Thursday, September 29, 2011

ROBBLOG #322 W E E K E N D Edition

Now even more DIS and DAT. If you didn’t get enough on my last blog here`s some more for your weekend reading pleasure.

1. Doctors are treating wounds- on Diabetics specifically, by letting maggots live in open wounds for a couple of days. The maggots are corralled in mesh so they don’t crawl all over the place and start eating things that they shouldn’t. Yeech! They eat the bad stuff and secrete good stuff that promotes skin re-growth. If a doctor ever decides on this type of treatment for me- if I had an open wound, please never, ever tell me- "there are a handful of maggots in your wound cleaning it out!"

2. Tori Stafford who was murdered a couple of years ago is back in the news this week. Not her precisely but her mother. Drugs and living in or on ill-begotten property or something. I am not one to judge here- why it’s against everything I call “holy” but I am not surprized and why is this in the news anyway?

3. Five heads were found in a sack outside a school in Mexico this past week.
Can you imagine a teacher asking a student-
“Carlos, is that your lunch out there laying on the lawn? If it is please go out and retrieve it. There are starving children in the United States if America you know, we cannot justify allowing food to spoil in this hot Mexican sunshine.”
Now, apparently police are suspicious but still haven’t connected the discovery of five headless bodies on the other side of town to the five heads found in the sack outside the school. They are studying all the facts first.

4. Since it still feels like summer most days- okay the weekend is a bit cool, is anyone really thinking about baking a pumpkin pie or two this coming week for Thanksgiving?
I haven’t even thought about it. Temps are going back into the 20’s next week and overnight lows are nowhere near where they should be with lows in the double digits.
I think it’s a good plan to eat out in a nice restaurant where they won’t ask you to help with the dishes. Gobble. Gobble.

5. OK, so at the trial of MJ’s doctor, they are trying to prove that Michael Jackson didn’t take drugs? Whaaaat? Hey, I always have a doctor in the house ready to offer me a couple of Tylenol and a cold glass of water when I have a tension headache. I mean really.

6. So, there was a debate?
-There was?
An actual debate with all the party leaders. Oh, but not the Greens.
-I see. Guess that’s because they have no seats
That’s right!
-Who won?
The Guy who put his right arm in and his right arm out and shook it all about.
-I’m not even going to ask.

7. A moose in Orillia? Yup. The country- the backwoods really, came into the North end of Orillia. 600 pounds of bull moose in a backyard on North Street, West! The Ministry of Natural Resources shot it with 2 tranquilizer darts and Mr. Moose was carried off back to the woods with Jed and Granny and the rest of the Clampetts.

8. Peter McKay’s out flying military helicopters to get him places. Apparently, something happened two years back, that’s being investigated too. The “ethics Commissioner” is looking into it.
Just what do they think they can do?
It’s the Harper Government after all.
They did what they pleased when they ere a minority government but with a majority-
Look out! Not you Peter- the rest of us!
Hey, remember when it used to be the good old “The Government of Canada”?

9. Did I mention I think the new Downtown Orillia Library is a sad old, new building?

10. Hey pigs, sheep, horses, pumpkins and people shooting at turkeys (no, not the new library!) all down on Mississaga Street on the weekend.
My advice?
Watch where you step and duck!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011



I haven’t written a DIS & DAT for a long while. So hold onto your hats. Here goes:

1. Did you see those kids in China repeatedly throwing that puppy into the ocean?
The puppy would swim back to shore and they would throw it into the water again. Finally, passerby’s rescued the poor dog. Last I heard the rescuers were boiling a big vat of oil of the beach. Big enough say to fit three or four kids comfortably…

2. This week more caffeine in cola products and the news that coffee chases away depression. Yeah!

3. Last week,  I watched one of the worst movies I had ever seen- anywhere. It was a comedic send up of Hugh Jack man’s "Van Helsing" called "Stan Helsing". It wasn’t the least bit funny-although it tried to be humorous. I threw it in the garbage as soon as the end credits started to roll. I paid 5 bucks for it at Wal*Mart. I guess I should have taken it back. I was totally dis-satisfied with the product. Too late now. It’s in the garbage covered with bags of dog poo and cat poo. Hmmm. I guess that’s my final review!

4. The only reason that the new Downtown Library would be a place to frequent- besides books, was the coffee shop. Now City Council- protecting the shop owners in the library’s environs, decided to nix the idea. Boo to you. Yeah to caffeine! Please refer to DIS and DAT number 2.

