Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things are sad around our home- Pine Tree House, this Saturday Morning. Our orange tabby- Luma, passed away at approximately 1045 Friday evening- February 26, 2010.

She had not been well since Christmas.

Last August she had breast cancer- yes, female cats suffer too from that horrific disease- and she had to have her mammory glands removed. She recovered very quickly and we had another six glorious months with her. The past two have been trying. Pills, constantly changing food, encouraging her to eat and lots of nursing from her loving Dads.

She started letting me know that it was time for her to go on Wednesday evening, a few hours after Tom left for a flight to London. I asked her to please try to stay well until Tom returned Friday evening. She did that and I love her for it. I gave her a thousand kisses.

Tom was only home for a half hour when she began to have some pain. She cried out to us. She looked terrified.

Tom called the emergency vet clinic in Barrie to say we were coming. I wrapped her in the reddy-brown  blanket she layed on in the front bedroom. It was a blanket I had on my bed as a youngster. Seemed fitting somehow. She calmed down. Kiki and Missy nuzzled her before we left the house.

Luma passed away peacefully- with her left paw covering her eyes. We had barely got onto the highway.
I said- "Tom, she's gone..."
We continued to the vets.

They were very nice. Sharon gave us a room where we spent a half hour petting and hugging her.
Luma will be cremated in Gueph and will be returned to us within a couple of weeks.

She was a wonderful member of our family....but then isn't every pet very special? I could tell you a thousand things about her. She was a real "sister" to Kiki- our yellow lab. Often they would lay stretched out back to back on our bed or in the sunshine. Missy- our mini-schnauzer, loved to play with her and they would run around the house until Luma got tired and she would turn and slap Missy on the face. That was the end of the games- for now.
Luma loved to lay on the wicker on our verandah in the summer. She was even the cover "Calendar Girl" of 2009's OSPCA Calendar. That's the picture you see above.
She loved getting "raspberries" on her belly. I gave her one more while she lay on her cozy blanket at the clinic.

We'll miss her every day.

A thousand kisses, Luma.
We'll be seeing you.

Your Dads.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh for pete's sake! The gals were just celebrating a tasty Olympic victory. Who in the hell were they hurting laying on the ice savouring victory on the world wide athletic stage.
A cigar and a beer while lying on their backs on the very ice where victory was theirs- all the while in hockey attire. How much more Canadian can you get than that I ask you?

What reporter busied themselves and snapped shots of this private celebration. The public celebation was finished. Oh My God an 18 year old may have sipped a beer!
Like that has never happened before. As much as I question why young ladies would stick huge stogies in their mouthes- a phallic symbol to be sure, is beyond me. Maybe they were saying to the Canadian men- "Suck this. Grow a pair and win a few like us Canadian Gals!"

Now it's all such a big deal. Look find some other news.


Joannie Rochette was held tightly to the chest of every Canadian before, during and after her programme.  She said her Mum was with her during every slice of the ice. A bronze- but they can't take away the golden moment. How one can loose a parent- her Mum, a few days before and skate to the podium is beyond me. Mum was definitely right there, standing next to her daughter- like she had all those times before.

What was that storm all about? More snow in a day than we have had all winter? Global warming, schmobal warming. What gives? I remember many a late February day when one could sit in the sun- out of the wind and enjoy a hot chocolate and read a few chapters of a good book while crows noisily chatted in the highest branches of the Honey Locust trees in the side yard. Not this February.

Cameras downtown. Yes- I say. We installed cameras outside last summer after our house was  attached by a group of young men who threw 6 to 8 dozen eggs against our Victorian Home. It was a rainy June night- at midnight, just last year. Of course, besides being pelted with eggs, we were personally chided for being Gay.
Yup. We were called "FAGGOTS" by someone who stood right on our property.
What?- we would all of a sudden become "straight" just because we were publicly yelled at on our own property. It doesn't work that way Asshole!
Yes, the young men were right. They were calling a spade a spade- a Fag a Fag actually- but why?
Oh, we took it to the Orillia OPP Detachment. They seemed to be concerned at first and were very helpful.
Why one officer cuddled me to his massive chest, tears rollong down his brawny face while wrapping his bulging biceps of comfort round my trembling body...
That's a dream I had.
Back to reality.....
The officers even had pictures that were taken of the culprits while buying the eggs at Foodland. A few weeks later we never heard from the cops again. It was neatly swept away.
All quiet.
After all. They are just a couple of "FAGS".
So, I say yes to cameras downtown and Assholes beware!

