Thursday, September 29, 2011

ROBBLOG #322 W E E K E N D Edition

Now even more DIS and DAT. If you didn’t get enough on my last blog here`s some more for your weekend reading pleasure.

1. Doctors are treating wounds- on Diabetics specifically, by letting maggots live in open wounds for a couple of days. The maggots are corralled in mesh so they don’t crawl all over the place and start eating things that they shouldn’t. Yeech! They eat the bad stuff and secrete good stuff that promotes skin re-growth. If a doctor ever decides on this type of treatment for me- if I had an open wound, please never, ever tell me- "there are a handful of maggots in your wound cleaning it out!"

2. Tori Stafford who was murdered a couple of years ago is back in the news this week. Not her precisely but her mother. Drugs and living in or on ill-begotten property or something. I am not one to judge here- why it’s against everything I call “holy” but I am not surprized and why is this in the news anyway?

3. Five heads were found in a sack outside a school in Mexico this past week.
Can you imagine a teacher asking a student-
“Carlos, is that your lunch out there laying on the lawn? If it is please go out and retrieve it. There are starving children in the United States if America you know, we cannot justify allowing food to spoil in this hot Mexican sunshine.”
Now, apparently police are suspicious but still haven’t connected the discovery of five headless bodies on the other side of town to the five heads found in the sack outside the school. They are studying all the facts first.

4. Since it still feels like summer most days- okay the weekend is a bit cool, is anyone really thinking about baking a pumpkin pie or two this coming week for Thanksgiving?
I haven’t even thought about it. Temps are going back into the 20’s next week and overnight lows are nowhere near where they should be with lows in the double digits.
I think it’s a good plan to eat out in a nice restaurant where they won’t ask you to help with the dishes. Gobble. Gobble.

5. OK, so at the trial of MJ’s doctor, they are trying to prove that Michael Jackson didn’t take drugs? Whaaaat? Hey, I always have a doctor in the house ready to offer me a couple of Tylenol and a cold glass of water when I have a tension headache. I mean really.

6. So, there was a debate?
-There was?
An actual debate with all the party leaders. Oh, but not the Greens.
-I see. Guess that’s because they have no seats
That’s right!
-Who won?
The Guy who put his right arm in and his right arm out and shook it all about.
-I’m not even going to ask.

7. A moose in Orillia? Yup. The country- the backwoods really, came into the North end of Orillia. 600 pounds of bull moose in a backyard on North Street, West! The Ministry of Natural Resources shot it with 2 tranquilizer darts and Mr. Moose was carried off back to the woods with Jed and Granny and the rest of the Clampetts.

8. Peter McKay’s out flying military helicopters to get him places. Apparently, something happened two years back, that’s being investigated too. The “ethics Commissioner” is looking into it.
Just what do they think they can do?
It’s the Harper Government after all.
They did what they pleased when they ere a minority government but with a majority-
Look out! Not you Peter- the rest of us!
Hey, remember when it used to be the good old “The Government of Canada”?

9. Did I mention I think the new Downtown Orillia Library is a sad old, new building?

10. Hey pigs, sheep, horses, pumpkins and people shooting at turkeys (no, not the new library!) all down on Mississaga Street on the weekend.
My advice?
Watch where you step and duck!