5. How can one send a “note” that says Homosexuals- that’s Gays and Lesbians to Conservatives, shouldn’t have rights but should sit quietly in the closet and only speak when spoken to. Then, one turns around and invites a Homosexual or two to dinner with “Christian Love and Charity” in one’s heart!
One can’t.

6. “Let’s Rock Elmo” is the toy adults should look for this coming Holiday Season. I have no idea what kids want!

7. Ottawa is forcing cigarette companies to display a picture of a young lady- who looks like one of the Vampires on True Blood, on all cigarette packages by March 2012. The picture must take up 75% of the front of the package. Better yet, force all those that smoke outside in public to do so with plastic bags securely fastened around their heads.
Just like those bags you buy to cook the Thanksgiving Turkey. Now that’s a smoker’s dream First and second hand smoke in one easy step.

8. A guy has made a jam that tastes like real bacon. Zehr’s (Loblaws) will have their own version come November. Apparently, you can spread it on anything!

9. Now you can see and read the Dead Sea Scrolls online. The Book of Isaiah is there for everyone to see. Of course it wasn’t written in English way back 2000 years ago. Looking at the pages online, it just goes to show you that this particular book was hand-written in a language other than English and hand-scribed by mortal man- not an immortal deity because as we all know- God only speaks English.

10. A few days back a sports fan threw a banana skin on the ice in front of one of the few black NHL players in the entire league. Next, it’ll be a pink boa thrown on the ice.
One day this week, a Toronto sports radio show just couldn’t say the word “Faggot enough. Faggot this and faggot that and DIS faggot and DAT faggot. They really, really wanted to say “Nigger” too but we all know that’s not proper "sports” language and it could hurt someone’s feelings.
Gotta love those sports fans, eh?
Well, I mean- dontcha?

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Good Gosh it’s been a beautiful few days.

This is fall?
According to Environment Canada- yes!

They tell us it will be a drier and warmer season, with this kind of weather continuing into late fall- November even. However, a frost is still to be expected sometime in October. Nothing earth-shattering about that- is there? 

Le Nina- a complex weather system, could change things around though, bringing us a cold, snowy winter. Right now we’ll all hope for a warmer than normal and less snow than normal winter season. That would fall right in line with the berries on our Mountain Ash in the front yard. Yes, there are many berries but not laden like last year, a heavy snow year. Maybe not like some winters past. If you remember the winter prior to last year, snow stopped falling soon after Christmas. We had our drive plowed once post-Christmas- on January 2nd I believe, after we had paid our second installment to our snow removal guy on December 27th. He was smiling that year. Last year- not so much.This season a new guy is looking after our needs. We will soon see if he meets them after the first heavy snowfall of the season. 

So, these warm, late summer days-actually fall arrived last Friday, are beautiful.
A gift from “Mother Nature”.
The environment.
Not God.
Since God doesn’t exist, please don’t attribute the kindness of the season to that particular entity. One might just as well be indebted to the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus for brilliant, warm sunny days. If you take “God” in that context- then go ahead and worship her. 

With the warm weather, we took advantage of a brilliant Saturday and headed to the 156th Annual Lindsay Exhibition. It used to be called the Lindsay Central EX when it was located in Downtown Lindsay behind the hospital. The fairgrounds have moved further down Angeline Street to the outskirts of town, right where Angeline Street  meets Highway seven. Today they have branded it “the LEX”.  

It’s a huge site and it is still one of my favourite exhibitions. The Orillia Fair Board could learn a few things from the Lindsay folks. All they have to do is take a one hour drive east and it’s all there. There’s a huge midway. Cattle, horse and goat displays plus a building chock-a-bloc with exhibits. This year there was a show presented by the Bowmanville Zoo featuring many of the animal kingdom stars you’ve seen on Television and on the silver screen. It was exciting! 
Dave Mickie
However, I still vividly remember the old Lindsay Ex grounds with the cement grandstand. I have great memories of the CKLY Radio Bandstand located in Fountain Park with its red and white CKLY sign hanging above the stage. I used to watch groups perform and CKLY 910 Lindsay broadcast “live”. When Dave Mickie (now Marsden) worked for CKLY, it was mesmerizing watching him broadcast “live” on a Saturday afternoon. 

