Thursday, August 31, 2017


One Week at Country Maples!!

Yes Sir, we have survived our first week not only in BC but in Country Maples RV Park just south of Chemainus, about a 10 minute drive from our new house in West Duncan.

We had showers for a bit Wednesday afternoon. The first appreciable rain since the first week in June. Don't think it did much good. Lawns are still yellowy-brown and small trees are dying, their leaves crumbling as they remain a rusty-red colour. We are a little more used to seeing all the brown than we were a week ago when we arrived. Now, here's Labour Day weekend just ahead!

Doyle seemed quite content sitting on our lap and watching
the countryside go by in the two days prior to him leaving us.
We were happy he was adjusting to life inside Priscilla. Guess he had other ideas.
We had a busy week.
We've been finding our way around both Duncan and Nanaimo as well as Ladysmith last Sunday afternoon. Thank goodness for GPS.

We chose flooring, light fixtures and appliances this week- all in Nanaimo, including a new Samsung washer and dryer that has more chrome than a 57 Chevy. What a pair!
They will be on the tour when anyone visits. Sunglasses provided.

Tom managed to get us a new Vet and talked to the office for quite a while giving details of Missy, Koko and Dickens. We will visit the practice once we are settled in our new home.

We have had no word at all about Doyle and we'd like to thank all those who looked for him at Winnipeg West KOA.
He is our boy and although we still hold out a bit of hope that he will return or be found, we want the universe to know that we love him and miss him terribly.

~insert copious amounts of tears here~

Not the same without you "Doyley-Doo".
Your brother misses you too.
We can tell by his behaviour these past couple of days.

We have been shopping around Duncan at Wal*Mart- of course- but Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Pet Value and Dollarama too, not to mention making a few visits to the DQ. Of course, one has to buy bits and pieces for living in Priscilla. We didn't bring everything with us. One must also have a Peanut Buster Parfait or Blizzard to help get one through one's day!!

We paid our moving bill with Great Canadian Movers yesterday.
Can you believe we actually were under the weight of the estimate?
Gee, I guess we did throw out/sell or give away a bunch of stuff!!!

Our furniture is being stored in Nanaimo, a much quicker drive than it's original location of Victoria- which is about 50 minutes away. Nanaimo is around 40 minutes and no Malahat to drive over. What's worse, construction has begun on the Malahat. That's the section of the Trans Canada Highway just south of Duncan and the Cowichan that goes up and over the mountain, down island to Victoria and Sidney. It's two lanes most of the way-except for a passing lane here and there. This construction will widen the road but in the meantime there will be huge traffic delays especially during rush hour.
Yes- rush hour.
This Island Paradise has traffic.
All day long.
Lots of traffic!
No matter where you go near the major centres. The TCH is always busy and crosses right through the east part of Duncan.
Lots of traffic lights too!
You will not find many bridges over the Trans Canada- around Duncan especially. If you go up Island towards Ladysmith, Nanaimo or Parksville, it's just traffic lights at intersections along the Trans Canada that allows East/West Traffic to cross over.
Around Victoria and Sidney, the highways are wider and you'll find more bridges and expressways.

Mount Prevost from the East side of the
 Trans Canada Highway through Duncan
So, things are beginning to feel like home but it is a major adjustment.
It's certainly no easier than those of you we left behind, living in a day to day world without us in the area. We get your e-mails and we know it is a difficult transition as any change can be.

It will take some getting used to for us all!

Monday, August 28, 2017


It's the start of our first full week here on The Island.

A busy day today.
First coffee on the Lanai.
That's "Island Talk" for patio.
Then, off to Coast Appliances and McLaren Lighting in Nanaimo.

We had to choose appliances today for our new build. We are upgrading all of them- except for our Dishwasher, plus we had to buy a new washer pair. We saved $400 each on a new Samsung front-load washer and dryer that resemble the front of a '64 Chevy. Chrome for days!
I hope they wash and dry as good as they look.

Over at McLaren Lighting, Darin- one "R", no "e"- but an "i", helped us with our lighting choices- most of which are upgrades too. Guess we are getting pickier in our older age. Darin was terrific and a handsome man to boot. Salt and Pepper hair like my husbands- and he also has a penchant for Martini's. He help us make some handsome choices in lighting fixtures.

We were supposed to choose flooring today as well but we ran out of time.

By the time we finished appliance and fixture shopping we were tired and headed back to Priscilla at Country Maples. A short rest and then out to dinner at Romeo's for Italian Food. Inside, Romeo's sort of reminds me of Theo's back in Orillia.
Great Food.
Piping hot.
Attentive, friendly staff.