Have a good day-eh?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I know. I know. It's not about the Gold, it's about the way we play the game.
Bull**** it's about the Gold. The SIlver and Bronze are nice too but doesn't Gold go with everything?
As of this writing we are tied with Germany and the US for the same number of Gold medals.
That's good, eh?


I have been blogging faithfully for over a week now but I don't think anyone is reading. It's like if a Blogger blogs in the woods does anyone hear?
Remember in the movie Jules and Julia? Jules writes a cooking blog as she attempts every receipe in Julia Child's cookbook. She has a large reading audience for her blog. How did she do that?

Killer whales doing just what their name says- KILLER WHALES...and some people are surprized when they kill. They are magnificient when they jump out of the water all black, white and shiny with big teeth flashing a "friendly" smile. However, those big teeth can wrap around a human's waist and tragedy results.
Leave the fish in the ocean where they belong.

A study of online systems in the world says that Canada's Internet is slow despite what the big Internet companies in the country say to the contrary. I have to agree. I have Extreme High Speed Rogers and the past couple of weeks some pages on news sites are loading slower than dial-up. It's frustrating. Many of these sites have ads flashing, talking and blinking at you and maybe that's the cause. Too much stuff happening when a page loads and companies like Rogers can't keep up. I have complained and was given a "ticket number". No one called back. Pages used to load in the blink of an eye. Not anymore.

That's it for today loyal readers. Until we meet again....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Medals. Schmedals. 11. More to come. Olympics.


After a touch of spring on the weekend Mother Nature has granted us a fresh blanket of white. Snowbanks that were receding like Peter Mansbridge's hairline, have once again made their presence known. Rain is on the way I hear. So is March.

Some friends are still heading south to enjoy some tender rays of sunshine. My sister is there now and has been for almost three weeks. My brother leaves in mere days. A close friend has been there since the last week of January. Others leave Saturday for three weeks of no snow and slush. Not to worry. I will still be here to keep you company my friends. I await the sunshine and warmth like you.

I was nominated for an award. A community-based award from ODAC- The Orillia and District Arts Council. Three others are in my category. The winner finds out March 9th....
"I would like to thank my parents, my husband, all the small people I have stepped on to get where I am today and of course Jesus!"
What do you think of my acceptance speach so far?

Have a good one!

Monday, February 22, 2010

You wanna know what really burns my ass?
A flame about so high (the blogger suggests the correct height by dangling his downturned right hand the approxmiate height as to where a flame might appropriately burn his butt) and people who do all manner of "neighbourly" things. Such as, continually using the street for a parking lot instead of their own driveways. We have a few of these "street parkers" in the neighbourhood. Neighbours who use the street to park all manner of vehicles.
In some cases their homes reflect the same lack of attention- as their lack of pride, in realzing that a street full of parked cars ruins the appeal of the neighbourhood.

At some of these homes residents walk by garbage cans and recycle containers just to get through the front door. Guess they are just proud and want to show their visitors that they understand how to recycle tins and bag garbage. At many of these homes visitors have to pass by the recycle containers, folded cardboard, empty pizza boxes and garbage cans just to cross the threshold- on many occasions just turning the handle and walking right in.
Charming, isn't it?
(The fact that "nope" rhymes with "dope" is just simple happenstance.)
I can imagine if we left our front door unlocked. We'd have every piece of electronics removed- along with assorted jewellery and antiques, in no time flat.

