Swisssh- The Island's GOLDEN CLASSICS

Golden Classics
from Vancouver Island CANADA our Website has thousands of views each month.
Swisssh- The Island's Golden Classics, plays favourites through our Swisssh Website,, Simple Radio or

In the 2020's, all a listener has to do is ask Amazon's Alexa or Google to play the radio station by saying- "Alexa/Google, ask tunein to play s w i s s s h"

Thousands of hours are tuned monthly. Our Island Gold Playlist” affords great listening at home, in the office or throughout your business establishment.

• On average, Canadians spend more time with radio during a typical work day than with any other
• 38% of adults listen to radio some/most of the time while on the internet
• Approximately 1/3 of adults have listened to radio stations online. Of those listening online, 58%       are streaming local stations
• 39% of adults have visited a radio station website

Swisssh- The Islands Golden Classics