Back home we turned on the TV for the first time since leaving Ontario.

Sean Hayes "Jack"
Have you heard?
Will and Grace are returning at the end of September, 10 years after the last episode in Season 8.
I have been wanting to watch some of the old episodes. I have the entire DVD collection.
I threw in Disc One from the last season and Tom and I are having a few chuckles watching.
Such a fun show.
So well written.
I love all the characters and look forward to their return at the end of September.

Good Night- or Good Morning Dear Readers.
Take Care Easterners.

My Blogs may not be daily now but I will Blog when I can and when something interesting happens here on "The Island"

Saturday, August 26, 2017

ROBBLOG #640 W E E K E N D Edition

The Weekend Edition.

I am writing this at 10pm on Saturday which is 1am for you Easterners reading, so, I'll say
"Good Morning".
Today a few facts and observations.

There has been no rain on Vancouver Island since the first few days of June.
It's dry.
It's hot- not humid. 28c Saturday.
Warmer the next few days.
The grass is brown most everywhere. Trees are green.
Palms are green. Rhododendrons are green.
Petunias and Roses are blooming and even some trees like the one below- that resembles a sumac, are blooming. The Duncan street where I took this photo could be mistaken for a street in Honolulu. Condos and apartments are built with wide open space for parking underneath. Doesn't get cold here, you see. In the background, across the street from this photo, there is a mountain which really makes it feel like somewhere else- which it is.

Looks Tropical- right?
We had lunch at a nice little spot called the Dog House Restaurant that began in the 50's and you guessed it- it was shaped like a big "doghouse" back then. The specialty was foot longs at just 45 cents each! Today it's a modern restaurant with a huge menu. They have an outdoor take out patio where not only we were welcome to sit but Missy and Koko- our Schnauzers, as well. Big portions as witnessed in the photo below of the Mile High Lemon Pie- at least the meringue is high, that I had for dessert. The pie is on its side in a take out dish.
Ummm Good!!

After lunch we decided to have a swing by our new-build house. Since Wednesday, the roof is now on and it looks quite different. We ran into a new neighbour- Tammy (not her real name), we last spoke to on Wednesday. We had a great chat in the heat of the afternoon. Tammy was wearing a huge straw hat, so she was well protected from the sun's rays. She had just come back from a  dog walk along the Trans Canada Trail that runs behind our new development. We shared stories and comparing what Tammy said and other neighbours had said to us previously, it would appear we have a pair of assholes living in the development.
Oh, Joy!!

Palm Villa as of Saturday Afternoon
These assholes take it upon themselves to knock on doors to see what the resident is planning on doing or are the process of doing. Apparently, in evenings and on weekends they walk through houses that are in the process of being built. None of their business- I'd say- and according to signs- placed for their benefit, they shouldn't be doing this.

Let them try knocking on our door. I'll be asking them to do a quick spin and stay the fuck off my property. As Tom and I got back into the van, I caught Mr. Asshole watching us from the corner of his house. As we started the van and drove towards the exit, he quickly ducked around the back corner of the house and as we passed by he had sprawled himself out in a lounge chair- like he had been there all the time.

Must have been the wife next to him. The both of them never offered a friendly wave, a minute of conversation or nod of the head like every other neighbour has done but rather they starred straight ahead as if we weren't even there. Somebody needs to get a life and mind their own bloody business.
As my friend Joan said and I fully agree- "Don't fuck with me fellas!" in this case "neighbours".
I mean really...

Joan Crawford- One of my Idols.
What a Lady!!
 I always ask myself- "What would Dear Joan say- or do?"
Have a great Sunday.
Next weekend it's Labour Day already.


Friday, August 25, 2017


Another Day in the Life of two new Island Boys.

We slept in today.
I had 9 hours of glorious shuteye. The most since we left Orillia, Ontario almost two weeks ago.
It was a beautiful Island morning.
I had coffee outside on our "patio" while Tom transplanted a few dozen Daylillies that he brought to BC from our Ontario garden. We had bought fresh strawberries and blueberries yesterday and along with a second and third cup of Java, I piled them high on my bowl of granola cereal for breakfast.

The Priscilla Patio looking pretty spiffy!

In early afternoon we made a trip into Duncan to the Duncan Commons Mall one of several along the TCH at Duncan. We shopped at Canadian Tire for a table top BBQ and folding table. You'll see Tom in a photo below exiting the store. This Duncan Canadian Tire has a Mark's store right next door. The store's are open to each other inside.