These vehicles are always on the street- even when there's space in the drive. Sometimes they are on the lawn as well- summer or winter. Sometimes sprawled across the public sidewalk. Now I must be truthful here. On the street parking is- unfortunately, allowed on the street. However, most of the wayward vehicles lining neighbourhood streets originate from just a few houses. Again, no law is being broken here except an esthetic one- a bunch of parked cars ruining the streetscape. It's the old People vs Cars argument.

Now a couple of these neighbourhood "homes" are rented or are the domiciles of "boarders".
The renters who never cut the grass or tend to the gardens. Landlords who couldn't care less- since they reside elsewhere and don't have to look at the property. The boarders are young "chickies and cock-sure lads" who bring even more vehicles to the street. Quite often in most every type of weather and at various dayparts, some of the "young ladies" can be found outdoors standing near the street.
Picking up some extra bucks you say?
The young Lassies have obviously been told to keep their smoking outdoors- near the street.
They follow these instructions it appears. Then, after a refreshing few inches of a "smoking cancer stick", they neatly throw the lit butt right out onto the street.
Again, charming isn't it?
Of course there is always the concern that one of their still lit ciggies might land on a patch of oil from one of the aforementioned vehicles and set "things" on fire.
Wouldn't that be "hot"?

The young, "cock-sure lads" have their own idiosyncrasies- like throwing eggs, urinating on gardens and trees and quipping with residents who throw open their sashes to say- what in the hell do you think you're doing?

So what burns my ass? All of the above.
However, this is my neighbourhood too. I take a deep breath. Grab my broom and sweep the front steps, trying to ignore the streetscape and my dead peonies.
Peonies killed by too much pee.

Do I feel better now?
Yes, of course I do.

Have a good one!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday, Sunday. With "sunshine" no less. Maybe we'll see a few degrees on the plus side today. We've put a pretty good dent in this useless month- except of course if you have a birthday nestled in these 28 days.
March ho! A new month is on the horizon. To those of you basking in southern climes, we are all managing here. There's not much snow shovelling and lately the temperatues are pretty temperate. The wind chill seems to have moved north.
So, throw a steak on the Bar Bee and pretend it's June!


That Canadian school ship that sank. One girl says it was like being on the Titanic. I should know how that feels. In a previous life- I was a Titanic Passenger! She was probably a passenger too. I hate big ships. They give me the heebie-jeebies. A few years ago while in sunny, smog-filled Los Angeles, we toured the LA Harbour. The Queen Mary is moored there so we took a tour. When we moved to the lower decks near the engine room it practically made me sick. I just heard loud screaming in my ears. Some anxiety too. I had to get out. Being on the water is not one of my favourite places to be.

Stores are closing downtown, eh? Varley's a 70 year clothing ttradition. The United Cigar Store a staple since I was a kid. King's Buffet, the huge Chinese Food Buffet. A dollar store- although another one is supposed to replace it. Others are probably on the brink. The sooner they block off Mississaga Street and make it a permanent outdoor mall and "people place" the better. Take a cue from other Canadian Cities- like Calgary and Vancouver. Have a gander at European Cities. People first! Orillians have always been so anal about parking. That "if I can't park in front of the store, I'm not shopping there" mentality. Make the street into an outdoor pedestrian paradise with stalls and stages and benches and trees. Pretty and the heart of the community. How about a water park and permanet built in "fun" place like Canada's Wonderland on the waterfront. Rides. A theatre. A waterfall. Open to citizens and visitors alike.

Went in to the Metro to pick up some yogurt and milk Saturday. When I looked at the prices on these two items, I realized I could save a dollar 33 if I bought them at WalMart's Grocery store. So I did. How anyone affords to shop there is beyond me. Convenience is one thing but....

Have a Happy Sun-silled Sunday!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Gordie is toast and now Elton is in a "jam" spreading rumours that the Lord is "light in the sandal". Too funny what makes new today. If you have a chance read the Blog below that I posted yesterday aternoon. It was a blog I wrote 3 years ago about Mr. Christ being "fruity". I can channeled scripture with the best right-leaning, born again folks you can find. Of course "my verses" will all be poo-pooed. Do some research yourself. Just google "Gay Jesus".


