Sunday, August 20, 2017


Miles and Miles of Miles and Miles.

This was our long journey today from Regina to Calgary. Tonight we are at the West Calgary RV Park, right next door to the Winter Olympic Park. There is an amazing view of Calgary from here because we are up so high on a mountain or cliff or something. It was almost dark when we arrived so I don't really know the lay of the land.

The blog will be short tonight. I need sleep.

It was 4 degrees when we got up this morning. A definite chill was in the air. We left Regina at 10am Mountain Daylight Time- 2 hours behind Ontario, arriving here at the park at 830pm. We stopped for lunch, two gas stops and at a roadside rest area final to change drivers- but that was it. Glad to be sitting still at this late hour.

Although long, it was a great drive through Saskatchewan. A fairly straight road the Trans Canada. Along the side of the highway we saw ponds with ducks, wheat fields with wheat and what appeared to be salt flats. Now and then a tumbling tumbleweed would shoot across the pavement or roll along the roadside.

Saskatchewan Salt Flats- Who Knew??
Past Moose Jaw the land became flat and we didn't seen a rolling hills type of landscape until past Swift Current as we drove closer to the Alberta border.

The badlands were just that- bad. Some hills, brown tufts of grass and not much else. Kind of desolate but there was the occasional corn field that had to be irrigated to survive the landscape. I expected Black Bart to ride up alongside of us at any moment!

Badlands into Alberta
Crossing into Alberta there were more and more cows and horses were in the fields. Mostly Black Angus cattle, many standing in the sunshine with no tree cover. In places, farmers had planted rows of trees to provide the Angus with a needed respite from the hot rays. Horse Ranches were more abundant the closer we drove to Calgary.

Prairie homes dotted the landscape too and many were surrounded by trees and shrubs to protect the houses from winds that sweep across the landscape.

Every now and then we would see a yellow sign saying "Important Intersection Ahead".
How important however, we never did find out.

Little House on Alberta Prairie
At one gas stop, Tom was filling the tank as I sat in the driver's seat watching folk. Suddenly one pump over a young kid stormed around the front of a car and threw a bag of chips on the ground.
"I don't have to listen to you Fat Ass!!"- he yelled.
The woman- who I presumed to be his mother, tried to swat him on the head.
He ducked and she stormed into the store to pay for her gas wearing a white tee shirt and an old pair of tight, grey track pants.
Can you make a mental picture?

Now, the kid was probably right but kids who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or insults!
It would have been the perfect opportunity for me to lean out the window and yell-
"Hey Kid! You should take a look at your own largess rump before you go name calling!"

Time for bed.

I'll add some photos tomorrow.

I am one sleepy fellah.



Good Morning! Calgary To Sicamous today. New photos added above.
Also here is a pic of the area where our Doyle has made his new home in Manitoba.
We love and miss that puddy and are still hoping to be reunited but as the miles and days pass it is tough to be positive but we are doing our best. Thanks to those at the KOA in Winnpeg for their help and all the virtual hugs and love...Uh Oh. Here come tears again...


LOVE YOU DOYLE and miss you like Crazy!!