Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Today an interview that was very difficult to get. Herself doesn't give many.
Herself? Why Sister Mary Margaret of the Church of Little Hope.

Me: Welcome Sister Mary Margaret and Thank You for agreeing to this interview.

Sister Mary Margaret: Well, it doesn't appear you're a George Strombolopolous or anything.

Me: Not quite.

SMM: But I'll give you a go. You've got a nice smile unless you just let a phart.

Me: Thank You and No, I didn't. That accent of yours. What am I hearing?

SMM: An accent as you said. It's a wee bit Irish and a wee bit Newfie and a bunch of whatever is floating around in my mind at the time. It's always in a state of flux- which is not too far from Ottawa to be sure.

Me: How long have you been a Nun if you don't mind me asking?

SMM: Not t'all. 44 years. Isn't that a hoot? It's a fecken long time 44 years. Countries and politicians have risen and fell in far less time. Look at Mike Duffy and believe me, there's a lot to look at- if you dare.

Me: Yes...well. 44 years is indeed a long time. Now this stage thing is relatively new for you, isn't it?

SMM: Jesus Mary and Josephine it is! One day you're a plain, simple Nun and the next you have the public clamouring for you. It's very strange. A lot like the Mormons!

Me: How did it happen?

SMM: I was helping a friend at a wee show a summer ago. I met the audience and chatted to them. Told them where they could go pee and such and they fell in love with me on the spot. Before I knew it, I had some lovely people who run bus tours and the like, ask me to do a one-Nun show. I deflected- probably should have genuflected at the time, saying no, I could never do that. Then a nice youngish-looking man- could be the fellah sitting right there across from me here, wrote a wonderful, funny show just for me- and here I am...and by the way, thank you again. You're just a lovely, lovely person.

Me: I'm blushing.

SMM: Well you should be. It's a funny script and I can hardly wait to perform it for the folks.

Me: Now you have some special friends helping you along in this show- called All for Nun.

SMM: Isn't that a lovely, lovely title. All fer Nun. It kinda has a double meaning there. At least it's not called All fer Naught. ~laughs~ Anyway, I do have some help on stage. My Sisters are going to be there with me.

Me: You mean Sisters in the Church.

SMM: Yes! Sister Murray Anne, Sister Neutrogena and Sister Benny Francis. A very talented trio. ~pause~ Oh...then there's that Father O'Mally. I can't figure out why anyone would want him in a show.

Me: No? Why not?

SMM: Well for one ting he can't sing. For two tings- he can't dance and for three tings he's not even good at confession let alone singing and dancing.

Me: Sister Mary Margaret, I should think all Priests are good at confession.

SMM: Christmas Crackers! Not Father O'Mally. He can't keep a secret which is what the whole bloody confession thing is about in the first place. He does have one redeeming quality however.

Me: What's that?

SMM: He makes a decent cup 'o tea!

Me: So in this show All Fer Nun...I mean All for Nun, there's singing and dancing?

SMM: Yes, all of what you just said and joke tellin' and silly stuff too. There's even a lovely, lovely quiz show that the audience can take part in and win some lovely, lovely prizes.

Me: That sounds like fun!

SMM: It will be. There may be some surprizes too. Look, ever since I said yes to this show, Thelma Kravitz- she's the Office manager slash Receptionist at our Church of Little Hope, Thelma wants to sing a song.

Me: Really, that sounds okay to me.

SMM: It sounds like sheit, that's what it sounds like. She can't sing a note. She sounds like steel wheels on a railway track. Shreiking and catawallerin'. It's embarrassing.

Me: What do you plan to do?

SMM: We're going to ask her to clean the confessionals to keep her out of the way while the show is going on.

Me: Now the show.

SMM: Yes, it all takes place in the supposed basement of our Church of Little Hope. It's a reasonable facsimile of course. It's really on stage at the OCC. That's what theatre is- all make believe. Kind of like Scientology- but you didn't hear that from me now.

Me: I must say it all sounds like a super fun time. It should be a great, successful show.

SMM: If it bombs we have one solace.

Me: What's that?

SMM: It'll all be your fault!

Me: Yes, well...~ahem~ thanks for this Sister Mary Margaret and we'll see you on the stage.

SMM: That you will. There's one leaving in 15 minutes! ~laugh~. I've always wanted to say that!

All for Nun- A Stage Xtravaganza runs at the OCC in Orillia, Ontario July 14-31, 2015
Tickets through the ONLINE Box Office 
or 705.242.8011

Monday, May 4, 2015


Holy Smokes! Almost a month since I have sent a blog your way.

I have an excuse.
I've been busy.

Yard work.
More yard work.
Re-writing my All for Nun script before rehearsals start in a month or two.
Dealing with Artistic Director duties for Theatre Orillia- of which I am a part.
Plus, I have had days when I have been feeling a little "off".
Dizzy, actually.

I've had the Epley Maneuver- twice.
Active release treatment on my neck- twice .
At this point I am not sure what's next. I hope these brief seconds- 5 or 10, of being dizzy will just go away.
I have had this twice before and they did just that.
They vanished one morning, however, I'd still like to know from whence they came.

During my lapse in blogging, one of the best things my husband Tom and I did was go to the theatre in Toronto. We saw Robin Hood- a really terrific musical, headed for Broadway. Great for all members of the family.

Then, on her final tour- Dame Edna Everage. The Dame (Barry Humphries) played Toronto for 10 days in April. The show was terribly funny. She never stopped. Joke after joke. Whimsy after whimsy. Sitting there watching her exhibit perfect timing. My, how she held the audience in the palm of her hand. It was a learning experience.
Both Barry and the Dame love Toronto and Toronto audiences loved her.
She'll be missed when "their" retirement in Australia sets in fully.

Meanwhile, another "Dame" of sorts- Sister Mary Margaret, has been keeping me busy at the keyboard. I used to think Hank was a workaholic but Sister Mary Margaret is turned on at least 18 hours a day. She's constantly in my head with new situations and jokes and one-liners. Then she wants it put all together in a semblance of  a stage show entitled "All for Nun- A Stage Xtravaganza". Sister MM has a few other characters with her for her first time on the OCC stage- including, Father O'Mally, Sister Murray Anne and Sister Neutrogena. It's sure to be a fabulous three weeks come July at the OCC on Colborne Street, East.

Now I've got to sun. I know, it's a short blog but I will return sooner- unless Sister Mary Margaret comes calling- which undoubtedly...she will.