Give the athletes a break. Whoever coined the phrase "Own the Podium" should be buried in a B.C. snowbank- if there's one to be found! I don't watch the games but in seeing online reports it's hard not to keep up with the medal count. With 4 gold medals as of this writing- where's the problem?

Apparently Celine Dion was supposed to perform at the Opening Ceremonies but she's trying to have another "turkey-baster child" and wasn't feeling well. Turns out the VANOC said all performers had to lyp synch anyway. You must of seen Bryan Adams singing without the microphone to his lips- at first. Too bad the performances were fake. Although Nikki Yanowski and the "Opera Lady" seemed real enough. What was real, however, was that young man- with the incredible ripped body from one of the 4 aboriginal nations, who oustetched his beefy arms to say welcome. Yowsa!

It's sunny and warm in Honolulu today with light trades and a temperature in the high 20's. I only mention that because it's good to know there's one place in the world where the weather is always perfect!
Just another day in Paradise as the locals say!

Have a nice one.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Elton John- professed leader of the "Gay Mafia" according to a Will and Grace Episode, has opened up a "gay" can of worms hasn't he? Declaring Jesus was Gay. Well Dear Readers, "perk up" . Mr. John stand aside. Yours truly wrote the following Blog way back in the year of our Lord 2007.

Was Jesus Fruity?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls-especially the boys, consider the question I put forth to you below. For I come not to bear false witness but only to suggest a cleansing- a re-working if you will, of the mental picture you may have carried with you these past years.
“Was Jesus Gay?”
A shocking interrogative?
Then consider the statement “Jesus Was Gay”.
Even more unbelievable?
Perhaps, but consider the picture. If a young man in his early thirties cavorted through the countryside today with a dozen men by his side, wearing light-weight cotton robes with sandal-clad feet- what might you think? Hippies?
Take it step further by seeing these men bathe in a lake together, laugh together, possibly dance together, certainly dine together and even sleep together under one roof-what would enter your mind?
The “Solid Gold Dancers?”
To say nothing of the addition of the occasional young woman who lingered with the troupe as well as taking part in many of the activities mentioned.
Can you say “Fag Hag?”

Suggesting a “Divine” Homosexual streak within God's son is not such an unusual statement. It's not meant to blaspheme any more than suggesting Richard Simmons, Elton John, Rupert Everett, George Smitherman and Scott Thompson are Gay- or me for that matter. Although most of them are I have been told.

There is all manner of information suggesting that “Jesus Was Gay”. Poor Christ. Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) had him married to Mary Magdelene, living in southern France, when of course anyone in their right mind knows that only a Gay man would consider the South of France- what with climate among other things, taken into consideration.

So is there any mention in the “Gospels” about this? Firstly, one must keep in mind that the Gospels as we see them today in that book-The Bible, were chosen by mortal man and mortal “straight” men at that. Well, there may have been the occasional Gay man sitting around the table but he wasn't going to upset the straight apple cart! Many chapters of the bible were eliminated- especially those that defeated the purpose of an organized, all- controlling religion led by men.

Two of the most interesting are the Gospel of Philip and a section of the Lost Gospel of Mark. The Gospel of Mark is an edited version of the original.
No, I don't think God reached down and ripped out a few of the verses of the original like a Monty Python skit. It was probably authorized by “men of faith”. Like “Men with Brooms”. Men who wanted- no needed, to win. Men with a “heavenly” purpose.

In the Gospel of Philip a verse actually alludes to the fact that perhaps Dan Brown was right about Jesus marrying Mary. It says “ …there were three who always walked with the Lord. Mary- his Mother and her Sister and Magdalene- the one who was called his companion.” Of course for centuries many in the church hierarchy (read: men) considered Mary Magdalene a “slut” because she worshipped the “sandals” Jesus walked on. As heterosexual men of the day were want to do, they classified many women in this unfortunate category so they wouldn't get the chance to vote or head a major corporation as many females dreamed of doing in early Galilee.