A couple of years ago I was able to tell him just how much those times meant to me. He was on a radio talk show and I called in to speak with him. I told him of the vivid EX memory I had of seeing him “live” and in person!
He told me his memories weren’t quite as “vivid”.
He blamed the 70’s!
Mr. Marsden did say that the time he spent at CKLY was fairly short. He had not been gainfully employed in radio for several months when CKLY approached him- and he accepted. 

Today`s LEX is still a good day of fun – especially on a warm, sunny September day. It seemed like summer with people dressed in shorts and tank tops. Guys walking about the grounds in flip-flops and muscle shirts. There were even a few bare-chested young men taking advantage of the sun`s rays. 

So, be sure to enjoy these warm, lazy, sunshine-filled fall days because winter is still ahead- according to the calendar on my wall!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ROBBLOG #319 W E E K E N D Edition

It’s the weekend again. 

Where has September gone? There’s Holiday D├ęcor showing up in the stores across the aisle from the Harvest/Thanksgiving stuff, tucked right next door to Hallowe’en Ghosts, goblins and boxes of Mars Bars. 

This is quite possibly the one time of the year where all the seasons meet. Summer stuff is at half-price or at the very least greatly reduced. I have already mentioned Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en and Christmas but winter stuff is lining the shelves too from Parkas to Pee Jackets, boots to mittens and everything else in between. I should think if you search for a bit you could find the occasional pair of pink or black willies as well. 

There was a time when I hated the onslaught of fall.
It made me feel sad.
The sad feeling began when the CNE closed its gates.
Strange, huh?
Actually, it was a feeling beyond sad.
I was depressed.
I couldn’t shake the feeling. Most fall months would shroud me in a black, gloomy fog.
Although most friends and family members would hardly notice, it was like a 200 pound albatross slung around my neck and shoulders. I counted the days and weeks until the holiday season started. There was some respite.
It was hard to kick.
I felt sad.
Like there was no future. 

I know there are probably some people reading this blog who feel that way now.
How did I beat it?
Mostly just trying to get out there and do things.
Now with global warming, summer is stretched through a good part of September.
I keep busy.
Friends come for dinner.
We go out for dinner.
We buy tickets for a show. 

In past years I would be busy learning dialogue for a show. Now- again this year, I am writing Hank’s third annual Holiday Show and giving him a helping hand with the casting.
This year Hank wanted a Talent Show.
A Showcase.
It’s called “Hank’s HOliday sHOcase”.
Many of the same characters will return to the stage with Hank but there’ll be some surprizes too.

Later in the fall auditions will be held for 10 spots on the show where individuals strut their stuff in front of a “live” audience for fabulous prizes! You can sing, dance, yodel or display some other “fabulous” hidden- or not so hidden, talent! Hank said to be sure to use the word “fabulous”! 

He even has the Producer Mary Lou Kempton working on that “fabulous” aspect already. She looking for prizes from local sponsors- fabulous prizes I mean. She’s also grabbing a bevy of advertisers for the show’s programme. 

Set designer/costumer Jo Anne Debreczeni is mulling over set ideas and has already purchased costume bits and pieces. 

So there you have it.
Get involved.
Plan to audition. Get working on your talent and just maybe you’ll be up there on stage with Hank and a cast of Zany characters at the Stubley Auditorium come December 10th! 

What better way to spend autumnal hours and days.
You'll be shining.
You’ll have a “fabulous” show to look forward to in December. 

It’s sure to make you smile!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Tom and I were driving along Highway 12- just east of Orillia, over the weekend, when this strange little tale came to mind. I don't know why it popped into my head. At the time I didn't see it in quite the same circumstances as the story I am about to tell you below.

“Nate. Nate! Stop! Pull over now!”

“I said pull over now. There, to the side of the road.”
Sheila pointed to the highway’s edge.
She sounded frantic. A bit scared too. 

“What’s the matter Hunnie? Am I driving too fast?”
“No. Just pull over.”
Sheila was more insistent than Nat had ever heard before.
“Alright! Alright already! I’m pulling over!” 

Nate pulled the 4 wheel drive to the side and stopped the engine. Sunday evening traffic whizzed by at an alarming rate. He waited for a few seconds then, turned to Sheila.
“What the fuck is the matter with you? What’s the problem? 

Sheila couldn’t quite look Nate in the eye- at first. She took a deep breath and turned in the seat facing Nate.

“Now look. I don’t want you to think I’m weird or anything but my voice told me to tell you to pull off the road and stop.”
“You’re voice.”
Sheila nodded.
“Your voice told you to tell me to pull over to the side of this freeing busy road and stop the car!”
Nate couldn’t think of a more appropriate question. 