Next, we headed to the Cowichan Wal*Mart in the same Mall, where we bought fresh, lean beef burgers, bakery buns and a bar fridge to help with the overflow from the fridge and freezer inside Priscilla. Space was at a premium even for my seven bottles of Vodka, which also made the trip from Orillia.
I hear you- "Seven you say?"
Well, what if all of a sudden they stopped making Vodka?
Did you ever think of that? Hmmmm?
Now, who's the smart one?
The fridge will sit outside the RV in a makeshift kitchen area under our newly-installed Gazebo- which we erected yesterday. I know it seems like a lot of extra stuff but we are living here at Country Maples for at least the next six weeks, so we need to make it feel like home.
Oh, I bought an eleven foot string of LED "Star" lights at Canadian Tire. They look "fab" tonight draped along the screen of the gazebo!

Star Lite...
Before we headed home, I picked up a quick "Canadiano" Coffee at Serious Coffee- an Island favourite. Every cup made fresh!

When we arrived home, we wanted to do our burgers on the BarBee but we had to build the BarBee first! A box full of parts, nuts, bolts, washers and poorly translated Chinese directions soon became a nice-looking table-top BBQ and later, the burgers were delicious with little flame since they were lean ground beef.

We have neighbours!
It's the weekend and Country Maples is busy. A family is next to us. I spoke briefly to the "lady of the trailer" since I could hear Missy barking as we pulled into our drive. She said they barked just a bit. I had the AC on and all the windows closed- or so I thought, as we left the girls alone for the first time in the RV.
I goofed.
The bedroom window was wide open. so they barked at the folks moving in next door. I had also neglected to turn off the furnace this morning, so with the AC on "low cool", the furnace decided to cut in to warm things up a bit. What with that and the dogs barking, I was fit to be Joan tied- up in a straight jacket!
At least Dickens wasn't bothered. He is fitting into the Island Lifestyle quite nicely. See below...

Dickens snoozing under the watchful eyes of a Deer and Tigger!
Anyway, as we put the BBQ together, we couldn't help but hear the male neighbour next door and his friend have an engaging conversation.

First of all, both of them referred to their small male kids as "Bud" or "Buddy".
I hate this! I really so.
I hate hearing a Dad call his son "Bud".
Don't they have names like Dave or Brian or Seymour?

I wanted to say to them- "Hey, co-incidence or not that you both named your sons "Bud"?
Tom told me to hush up!
We were less than 10 feet from these two "straight" men and neither of them gave a look in our direction. Quite possibly because you can catch "Gay" just by looking at it don't you know.

I said to my Husband that they should each take their dicks out, show them to each other, then get on with being "man friends". These two- besides the "Bud" thing, talked and talked about grey water and black water and hoses and other shit.
Is this all that straight men can muster to talk about?
For Fuck Sakes!!
Have a conversation about something- even if it is about the length of that thing hanging between your thighs or big tits!

Lastly in this edition of ROBBLOG, I was reading a local paper this evening, It seems that global warming is hitting the Island. The forecast for years to come is hotter summers and warmer winters. The Island folk seem to be concerned about energy use when air conditioners are turned up because of the heat- among other global warming concerns.
We are installing a heat pump at our new house. It seems like the Island thing to do.

So, with the weather changing and palms and yuccas and elephant ear plants growing everywhere, you Easterners better hook up your wagons to the horses now and head West- before they close the highway.

Paper Flamingos sent via Canada Post from Auntie B
are adorning Priscilla's outside wall.
You don't think it looks too "Gay" do you?


Day One.
Immersing one's self in Island Life.

Gotta tell you, it's beautiful here on Vancouver Island.
Cooled off last night to about 13c and then the temp soared to the high 20's.
More of that- and hotter, over the next 5 days.
What a welcome!

I think I had told you our furnace wasn't working and the hot water was anything but, however, one call- made by my Hubbie Tom this morning to Revy RV in Duncan and within minutes Colin
walked us through both the furnace and hot water heater over the phone. Such great Customer Service!

Turns out, the furnace just needed the switch flicked to the left to "on". It was a stiff little toggle at the top of the thermostat. I saw it the other day and could make out the word "off" but I thought if I forced it to the left, it would break. Colin said to Tom: It will be stiff!"- and it was!
He was on speakerphone...

