Saturday, February 20, 2016


I'm not sure I have many readers left at this point.
It's been mid-January since I last blogged. Times flies when you're hating winter.
Good Lord, we've had some cold days in the past month- not much snow but cold.
Last weekend the daytime readings were beyond pleasant at -40C wind chill in the daytime. Now, today, here we are several degrees on the plus side and rain.
This has been a mild winter.
Green Christmas. No real snow until last month and now March is around the corner. I kind of hope our weather goes from winter-like one day to spring-like the next.
This being my 65th year on this planet, I find that I detest winter even more- in any way, shape or form. I was glad for the balmy December Days. I had a Boston Fern on the verandah on Christmas Eve for pete's sake. Winter keeps me in the house. I hate the cold and the snowy days when it's a trial to walk the puppies or walk to the garage. Slush, muck and sidewalk sand gets everywhere.
What really put a damper on this winter is a virus I have caught. I didn't have a sniffle the past two seasons and a week ago I got hit with a virus that won't let go. My Doctor sent me home with a shopping list- Vitamin C, Halls, liquids, Orange Juice and more Vitamin C. This virus has sat in my throat for a week and is just not letting go. Sore throat and absolutely no voice for a few days. My vocal chords need rest and I have been obeying orders and even staying off the phone. Now, in the past two days my eyes are weeping and I wake up in the morning with white crusty stuff all over my eyelashes. My eyes are as red as a Valentine Heart.
How charming.
I sip at a huge glass of OJ as I type. Maybe, just maybe by Monday- or Tuesday, I will have beat this unwanted virus.
So, I am trying to cheer up even though I feel lousy and rejoice that March comes hither and another January and February will become just a distant memory soon.
I will write again when I am my old self.
I'd love to bring you up to date on my summer plans!