all and get some ideas.
When I sat down to write today, I had forgotten that I was about to compose number 600 and I don't have any pre-conceived ideas about what to write about, so I am rambling. I don't Blog as often as I used to- especially now as the summer 2016 theatre season draws closer. Most of my day is spent looking at ways to get bums in seats and pay the costs of presenting summer theatre shows.
It's not an easy task but I do enjoy it- stress and all.
I also take more time for myself these days.
In the warm weather I ride my bike about 12 km- most days. It keeps my fat arse from getting fatter.
To be truthful, right now I really don't have a "fat" arse. I think I have a nice arse for a man turning 65 in a couple of months.
I can't get used to seeing that number "65" in print.
It seems surreal.
An old age pensioner.
Naw. It can't be- can it?
I just checked my birth certificate.
It's true. I am practically an old man.
So, will this old man continue to write a blog? I remember I was going to stop when I reached number 500- but I didn't.
The answer is- I just don't know.
Guess you'll have to wait and see if ROBBLOG #601 pops up sooner or later.
Oh and thanks for reading Dear readers.