We now have heat. The furnace started immediately.
Lovely heat for chilly mornings- especially when stepping out of the shower- like in Calgary a few days ago, when the air was crisp and I had goosebumps on top of goosebumps and my ***** were shrivelled like Old November Cabbages!
Too much information...sorry!!
Don't ask what "Old November Cabbages" look like. Just use your imagination.

Hmmm, Cabbages....Oh!....OH MY!! You are so Disgusting Young Man!
Then, a few seconds later through Tom's iPhone, Colin told me exactly what to look for under the kitchen sink where the hot water heater is located.
Like, I mean...who knew it was there??
I didn't.
Two levers, both horizontal. The third lever up and down in line with the hot water hose- and Voila!!
I can actually have some heat in my shower in the morning.
I am excited!!
Small things.

Mid-Morning we had a meeting with Joanne the interior designer of our new house and "the"gal who knows about all the houses and what goes where. Joanne even told us that she thought it was an Air Canada pilot moving in next door who had been transferred. Her husband is an IT specialist.
That's exciting!

The house is moving right along and we're very, very happy with what we saw.

Looking through our Great Room to where
 the Fireplace will be surrounded by windows
We met Brian the sight foreman and he toured us through the framework of our new home. We discussed our Utility Bath/Powder room inside on the main level and in the backyard we looked for the best location for our heat pump and BarBee.

Rear View of our New, Custom Built Home in West Duncan.
She's a Beauty!
After an hour or so with Joanne and Brian we strolled up the street to look at a pump placement on another home. That took quite a while to stroll up the street with the puppies. Many people came out of their homes to chat with us and welcome us- albeit a bit prematurely, to the neighbourhood.

They were all so nice and we feel more relaxed meeting a handful of residents. Actually, many people knew of our coming to the Island and to Duncan. Here I was thinking of placing a full page newspaper ad to announce our Island Arrival when a resident of our development- Tina, whom we spoke with back in July, prepared our way by boasting about our gardening abilities- as well as how nice we were and what good neighbours we will make.

As Doctor Frank 'N Furter said: "How nice!!

It was a good morning and now we don't feel like strangers and feel quite comfortable driving around Duncan and chatting to people here and there.

A 3 Star Topiary. Yes...I want it|!
We made a visit to Dinter Nurseries in the afternoon. Bustling, busy and chock full of plants, whereas the nurseries and garden centres back in Ontario are done. Earlier in the day- after chatting to new neighbours, we met the landscapers- a Father and Son team. They never talked about a fall/winter deadline for planting and suggested a Dinter visit.
Island Life. ~sigh~
Both Dad and Son were excited to help us design the new gardens. They were truly impressed when I showed them our Pine Tree House Garden garden shots.

A Palm at Dinters, This one about $1500 but 7 or 8 feet tall
Funny, with all the conversations we had today in our new neighbourhood, in stores and on the street, we have barely chatted to the folks in Country Maples RV Park where we are making our temporary home until the end of September. In all the other parks people chatted freely to us and said Good Morning or Good Evening.
Here at Country Maples we get long looks, a bit of staring, indifference and side glances. Just a different crowd I guess, so, I think "Fuck 'Em!"- with a big smile on my face of course.
Gosh Rob...where do you get that language from?
That "salty", lacross-playing Father of mine, I guess.

Probably they're all jealous of the way my tanned legs look in summer shorts.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The end is in sight for this Cross-Canada Odyssey of ours.

We have been on the road since Tuesday August 15th and finally arrived at our destination at
Country Maples RV Park- south of Chemainus around 6pm Pacific Time Wednesday August 23rd- Tom's Birthday. An Island Boy and today a "Birthday Boy".
From Country Maples, it should be about a 10 minute drive to our new home in West Duncan.

Birthday Boy and now Island Boy on the Pacific
Our day started at Peace Arch RV Park in White Rock where last night we ordered pizza from a Sicilian- Award Winning actually, Pizza Restaurant.

More Gardens at Peace Arch RV Park in White Rock
We had had a bit of a lie-in since we didn't have a seven hour drive ahead of us. I put my coffee on and afterwards we had some time for a short walk around the park. It was really to the garbage and recycling area but still- a nice walk. That's where I took this snap of a Greek God in the gardens. The gardens here are beautiful. Check out the palms and banana plants I shared with you yesterday. I popped into the office to ask the name of that huge plant I showed you in yesterday's blog. It is Gunnera Manicata. I have got to get me one of those for our new house!

