Saturday, August 26, 2017

ROBBLOG #640 W E E K E N D Edition

The Weekend Edition.

I am writing this at 10pm on Saturday which is 1am for you Easterners reading, so, I'll say
"Good Morning".
Today a few facts and observations.

There has been no rain on Vancouver Island since the first few days of June.
It's dry.
It's hot- not humid. 28c Saturday.
Warmer the next few days.
The grass is brown most everywhere. Trees are green.
Palms are green. Rhododendrons are green.
Petunias and Roses are blooming and even some trees like the one below- that resembles a sumac, are blooming. The Duncan street where I took this photo could be mistaken for a street in Honolulu. Condos and apartments are built with wide open space for parking underneath. Doesn't get cold here, you see. In the background, across the street from this photo, there is a mountain which really makes it feel like somewhere else- which it is.

Looks Tropical- right?
We had lunch at a nice little spot called the Dog House Restaurant that began in the 50's and you guessed it- it was shaped like a big "doghouse" back then. The specialty was foot longs at just 45 cents each! Today it's a modern restaurant with a huge menu. They have an outdoor take out patio where not only we were welcome to sit but Missy and Koko- our Schnauzers, as well. Big portions as witnessed in the photo below of the Mile High Lemon Pie- at least the meringue is high, that I had for dessert. The pie is on its side in a take out dish.
Ummm Good!!

After lunch we decided to have a swing by our new-build house. Since Wednesday, the roof is now on and it looks quite different. We ran into a new neighbour- Tammy (not her real name), we last spoke to on Wednesday. We had a great chat in the heat of the afternoon. Tammy was wearing a huge straw hat, so she was well protected from the sun's rays. She had just come back from a  dog walk along the Trans Canada Trail that runs behind our new development. We shared stories and comparing what Tammy said and other neighbours had said to us previously, it would appear we have a pair of assholes living in the development.
Oh, Joy!!

Palm Villa as of Saturday Afternoon
These assholes take it upon themselves to knock on doors to see what the resident is planning on doing or are the process of doing. Apparently, in evenings and on weekends they walk through houses that are in the process of being built. None of their business- I'd say- and according to signs- placed for their benefit, they shouldn't be doing this.

Let them try knocking on our door. I'll be asking them to do a quick spin and stay the fuck off my property. As Tom and I got back into the van, I caught Mr. Asshole watching us from the corner of his house. As we started the van and drove towards the exit, he quickly ducked around the back corner of the house and as we passed by he had sprawled himself out in a lounge chair- like he had been there all the time.

Must have been the wife next to him. The both of them never offered a friendly wave, a minute of conversation or nod of the head like every other neighbour has done but rather they starred straight ahead as if we weren't even there. Somebody needs to get a life and mind their own bloody business.
As my friend Joan said and I fully agree- "Don't fuck with me fellas!" in this case "neighbours".
I mean really...

Joan Crawford- One of my Idols.
What a Lady!!
 I always ask myself- "What would Dear Joan say- or do?"
Have a great Sunday.
Next weekend it's Labour Day already.