Friday, August 4, 2017


I looked at my phone this morning. It says "10 Days left".

10 days before we say "so long" to Orillia and Ontario and move all the way west to Duncan BC in the Cowichan on Vancouver Island.
If you haven't read my ROBBLOG before, I'll tell you straight up- it's the weather. Unforgiving winters here in Ontario and a mild, Mediterranean Climate- with Palm Trees and Yuccas, out there!
Plus, both Tom and I are older- and retired!!

An Island Garden
So, our move is close.
We have boxes piled high all over the house.
We have been getting Priscilla ready. That's our RV.
However, Priscilla is being a bit difficult and has cost us $3000 this week- so far.
Then, yesterday we drove her to a garage in Barrie to get a wheel alignment and we bust a break line as we pull into the garage!
Between two garages, we have been told that Heidi's- where we purchased her from back in March, should not have passed the vehicle on a safety on up to 6 specific items.
No, we have not been in touch with Heidi's.

Priscilla is a 2003 Dutchmen RV and I can tell you right now that Heidi's probably doesn't give a damn. We had her back to their service centre within 30 days after we purchased her and told them to look at everything and fix or replace anything that needed replacing.
Guess they didn't understand what we meant.

Their word. Our word. 2 mechanic's word. Heidi's RV word.
I don't have the time or desire to start a fight. Right now we want Priscilla to be safe and fixed so we can drive her to our new home without difficulty.
What a mess!

So, packing continues here at Pine Tree House. I will probably fill another 10 boxes today. Gawd, we have so much stuff and this after 3 garage sales, purging over the past two years and a bunch of junk put to the curb a week ago. I even have another huge box of stuff we no longer want ready to go out to the curb tomorrow.

People have said that moving is one of the most stressful things you can ever undertake. It was stressful 25 years ago when we moved from Mississauga to Orillia and it is again in this move from Orillia to The Island- three time zones west!

Stay tuned. I am sure there's more to come!