We left the park at 11ish and made the 20 minute drive to Annacis  Island to pick up our van- the famous Swissshmobile, from Hansen's. Hansen's made expediting the van by rail from Toronto to Delta BC very easy- and economical too. They were very professional. Shelly kept us up to date on its progress across the country and the office staff happy to see us arrive to pick it up this morning. Joey checked the van out with us for any scratches or dents etc. Everything was in working order as we had left it- plus we got a van wash too!

Bridge to Annacis Island and Hansen's
From Annacis Island we made our way with Priscilla, which had Tom at the wheel and me driving the Montana, to Tswwassen. Another 20 minutes on Hwy 99 and 17 and we pulled into Tswwassen Mills a huge new shopping mall about 10 minutes from the BC Ferry Terminal.

We lined up after check in. Me in line 30 and Tom in 23. It was so easy driving onto the ferry. I was on Deck 3 and Tom below in Deck 2. I worked my way past cars and trucks and buses to where Priscilla was parked. It was like a maze above and below deck. The ferry ride on The Queen of Alberni was so smooth we didn't even realize- at first, that she had left port.

The view from inside the van. We were four vehicles from front.
Over the next two hours we cruised, taking in the Pacific Ocean air under blue, sunshine-filled skies- with only an occasional cloud here and there, arriving at Duke's Point the southernmost Ferry Terminal located at Nanaimo.

Our Baby "On Board"
Disembarking onto the Trans Canada- of which the ferry routing was a part of, it was an easy drive along the TCH. We drove south- down Island, towards Victoria. An easy 20 minute drive later, we pulled into Country Maples RV Park- our Island home for the next six weeks!

...and that's it folks. More than 5000 kms over 8 days. We saw mountains and trees. Rocks and lakes. Lost our beloved cat Doyle in West Winnipeg and took an ocean cruise.

It was our Canada 150th trip and the beginning of our new life on The Island, where we look forward to a winter of  mild temps, palm trees and no -30C temperatures or Snow!

Thanks for reading and I will still continue to blog on the progress on our new build and how we integrate into the Cowichan Community.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


How deep is the ocean.
How high is the sky...

We are almost ready to touch the ocean- or at least cruise across part of it to get to Nanaimo on the Island. However, that's tomorrow's story.
Today, on the Coquihalla you could almost reach out and touch the sky. This major freeway travels down the Rockies from Kamloops- a beautiful city, to Hope BC at the bottom.

The views?
Spectacular. Mind-boggling. Beautiful. Stupendous. Breath-taking. Out of this world. Like nothing I have seen before and on and on.
And...this is in 'Our Canada!"

At the top of the Coquihalla- just past Kamloops and near Lac La Jeune, it was like Tom and I were travelling through a desert. More Badlands. Dry. Very dry. Scrub growth and hot.
Overhead, there was a big, bright, blue sky that went on forever and ever.

What?? This is Our Canada?
Scrub Trees and Burnt Hillsides at the top near Kamloops
Then, the Coquihalla journey. Up and down. Then more up and more down.
1200 metres at the Summit.
Cars, Trucks, Campers, Motorhomes and more travelling north towards Kamloops or Sicamous where we had spent last night at a KOA.
Just as many more vehicles were accompanying us all the way down to Hope and beyond.
What an gargantuan feat to build this amazing roadway down the centre of the Canadian Rockies.

Runaway Lanes for trucks- and vehicles, in case of brake failure
Heaven and Earth forbid!!
More than an hour and a half of driving at speeds up to 110 km per hour. Most of the way the maximum is posted as 120 km per hour. That speed only reduced at areas of construction or when going through a tunnel.

You'll want to "Stay the Course" and not go over the side.
It's a very long way down!
I'm not sure I would want to do the trip on a regular basis. Here's what Tom and I sounded like during the drive. I was behind the wheel:

Tom: Slow Down!!!!
Me: I am only going 107!
Tom: Well, you're going too fast!!
Me: What the &*&^? I am the one behind the wheel not you!!
Tom: Then, maybe I'll just shut my mouth!!
Me: Could you? I mean, would you?
Tom: Look I'm getting nervous now. Slow down!
Me: I had to pass that transport because I have a ^&^%$#$ car on my tail...
Tom: Just slow down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Look why don't you shut up!! I am the one in the driver's seat and I know how Priscilla feels...

Anyway...that went on and on for a bit.
Maybe a bit longer.

Finally, we passed Hope after Tom nearly lost all Hope and travelled along on the TCH through Chilliwack and Langley. We listened attentively to the GPS voice as she took us through Surrey towards the Peace Arch RV Park in White Rock- all part of Delta BC and yes, it can get confusing.

