Friday, August 25, 2017


Another Day in the Life of two new Island Boys.

We slept in today.
I had 9 hours of glorious shuteye. The most since we left Orillia, Ontario almost two weeks ago.
It was a beautiful Island morning.
I had coffee outside on our "patio" while Tom transplanted a few dozen Daylillies that he brought to BC from our Ontario garden. We had bought fresh strawberries and blueberries yesterday and along with a second and third cup of Java, I piled them high on my bowl of granola cereal for breakfast.

The Priscilla Patio looking pretty spiffy!

In early afternoon we made a trip into Duncan to the Duncan Commons Mall one of several along the TCH at Duncan. We shopped at Canadian Tire for a table top BBQ and folding table. You'll see Tom in a photo below exiting the store. This Duncan Canadian Tire has a Mark's store right next door. The store's are open to each other inside.

Next, we headed to the Cowichan Wal*Mart in the same Mall, where we bought fresh, lean beef burgers, bakery buns and a bar fridge to help with the overflow from the fridge and freezer inside Priscilla. Space was at a premium even for my seven bottles of Vodka, which also made the trip from Orillia.
I hear you- "Seven you say?"
Well, what if all of a sudden they stopped making Vodka?
Did you ever think of that? Hmmmm?
Now, who's the smart one?
The fridge will sit outside the RV in a makeshift kitchen area under our newly-installed Gazebo- which we erected yesterday. I know it seems like a lot of extra stuff but we are living here at Country Maples for at least the next six weeks, so we need to make it feel like home.
Oh, I bought an eleven foot string of LED "Star" lights at Canadian Tire. They look "fab" tonight draped along the screen of the gazebo!

Star Lite...
Before we headed home, I picked up a quick "Canadiano" Coffee at Serious Coffee- an Island favourite. Every cup made fresh!

When we arrived home, we wanted to do our burgers on the BarBee but we had to build the BarBee first! A box full of parts, nuts, bolts, washers and poorly translated Chinese directions soon became a nice-looking table-top BBQ and later, the burgers were delicious with little flame since they were lean ground beef.

We have neighbours!
It's the weekend and Country Maples is busy. A family is next to us. I spoke briefly to the "lady of the trailer" since I could hear Missy barking as we pulled into our drive. She said they barked just a bit. I had the AC on and all the windows closed- or so I thought, as we left the girls alone for the first time in the RV.
I goofed.
The bedroom window was wide open. so they barked at the folks moving in next door. I had also neglected to turn off the furnace this morning, so with the AC on "low cool", the furnace decided to cut in to warm things up a bit. What with that and the dogs barking, I was fit to be Joan tied- up in a straight jacket!
At least Dickens wasn't bothered. He is fitting into the Island Lifestyle quite nicely. See below...

Dickens snoozing under the watchful eyes of a Deer and Tigger!
Anyway, as we put the BBQ together, we couldn't help but hear the male neighbour next door and his friend have an engaging conversation.

First of all, both of them referred to their small male kids as "Bud" or "Buddy".
I hate this! I really so.
I hate hearing a Dad call his son "Bud".
Don't they have names like Dave or Brian or Seymour?

I wanted to say to them- "Hey, co-incidence or not that you both named your sons "Bud"?
Tom told me to hush up!
We were less than 10 feet from these two "straight" men and neither of them gave a look in our direction. Quite possibly because you can catch "Gay" just by looking at it don't you know.

I said to my Husband that they should each take their dicks out, show them to each other, then get on with being "man friends". These two- besides the "Bud" thing, talked and talked about grey water and black water and hoses and other shit.
Is this all that straight men can muster to talk about?
For Fuck Sakes!!
Have a conversation about something- even if it is about the length of that thing hanging between your thighs or big tits!

Lastly in this edition of ROBBLOG, I was reading a local paper this evening, It seems that global warming is hitting the Island. The forecast for years to come is hotter summers and warmer winters. The Island folk seem to be concerned about energy use when air conditioners are turned up because of the heat- among other global warming concerns.
We are installing a heat pump at our new house. It seems like the Island thing to do.

So, with the weather changing and palms and yuccas and elephant ear plants growing everywhere, you Easterners better hook up your wagons to the horses now and head West- before they close the highway.

Paper Flamingos sent via Canada Post from Auntie B
are adorning Priscilla's outside wall.
You don't think it looks too "Gay" do you?