“I don’t know Sweetie. It just said pull over. I didn’t have time to ask any more questions.” 

Nate folded his arms across the car’s steering wheel and let his head drop down on top of them.
“Sheila. I don’t know what to say. You know Hunnie, I’ve said it a million times. I understand you have a special gift. I do. It’s just that sometimes you say the most unbelievable things!” 

Sheila looked down at her nails. Then, she checked her watch- the one Nate gave her for her birthday- just last year.
It was a quarter to seven.
She felt empty.
She felt anxious.
She didn’t know what to tell Nate. 

A few minutes passed.
Neither Nate nor Sheila said a word. 
Finally Nate stirred.

“Should I start the car now?”

Sheila looked up and smiled- sheepishly.
“Ok. I guess so.” 

Nate was a little pissed off. Just a little bit. He needed a coffee.
He started the engine.
“Alright. We’re off!”

Sheila smiled. 

Suddenly, there was a terrifying screech of tires on pavement. A weird orchestration of car horns, glass smashing into metal and a deep, loud, heavy, horrendous scraping sound. 

Nate and Sheila looked ahead a few hundred metres up the highway. A lumber truck was sliding sideways across the pavement. Huge logs from the truck’s trailer were smashing across the roadway on top of cars, many coming to rest in a neighbouring cornfield. Others spun high in the air as if they were tossed by a giant hand, coming down hard on the black  asphalt where they bounced on top of cars, crushing drivers and passengers- as well as former occupants of vehicles, who in the blink of an eye had elected to leave, attempting to run away from the danger. 

Nate and Sheila were stunned.

They couldn’t move.
They just sat there watching the carnage unfold in front of them. 

In a few minutes, all was quiet- with the exception of one, lone car horn, blaring nothing but a single, sour note from beneath one of the killer logs. 

Nate looked over to Sheila.
He started to cry and shake uncontrollably.

Sheila reached out and held him close to her chest.
She smiled a tiny smile as she stroked his thick, brown hair…

Thursday, September 15, 2011

ROBBLOG #317 W E E K E N D Edition

Boy it’s been a busy week for Swisssh Radio. ( 

I decided back in August I would produce- as well as receive from other stations, some new shows for airing at various times throughout the week. I have done that but now two “live” shows have hit the Swisssh Radio airwaves at too! 

The “live” shows include- “The Chuck Show” with Charles E. McLachlan, Tuesday at 9PM (ET). I am sort of the co-host/producer.  Chuck and I chat and play music and chat some more. Charles is good at “gabbing” and he certainly has some “different” subjects for us to talk about.
I am constantly saying- “Where do you find this stuff?”
It makes for a two hours of entertaining Radio! 

The other “live” show is with my good friend and radio person- Heather Thompson. It’s called The Morning Show at Night.
Well, I used to host the morning show with Heather occasionally on EZ Rock, LITE FM and Jack FM. We always had fun- except for the part about getting up so freakin’ early in the morning. Doing a new “morning” show at night is a novel way of bypassing the early morning getup call. Of course- that’s when most morning radio shows are heard.
We are just different that’s all. Heather does a newscast at the half way point.
All Good News.
Light stuff.
Our first show on Thursday got a lot of e-mails and texts. 

Other shows include “Jeff and Sue In Our Cups…Again”. Years ago these two were on the Classical Music Station out of Coburg- before Moses came to the “promised land”- a few years after the station had moved to Toronto. They have a variety of topics. One for each segment. It’s worth a listen Sunday Mornings at 11am (ET) with coffee in hand. Their show is repeated- the norm on Net Radio, Tuesday’s at 8pm.

One other newbie is Johnny Maraca’s Rock and Roll Riot- a show that up until a couple of weeks ago aired on terrestrial radio.
They bumped Johnny!
Swisssh Radio picked him up.
The show is a fantastic mixture of upbeat music and background on the tunes he plays.
You know- rock-a-billy and early stuff before Rock and Roll was called Rock and Roll. Johnny does a great job and we are fortunate to have him on Swisssh Radio! 

Of course my good friend Don Andrews keeps the “live” programming going Monday through Wednesday nights from 11 pm until 1am (ET) with his ”Studio B After Dark”. It’s a great way to wind down after a busy, stressful day. So, take a book and Studio B to bed with you. You’ll be sure to have “Sweet Dreams”. 

All the show details and more are on the Swisssh Radio Website at
Listen to Swisssh Radio though our website. 