At Peace Arch RV Park. Yes, those are Palms behind me!!

And this- A Banana Plant and Palm. Bee-You-Tea-Full
Enjoy the photos.

Tomorrow, we'll be picking up our van- which arrived from Toronto by rail yesterday. Then we hop on the 1245 noon ferry for the crossing to Nanaimo. The trip takes 2 hours. It's another 1/2 hour drive to Country Maples RV Park just south of Chemainus. That's where we'll be spending the next 6 weeks as our house in Duncan is being completed.

The adventure continues....

Monday, August 21, 2017


Ahhhh...Nothing like a day in the cool, crisp, clean mountain air.

Unless of course it's the Canadian Rockies just west of Lake Louise.
Our day started a bit earlier than the previous day.
We tried to get our act together sooner but there is a lot to do in Priscilla in the morning.

It was quite cool at the West Calgary RV Park where we stayed. We had the heater on and one element on the stove lit because we still can't get the &*&%$ furnace to ignite. Thanks again to Heidi's just south of Orillia for one more problem with this Dutchman RV!!!

Besides no heat, there are the dogs to look after.
A cat to feed. (at this juncture we have had no word on our beautiful missing orange tabby-Doyle, who we had to leave behind at a West Winnipeg KOA after he bolted from Priscilla last Friday. See a blog or two back.)
My Coffee has to be made.
Breakfast to be had.
Two showers to be taken and general tidying up.
Then, Tom has to disconnect the power cord. Unscrew the water hose and work "in the sewers" like Norton on the Honeymooners. He is doing a great job by the way, keeping our tanks clean and fresh.

The drive to Sicamous was about 5 and a half hours. There are photos below that are self-explanatory.

Blue on Blue. The Magnificent Canadian Rockies

The mountains against the blue of the sky was breathtaking. We were gob-smacked!
A little past Lake Louise we started to smell the smoke of the devastating forest fires in central and northern BC. You could see and taste the smoke.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Nose and Mouth
Eventually, the time slid back one hour and we found ourselves in our new "home" province of British Columbia. More smoke and at one point "Google"- on our mobiles, told us there was an active fire in the area. Lots of traffic heading on the TCH East. There had been an accident and eventually we caught up to the scene where a truck's load had slid off into a ditch. At least it wasn't over a
mountain side.

Kicking Horse Pass. The Entrance to the Rockies, west of Lake Louise
We stopped for gas once at Koho National Park.
Again, I say:
Keep your tank topped up if you ever travel west.

Just Another Mountain in the Canadian Rockies. So Majestic!
About 330 pm Pacific Time we arrived at Sicamous KOA and set up Priscilla, Tom did laundry.
I vacuumed Priscilla's rugs.
Set our chairs out and made us a couple of Caesars.

For the first time in a week we really relaxed- I mean really relaxed.
We put our feet up and just chatted.
We soaked in theunbelievable mountain views all around us.

Our view from our RV Site
As we relaxed, I texted, sent photos and answered some e-mails.
Received an e-mail or two as well.
One, from Shelly at Hansen's telling us our Van was in New Westminster B.C. and that it would be loaded off the train in 24 to 48 hours.
That was good news!

Originally we were catching the ferry as soon as we arrived in Tswwassen but decided before we left Orillia that we would stay on mainland BC until the van was in our possession again.

We will have to spend Tuesday night- and maybe Wednesday on the mainland in an RV park at White Rock just east of Tswwassen. Tswwassen is where we'll catch the ferry to Nanaimo, then drive on the TCH 1 to an RV Park called "Country Maples" just south of Chemainus and about 10 minutes from our new house.

By the way we do have walls and a roof on our new house in West Duncan. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we take possession on September 29th.
By then we will have lived in Priscilla for 7 weeks!

And on that note "Goodnight" and I'll "blog" you again tomorrow- if time allows.
It will take us about 5 and 1/2 hours to drive to the Tswwassen area.
Piece of cake!

Finally, please continue to send your positive thoughts our way and to our boy Doyle.
He's lost in the woods next to the Assinaboine River in Winnipeg West KOA. Send strength to Kevin who is trying to encourage him to return.

We sure would like to have him a part of this move as well as our family.
Miss you soooo much Doyle.
Come back to your Dads.

Our Boy Doyle. Can't believe he\s not with us. Love You Doyle

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Miles and Miles of Miles and Miles.