It has been suggested that this passage in Mark 7:14-16
“There is nothing from without a man that entering into him can defile him” suggests rampant homosexuality is fine with the Lord.
That's not in the bible you say!
Have a peek.

Of course like any good Christian knows, the Bible was written and presented error-free even though it was a bunch of “good old boys” sitting around a table possibly sloshed on cheap beer and wine who decided during the party, which Gospel was “in” and which Gospel would be “cast onto the cutting room floor”. A free mind would realize that most words and thoughts contained in the Holy Vessel are open to interpretation. For instance, ancient Law suggests that the “defile him” passage permits the indulgence of certain food and the non-partaking of other food.
How droll.

So, could Mark 7:14-16 really suggest that Jesus thought Gay Sex was fine with him?
Perhaps it suggests that something as simple as popping a Smartie Candy had the approval of The Son of God.

Mark 14:51-52 also paints a picture that Jesus may have cavorted with scantily clad young men. When he was taken into custody one of his “friends” appeared to be suitably dressed for a “clothing optional” beach or Turkish Bath.
King James says that the young man in question “…had a linen cloth cast on his naked body”.
The size (of the cloth!!) is not mentioned nor the location the cloth covered.
The description continues saying guards were only able “… to grab his cloth and the man ran away naked.”
So what in the name of the Mount of Olives was going on? Hmmmm.
A “Daddy” complex?

One of the “stories” in the Lost Gospel of Mark states the following about the raising of a young man from the dead by Jesus:

“…And going in immediately where the young man was, he stretched out a hand and raised him up, holding his hand. Then, the man looked at him and loved him and he began to call him to his side that he might be with him. And going from the tomb, they went to the house of the young man. For he was rich. And after six days, Jesus instructed him. And when it was late, the young man went to him. He had put a linen around his naked body, and he remained with him through that night. For Jesus taught him the mystery of the kingdom of God.

I think that is all self-explanatory. Although, I have never heard it called “the mystery of the Kingdom of God” before!

In The Gospel of John, John himself says he is “… the disciple (man) whom Jesus loved”. Apparently the original Greek word for “love” was Agape and it meant “unconditional love”. The original Gospels were scribed in Greek.
John was like all men. One or two quick ones and he's off to the bars to “Boast and Brag”.
He should have kept his big mouth shut!

So what about Same Sex Marriage? Of course it's a normal, everyday happening across the true north strong and free and so far institutions have not crumbled. Society has not melted. Perversion is still not the order of the day. We even have the “harperites” in power for goodness sake! How un-Liberal is that?

In Matthew 8:5-13: and Luke 7:2 there is a description of a Roman Centurion asking for the Saviour's assistance. It seemed his “boy toy” was ill. Centurions were allowed to have male companionship in those days but were not allowed to “break bread” or anything else with the ladies while in the service of Caesar.

Much the same rules were inflicted on the Greeks and 300 Spartans (what a Fabulous Movie!) during battle, who figured if the guy with the spear standing to the right of the guy with the sword was totally in love with the guy with the sword, the guy with the spear would fight all the harder to ensure the guy with the sword didn't get in harm's way. Of course, from time to time Greek Kings would tell the “guys” to give the women a little “pleasure” now and then to increase the male population and populate future armies for future wars with Thessaly-if nothing else.

So back to the Centurion and his love slave, Christ healed the lad, possibly sympathizing with the couple's predicament.
What a guy!

So, whether Jesus was Gay or “possibly” Gay-that's the question. Maybe he was even bisexual. That's a story for another time. All this surmising just goes to show that anything is possible and most things are open to interpretation, depending what side of “Gaydom” you reside on.

Now about the persecution of Homosexuals Jesus was specific. During the Sermon on the Mount, (Charleton Heston was there- too bad we couldn't ask him about it!) Christ was selling a single passage to Heaven for anyone who was “cast upon” or “persecuted”.

Gee, Liberace is in Heaven after all!
As the squirrels eat and romp outside the window next to me, I take great glee in saying the sun is shining and the temp is to be at 5 degrees by Sunday.
Hmmm. Funny. The song "Summertime" just started to play on Swisssh Radio.
It's a sign!