Go to your Windows Media Player. Look for the Internet Radio Tab along the top right of the Player and search Swisssh Radio. 

On iTunes we are under radio and Oldies. has a great app for listening to Swisssh Radio and we are also on their website. Just search for us. also hosts the Swisssh Streams. If you have any questions about “How to listen” just e-mail us at 

Thanks for listening and if you never have- give us a listen. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprized!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Another friend has passed from Cancer. 

James Taylor Goodhand passed from this earthly existence on August 28th.
I first knew Captain Jim Goodhand in his Wardair pilot days when I worked for Wardair as well out of Pearson International in Mississauga.
He was a good guy.
He flew the big 747 and was a training Captain for other pilots wanting to do the same.
Wardair made Jim Director of Flight Standards. 

Captain Jim retired in 1998 with Canadian Airlines but was hired as a Simulator Instructor with Royal Airlines- now defunct, finally working for Air Canada. For 30 years Jim enjoyed his life with Barbie. 

Barb was a Wardair Flight Attendant and eventually made the move- along with the rest of us, to Canadian Airlines when CAIL bought Wardair.
Barbie’s always funny, engaging and is always in a good mood.
She referred to Jim as “The Big Guy”.
Rightly so.
He was indeed a Big Man with a Big Heart. 

I didn’t make Jim’s Memorial service but Tom was there after his flight landed from London England last Friday. He brought me the programme from the memorial service.
My heart was especially armed by the poem Barbie had placed on the back cover.
As a nod to ‘The Big Guy” I have re-printed it for you below. 

Safe Flight Captain Goodhand!
We’ll see you soon. 
The Next Place 

I won’t know where I’m going and I won’t know where I’ve been
As I tumble through the always and look back toward the when.

I’ll glide beyond the rainbow.
I’ll drift about the sky.
I’ll fly into the wonder,
Without ever wondering why. 

I won’t remember getting there; somehow I’ll just arrive-
But I’ll know that I belong there and feel much more alive than I have ever felt before.

 I will travel empty-handed.
There is a not a single thing I have collected in my life that I would ever want to bring-except… 

The love of those who loved me and the warmth of those who cared-
The happiness and memories and magic that we shared. 

I will cherish all the friendships I was fortunate to find,
All the Love and all the laughter in the place I leave behind. 

All those good things go with me.
They will make my spirit glow-
And that light will shine forever in the next place that I go.

Sunday, September 11, 2011



 $7.75 for a sausage on a bun!
$5.19 for a regular serving of French Fries
Water $3.59
$7.75 for a foot long hot dog
Cheeseburger, fries and a drink- $14.69
Parking $12.00
Then, there’s the admission to pay.  

You see, we made a pilgrimage to Canada’s Wonderland on the weekend. We were actually supposed to be there two weekends ago when it was “Gay Day” all in aid of PFLAG- Parents and Friends for Gays and Lesbians.

We got stuck in traffic on Hwy 11 and 400. It took two hours just to get to Cookstown. When we pulled off at the Cookstown Outlet Mall, the skies looked threatening. We had already driven through a huge downpour at Barrie, so we had a burger at Harvey’s and turned around and headed for home. This past weekend’s drive was much faster. A small slowdown from Innisfil to just past Hwy 89, then it was full speed ahead. 

We had bought tickets online and they were good until October 31st. This past weekend featured perfect summer weather, so we made an afternoon of it. As you can see from above, it’s not a cheap visit. We did have a regular tub of fries at $5.19 and a Dairy Queen cone $3.89- about the same as the Dairy Queen in town. We had taken water through the gates with us. I thought the security guards would take the water from us. They checked our “murses” but said nothing about the water I held in my hand. That was good. We would have spent an additional 4 bucks on water too. 

The security checkpoint resembled security at the airport.
What were they looking for?
A Bologna sandwich or two?
Canada’s Wonderland rules still frown on food being take in and consumed on the immaculate grounds. However, families can exit the park and sit on the grass outside or under a pavilion provided just for that purpose. 

The park is non-smoking too- for the most part. For those needing nicotine fix there are several spots where smokers are actually corralled behind a fence where they can puff to their heart’s delight, fowling the sunshine-filled air. The second hand smoke still drifts onto the walkways as you pass by but its way better than having a smoker puffing in your face as they walk just in front of you. 