This was our long journey today from Regina to Calgary. Tonight we are at the West Calgary RV Park, right next door to the Winter Olympic Park. There is an amazing view of Calgary from here because we are up so high on a mountain or cliff or something. It was almost dark when we arrived so I don't really know the lay of the land.

The blog will be short tonight. I need sleep.

It was 4 degrees when we got up this morning. A definite chill was in the air. We left Regina at 10am Mountain Daylight Time- 2 hours behind Ontario, arriving here at the park at 830pm. We stopped for lunch, two gas stops and at a roadside rest area final to change drivers- but that was it. Glad to be sitting still at this late hour.

Although long, it was a great drive through Saskatchewan. A fairly straight road the Trans Canada. Along the side of the highway we saw ponds with ducks, wheat fields with wheat and what appeared to be salt flats. Now and then a tumbling tumbleweed would shoot across the pavement or roll along the roadside.

Saskatchewan Salt Flats- Who Knew??
Past Moose Jaw the land became flat and we didn't seen a rolling hills type of landscape until past Swift Current as we drove closer to the Alberta border.

The badlands were just that- bad. Some hills, brown tufts of grass and not much else. Kind of desolate but there was the occasional corn field that had to be irrigated to survive the landscape. I expected Black Bart to ride up alongside of us at any moment!

Badlands into Alberta
Crossing into Alberta there were more and more cows and horses were in the fields. Mostly Black Angus cattle, many standing in the sunshine with no tree cover. In places, farmers had planted rows of trees to provide the Angus with a needed respite from the hot rays. Horse Ranches were more abundant the closer we drove to Calgary.

Prairie homes dotted the landscape too and many were surrounded by trees and shrubs to protect the houses from winds that sweep across the landscape.

Every now and then we would see a yellow sign saying "Important Intersection Ahead".
How important however, we never did find out.

Little House on Alberta Prairie
At one gas stop, Tom was filling the tank as I sat in the driver's seat watching folk. Suddenly one pump over a young kid stormed around the front of a car and threw a bag of chips on the ground.
"I don't have to listen to you Fat Ass!!"- he yelled.
The woman- who I presumed to be his mother, tried to swat him on the head.
He ducked and she stormed into the store to pay for her gas wearing a white tee shirt and an old pair of tight, grey track pants.
Can you make a mental picture?

Now, the kid was probably right but kids who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or insults!
It would have been the perfect opportunity for me to lean out the window and yell-
"Hey Kid! You should take a look at your own largess rump before you go name calling!"

Time for bed.

I'll add some photos tomorrow.

I am one sleepy fellah.



Good Morning! Calgary To Sicamous today. New photos added above.
Also here is a pic of the area where our Doyle has made his new home in Manitoba.
We love and miss that puddy and are still hoping to be reunited but as the miles and days pass it is tough to be positive but we are doing our best. Thanks to those at the KOA in Winnpeg for their help and all the virtual hugs and love...Uh Oh. Here come tears again...


LOVE YOU DOYLE and miss you like Crazy!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Another day.
Another tear.
OK...many, many tears.

First of all Tom and I thank each and every one of you who have commented or sent us an e-mail or text sending your love and hope that our Doyle will return to us. We stayed an extra night in KOA West Winnipeg- actually St. Frances Xavier about  9km west of The Peg. We had hoped that our Doyley-Boy would get hungry and return but this has not been the case. He was seen Friday night hanging with some other cats along the Assiniboine River. As far as I can tell these cats are feral.
I don't know how Doyle is eating or surviving not being an outdoor puddy. Our hearts were heavy when we had to leave him behind Saturday morning. You have no idea what it was like...

Doyle sitting up front with Tom on the day of the evening he left

The good news: Many folks staying in the park have our contact information and the Groundskeeper- Kevin, has a kennel, food, water and litter at the ready. He is actively looking and says to us as we left the park- NOT IF but WHEN Doyle returns he will call us right away. Hugs to Kevin. Others at the KOA have been just as kind.

Tonight, we sit at an RV park in Regina. A beautiful, busy Prairie city with mega road construction. The park is King's Acres. It's nice with- what else, a wheat field a hop, skip and a jump or so from Priscilla. The air is sweet and clean. Friends Don and Linda came by this evening to spend some time with us. It was good to see them and they lifted our sullen spirits.

