Thursday, August 31, 2017


One Week at Country Maples!!

Yes Sir, we have survived our first week not only in BC but in Country Maples RV Park just south of Chemainus, about a 10 minute drive from our new house in West Duncan.

We had showers for a bit Wednesday afternoon. The first appreciable rain since the first week in June. Don't think it did much good. Lawns are still yellowy-brown and small trees are dying, their leaves crumbling as they remain a rusty-red colour. We are a little more used to seeing all the brown than we were a week ago when we arrived. Now, here's Labour Day weekend just ahead!

Doyle seemed quite content sitting on our lap and watching
the countryside go by in the two days prior to him leaving us.
We were happy he was adjusting to life inside Priscilla. Guess he had other ideas.
We had a busy week.
We've been finding our way around both Duncan and Nanaimo as well as Ladysmith last Sunday afternoon. Thank goodness for GPS.

We chose flooring, light fixtures and appliances this week- all in Nanaimo, including a new Samsung washer and dryer that has more chrome than a 57 Chevy. What a pair!
They will be on the tour when anyone visits. Sunglasses provided.

Tom managed to get us a new Vet and talked to the office for quite a while giving details of Missy, Koko and Dickens. We will visit the practice once we are settled in our new home.

We have had no word at all about Doyle and we'd like to thank all those who looked for him at Winnipeg West KOA.
He is our boy and although we still hold out a bit of hope that he will return or be found, we want the universe to know that we love him and miss him terribly.

~insert copious amounts of tears here~

Not the same without you "Doyley-Doo".
Your brother misses you too.
We can tell by his behaviour these past couple of days.

We have been shopping around Duncan at Wal*Mart- of course- but Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Pet Value and Dollarama too, not to mention making a few visits to the DQ. Of course, one has to buy bits and pieces for living in Priscilla. We didn't bring everything with us. One must also have a Peanut Buster Parfait or Blizzard to help get one through one's day!!

We paid our moving bill with Great Canadian Movers yesterday.
Can you believe we actually were under the weight of the estimate?
Gee, I guess we did throw out/sell or give away a bunch of stuff!!!

Our furniture is being stored in Nanaimo, a much quicker drive than it's original location of Victoria- which is about 50 minutes away. Nanaimo is around 40 minutes and no Malahat to drive over. What's worse, construction has begun on the Malahat. That's the section of the Trans Canada Highway just south of Duncan and the Cowichan that goes up and over the mountain, down island to Victoria and Sidney. It's two lanes most of the way-except for a passing lane here and there. This construction will widen the road but in the meantime there will be huge traffic delays especially during rush hour.
Yes- rush hour.
This Island Paradise has traffic.
All day long.
Lots of traffic!
No matter where you go near the major centres. The TCH is always busy and crosses right through the east part of Duncan.
Lots of traffic lights too!
You will not find many bridges over the Trans Canada- around Duncan especially. If you go up Island towards Ladysmith, Nanaimo or Parksville, it's just traffic lights at intersections along the Trans Canada that allows East/West Traffic to cross over.
Around Victoria and Sidney, the highways are wider and you'll find more bridges and expressways.

Mount Prevost from the East side of the
 Trans Canada Highway through Duncan
So, things are beginning to feel like home but it is a major adjustment.
It's certainly no easier than those of you we left behind, living in a day to day world without us in the area. We get your e-mails and we know it is a difficult transition as any change can be.

It will take some getting used to for us all!