The rides were all testaments to the marvels of technology and although we didn’t ride any, we did thrill at the absolute “hugeness” of most of them. Actually, I did take in one ride- The Coca-Cola Oasis. One steps beneath a huge red and white awning where clouds of cool mist and droplets of H20 fall from the structures top and sides right onto your hair, face and extremities! It was exhilarating to say the least- and not the least bit scary! 

The park was choc-a-block full of people.
As we walked from one section of the park to another, we began to think it was the “unofficial” Big Shoulders and Big Arms Day. Good Lord, there were dozens of men with some of the broadest, brawniest shoulders we had ever seen. One after another they passed by. Some had removed their shirts after being on rides that soaked their clothing right through to their tanned, hirsute flesh. 

There were “shoulders for days”, huge bicep muscles and tight pectorals protruding through tight tee shirts.
Maybe it was just for us?
It certainly was as much a marvel to behold as the technology of the rides!
I am a bit of a tramp but remember my husband was just as busy pointing the men out to me as I was to him. It was a pleasant game to play on a hot, sunny afternoon. 

We covered the park from one end to the other with the exception of “Kiddie Land”. One look there and we said- no thanks!
It was walk-to-wall kids.
Who would have guessed? 

Even though it was a brilliantly sunny and hot afternoon- 27 degrees, the water park- much to our chagrin, was closed for the season. We couldn’t even sit beneath a shady tree for an hour or two and indulge in the pleasurable pastime of “ogling” the guys in black Speedos swishing down huge water slides into tepid pools of turquoise blue water. 

There were only one or two “live” shows- although we didn’t take one in. There wasn’t even a single “cast member”- as the employees are referred to, strolling around the park- in or out of costume, singing or juggling or tap dancing. No tall, lithe divers with perfectly tanned, muscular bodies either, flailing themselves from atop Wonder Mountain into the churning water below. That attraction had ended on Labour Day. 

Maybe that’s why there were all those broad shoulders, big arms and chests populating the landscape instead.
Just for us!
I mean, we had to have something pretty to look at!

It worked out very well actually. 

Quite well indeed!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

ROBBLOG # 314 W E E K E N D Edition

So the old Geneva Theatre has had their neon sign refurbished.


The sign- from the 1930’s, has been a part of the Downtown Orillia landscape for decades. It’s just that the colourful neon bars haven’t worked in more than twenty years! When the Geneva was an art deco film house- where as a kid I saw so many classic films, it gave West Street South a “big city” feels. On hot summer nights the sign seemed brighter.
More imposing and important. Comforting and special because beneath that huge sign all the big film starts- and some not so big, from around the world would be inside.
Up there.
On a true silver screen. 

Back a few years ago, great damage was done to the Geneva Theatre. The ceiling was lowered and apartments now inhabit the upper floor. I am surprized as hell they didn’t rip it down long ago like the old library. Not that monstrous white addition. I mean the original old Carnegie library that was hidden underneath. Now we have that big piece of glass and steel crap designed by some hoity-toity architectural firm who didn’t have a whore’s chance in heaven of capturing the essence of the Downtown, let alone Orillia’s cultural and heritage past. Enough on the library- for now. 

I was last inside the Geneva a few years back for the Festival of Trees.
It was sad.
So was the festival of trees as I remember. 

The small stage where the screen once hung was still there last time I was inside. However the soaring ceilings were no longer visible. In the place of space, just a fake, low ceiling covered in ugly, white ceiling tiles. I hope those doing the reno will make those tiles disappear.

I had this idea that the theatre could be used both as a “live” theatre or a film theatre, showing classic films.
That’s me.
I always have the big ideas but no big bank account to follow through. Imagine seeing classic films on a big screen the way they were meant to be seen. A cup of Columbian coffee- or fancy coffee if you so desire. Maybe a muffin or a decadent chocolate desert, while you watch the movie.

Then, a few evenings later, envision a small stage with tables on the floor set for dinner patrons who would be there to dine and then watch the show. The tables and chairs would be scattered about the room. The theatre seats would magically disappear behind the walls.

Wake up Rob! 

Oh my Gawd!
Such a dream!
A nightmare really because bingo still makes it home in the former movie palace. Maybe the renovation will be so well done  the company will offer the space for special events. I wonder if there’s a kitchen? 

So, the next time you drive down West Street South in Orillia past the Geneva, try to look up and take a gander at the Geneva sign.

Do it safely too.
I believe it gets “lit up” on Tuesday, September 13th. 

It’s worth an evening stroll, south to West Street