Almost the first thing Don and Linda said to us was this:
"When Doyle is found, we will drive to Winnipeg from Regina to bring him to our place in Regina. Then we can figure out how to get him to you."
Can you believe this? I had to bite my lip real hard to not break down and sob. This is what friends do for each other. I know friends back in Orillia would do the same thing and believe me many have e-mailed wishing they could help in the search.
~another "tear" falls here~

So, we sit tight and hope for the best- tomorrow, next week or the week after. I cannot imagine Doyle being feral and eating goodness knows what. This cat is a house cat and likes things just so.
Then why did he run?
We have no bloody idea. Wish we did. He is so loved that boy.
We will ask the little bugger when we see him...after 1000 kisses first, of course.

Today we drove from Winterpeg to Regina. A hot, sunny Prairie Day feeling in the 30's but no humidity- just heat. Prairie heat and Prairie wind.
Cripes, the wind that blew poor Priscilla all over the place.
Of course, the speed limit is 110 km here in Saskatchewan- same in Manitoba, that's because the Trans Canada is divided with eastbound lanes over there, somewhere to our right. Poor Priscilla could hardly keep the cabin cool today. Driving into a western sun- wow!!

So far, the countryside is easier on the eyes than Northern Ontario's rocks and lakes and trees and...well, read a blog or two back and you'll get the idea.

Manitoba was different too with hardly any evergreens and a lot of leafy green trees.

Then, driving into Saskatchewan there's mostly flatness. You know like the notes in the twang in the song sung by an "old" country singer like- "When Gawd made you, he made a humdinger that only me and my hound dog can love."
One sees many wheat fields.
Lots and lots of wheat fields and some small stands of trees.
In some fields, Cows are dragging their bulky bodies in the midday heat towards a small yet shady tree.
In another, a few magnificent horses graze gently without a care in the world. Nothing like horses in a field next to a busy highway. Makes you wanna slow down and smell the roses or at the very least smell a horse pucky or two and maybe even pick the horse pucky up and fling it in Patrick Brown's direction or that "woman" who is temporarily leading the Ontario NDP into oblivion! ( I added this for the enjoyment of Ontarians reading this Blog. "Go Kathleen").

Closer to Regina we started seeing those old Prairie grain elevators. You've see them in the movies hundreds of times. Here's the movie scene outline:

Country Boy, An obligatory skin shot
~There's this robust, blonde football stud- looks like that fellah in the plaid shirt in Letterkenny, with an ass in tight jeans that just won't quit. He's sucking the face off his cheerleader girlfriend in the back of his Dad's red Ford F-150 out behind the grain elevator on a warmish summer evening in Backside, Saskatchewan. (I really wanted to type "bumhole" Saskatchewan there but it might have been too much!)

Grain Elevator in Sintaluta. Interesting name "Sin-Taluta"
Now, if I were writing this story he's be sucking the face off a young, solidly-built member of the local wrestling team- who just happened to resemble Hugh Jackman. It would be a hot, sultry July night- not behind but inside the grain elevator.~

Ah...youth and the good old days!!

Back to reality though, you may have seen these elevators on TV with a Town's name emblazoned on the front facing the Trans Canada- like Indian Head, Saskatchewan. You just know there's a story that could be a movie or a Netflix series in the small town just down the road from the grain elevator.

Now, about Ford, or Dodge Ram or Chevy trucks, Hell, everyone is driving a pickup here in Saskatchewan- even Grandmothers. These are not the same Grannies however, that would show you the middle finger while driving in Winterpeg without giving it a second thought. One more thing about Manitoba before I switch back to Saskatchewan, you'll find the towns of both Sidney and Melbourne just off the TC #1.
Who knew?

We noticed too that Gas stations are at a more reasonable distance apart and at a more reasonable price in Saskatchewan and Manitoba than anywhere past Sudbury to the Manitoba border in good old Ontario. Makes you think eh?
Especially about the lack of gas stations- and the price of gas.

I liked the drive- so far at least, through the Province of Saskatchewan after starting the day in Whiny-Pig and heading westward to Regina- The Queen City.
So, far I have not seen one queen- Elizabeth, Drag or otherwise.

Regina Here We Come
I did notice one final thing though.

Remember all those old movies about Rome and the mean old Caesar who had a habit of ordering his soldiers- like Richard Burton, to nail up thieves, Christians and general "pain in the ass citizens" on crosses along the road into town just to set an example to the citizenry?
Well now, all along the Trans Canada you'll find telephone pole after telephone pole- some short, some tall but all in the shape of a cross, lining the railway tracks and the eastbound lanes of the highway.
After looking at hundreds of these poles I thought they resembled what the Main Street into Rome might have looked like- minus the decaying Roman Citizens and Christians hanging on them in the hot Roman sun- back in the day.

Good times eh?
The trip I mean.