Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Here I am again folks!

I should first say it's been almost a month since I last blogged but I have an excuse.
I have been busy.
I can hear you saying|:
"Hey we all have busy lives Rob. You're retired! All you have to do is write a few hundred words now and then. More now than "then"- if you don't mind"

Okay! Okay! I understand but I am still stating my case.
What with our westward move and all- see last blog, it's been a little hectic around Pine Tree House.
We were granted lot registration from North Cowichan a few weeks back and since then a building permit.
As of a few day ago we have a hole in the ground and our garage pad has been poured. We have been told that we might see walls up by the end of his current week in June
Pardon me while I do a "Happy Dance"
~insert Happy Dance music here~

I also have some news not as positive. We also heard a couple of weeks back that our new build has been delayed 60 days, so our move in date in now the end of September. After a day of mourning and shock, we got our act together and realized that "it is what it is" and moved on. We had hoped to be delayed only 30 days but the builder took the full 60. On the plus side we want a good build not a shabby build and we know we'll get that with this Island builder. Since getting a firm move-in date, we've booked our mover. We've enquired about services in the Cowichan and have started packing- even though our new departure date is mid-August. We'll also be travelling westward in Priscilla- our RV, actually living within her for about 6 weeks until our new home is ready for us. That will be an experience! 2 Adults. 2 mini-schnauzers and 2 orange cats in a 30 foot RV!!
I will blog about that.

Pine Tree House our C1882 Home in Orillia Ontario
As for blogging, a friend has suggested we start a Facebook page to keep friends and family up to date along our westward route. Besides writing it would also allow us to post photos of our experience right up to and including move in day. The "Husband" and I and giving it some thought although this blog would work just as well. Stayed tuned.

So, with two months left before out Ontario departure we have a bunch of work to do around this house including all the packing. The grass still needs cutting. Gardens need weeding and inside we still have to run a dust mop over the floors now and then. Friends are already lining up dates to have a goodbye dinner. One has taken place already. Another friend who is away for the summer has already said his goodbyes. We know for sure we'll be seeing him and his wife on the Island as soon as we get settled. If my cousin's health continues to improve, we might see her staying with us for January. We have our fingers crossed.

So Kids, that's it for now. I promise to update you again when the new build moves along and in the meantime maybe Blanche and Baby Jane or even "God" will pop by for a visit.

Hope springs eternal.