Thursday, August 17, 2017


Day three or something like that...

The days and events are running into one another.
Today was a long drive from Thunder Bay to a KOA RV Park in West Winnipeg.
It began at 0930 with me in the driver's seat.

It was pouring rain as we drove through Thunder Bay towards the Trans Canada. The rain eventually stopped near Dryden. We happily drove on a relatively freshly-paved Trans Canada past evergreen trees, some stands of birch and lake after lake and rock after rock.
It was spectacular scenery but after a while it repeated itself.
Tree, lake, rock.
Rock, lake, tree.
Birch tree, evergreen, lake...

As we drove along we passed a plaque that told us we had just gone back one hour to CST.
We adjusted our clocks. That was somewhere before Dryden, I think.
While in Dryden we bought gas- again, then did a quick Wal*Mart shop. After a take out lunch at Pizza Hut- as you can see we are eating pretty high on the hog, we got back on the highway heading for Winnipeg.

We drove more than 200 kms between gas stations.
A word of warning.
Don't pass a gas station without topping up or you may find yourself stranded on the side of a lonely stretch of the Trans Canada. Gas prices varied from $1.11 to $1.23.

We saw plenty of signs warning us of the dangers of Moose but never saw one. We did see a cute little chipmunk scurry across the road.
Well, it was something at least!
Further along in Manitoba a lean, handsome wolf trotted along the side of the Trans Canada. That was exciting but still not a moose.

As we eventually passed the provincial border into Manitoba. Tom tried to take a photo of the "Welcome to Manitoba" sign but a truck got in the way. You will have to take my word that there was "Welcome to Manitoba" signage.

Right away we noticed the landscape flattened out. Evergreens disappeared as did the lakes. The space was wide open and the highway separated into East and West traffic. The East traffic somewhere to our left and out of sight.

We needed gas.
What a change! 90.9 at the first station and a kilometre or two further along- we checked Google to make sure there was another station, it was only 88.9
We saved a bit there but gas so far is about $200 a day.
We drive along and passed another plaque which told us we were in the centre of Canada.
Fascinating stuff, eh?

As we drove along the 101 that bypasses Winnipeg we noticed that Winnipegers are asshole drivers.
At least some of them.
The streets are crazy too. No overpasses like we are used to just stop lights and traffic backed up for blocks. We saw a few centre fingers raised- not at us and Priscilla, yet all the same we saw them.

We arrived at the KOA at 8ish.
We connected our services and chatted with folks on either side of us.
You know the usual questions-
"Where are you from?"
"Where are you going?"
"Did you know your husband is Gay?"
Stuff like that.

The Hubbie has gone to bed as I write this. I am dead tired too.
Probably no photos today- not that we took many.
You know why. More of the same:
Tree, rock, tree.
Tree, lake, tree.
Stand of birch, rock, tree, lake, rock etc.

Oh yah.
As I was closing the man-door to Priscilla about a half hour ago our one orange cat- Doyle, bolted for the door and ran outside.
It's black outside. I grabbed a flashlight and called to Tom.
We looked and I found him a two motorhomes over but wait, it's not a happy story yet. As I scooped him up he dug his back claws into my hand and he squirmed free. He ran a few lots away and we couldn't find him this time.

I have left the outside light on.
I hope he will find his way back...but it is so black out there.

I have not given up hope.
I am sleeping by the door.

I will keep you posted.