Monday, August 28, 2017


It's the start of our first full week here on The Island.

A busy day today.
First coffee on the Lanai.
That's "Island Talk" for patio.
Then, off to Coast Appliances and McLaren Lighting in Nanaimo.

We had to choose appliances today for our new build. We are upgrading all of them- except for our Dishwasher, plus we had to buy a new washer pair. We saved $400 each on a new Samsung front-load washer and dryer that resemble the front of a '64 Chevy. Chrome for days!
I hope they wash and dry as good as they look.

Over at McLaren Lighting, Darin- one "R", no "e"- but an "i", helped us with our lighting choices- most of which are upgrades too. Guess we are getting pickier in our older age. Darin was terrific and a handsome man to boot. Salt and Pepper hair like my husbands- and he also has a penchant for Martini's. He help us make some handsome choices in lighting fixtures.

We were supposed to choose flooring today as well but we ran out of time.

By the time we finished appliance and fixture shopping we were tired and headed back to Priscilla at Country Maples. A short rest and then out to dinner at Romeo's for Italian Food. Inside, Romeo's sort of reminds me of Theo's back in Orillia.
Great Food.
Piping hot.
Attentive, friendly staff.

Back home we turned on the TV for the first time since leaving Ontario.

Sean Hayes "Jack"
Have you heard?
Will and Grace are returning at the end of September, 10 years after the last episode in Season 8.
I have been wanting to watch some of the old episodes. I have the entire DVD collection.
I threw in Disc One from the last season and Tom and I are having a few chuckles watching.
Such a fun show.
So well written.
I love all the characters and look forward to their return at the end of September.

Good Night- or Good Morning Dear Readers.
Take Care Easterners.

My Blogs may not be daily now but I will Blog when I can and when something interesting happens here on "The Island"