Had a great evening last night. Heather Thompson (from Ez Rock, Lite FM and Jack FM) came over tonight to so some "stuff" in the Swisssh Radio Studio. We have done "stuf" before but it brings back memories of the good old terrestrial radio days. (good??) Especially getting up at half-past-kiss-my-ass to be on-air for 5:30. Heather and I would not even attempt to "grunt" at each other over the airwaves until after the 6AM news. It was fun but I hated getting up. I don't know how she did it all those years.

We recorded a new programme called "Heartbeat". Now, if you were a fan of Orillia's EZ Rock you would remember the programme called "Heartbeat". It was 2 or 3 minutes long and Heather would record it daily. Local tid bits and news that was too long and involved for fast-paced newscasts. So, I thought it would be nice to revive the show on Swisssh Radio. The Heartbeat show will run at various times throughout the day.
I hope you'll tune in and enjoy the shows.


There's a new "imbedded" player on the Swisssh Radio Page at
You don't need to click on one of the players or download one if you don't have the Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or WinAmp.
Just click on the player below the little brown radio and Swisssh logo- and it plays!
Just remember is you leave that page, the player will stop. So, If you want to read the rest of the Swisssh site you will need to open up another browser page and keep the page with the player "playing" in the task bar. Simple stuff.

How rumours travel. Poor Gord. I don't know what I would do if I was driving along and heard the van radio say that I had expired. Although a few weeks back a friend- who I hadn't seen in a few weeks, told me that she had heard that I had a terrible disease and was not doing well- healthwise. A rumour- mistaken facts actually, that started with one person and escalated. We had lunch and she could see that I was healthy and just as gorgeous as ever!

I read where the Ice Castle at the Winter Carnival was mostly made of snow this year and not constructed of ice blocks. No wonder it looked like someone threw sewage all over the sides of it! Okay, settle down. It was all brown and looked yucky! They must have poughed a few streets and parking lots and used that snow to build the box. Well, come on now. It was a simple box. It was just a square with two slides and a couple of blue fabric banners.

That's it for today.
Have a sunny one!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

There goes the sun for the day. You have to get up mighty early to see the sunshine these late February days.
A lot of clouds it seems and no "thaw" in site. I thought there might be a few days where the sun would lend enough warmth to allow a mid-afternoon "sit" but it doesn't appear that will happen after checking the Weather Network's 14 day trend.

Happily, March is on the way and things will only go uphill from there. Mid-March means more daylight too as Daylight Savings Time returns for all farmers and their cows!


After witnessing a shoplifter at work a few days ago (check the previous Blog) managers and staff at Super WalMart were busy yesterday following a culprit ot two. The "greeter" at the door was checking receipts- just like Costco, as customers left the store. He volunteered that in the week before someone left the store with 500 dollars of merchandise. There is also a regular "shopper" he says, who- while accompanied by her two teenaged children, does a little "light-fingered" browsing too. Only she says what she wants and the kids steal it.

Just finished Dan Brown's latest book "The Symbol". Dan is the author of the Da Vinci Code and "Angels and Demons". While Da Vinci and Demons were centred in Europe, he brings The Symbol to his home country and the entire story takes place in Washington within a 10 hour time-frame. It's an exciting book but I think there were a couple of false endings. The 501 page book could have been shortened to 401 pages simply by stopping around the 400 page mark. Then closer to the 500 page mark there was another place where the book could easily have ended- but it didn't. These are not major complaints. Maybe he was just trying to have the novel look like the previous two- in size. The Symbol is still at the top of Non-Fiction lists.

I see where Mr. Mirvish is bringing "Billy Elliot- The Musical" to Toronto next February. The article I read doesn't say if it will be a Toronto Cast or just a touring production. It does say arrangements were made early on in the show's current Broadway run for the muscial to come to Toronto- eventually.
"Priscilla Queen of the Desert- The Musical" will also grace the stage of one of Mirvish's theatres next season. This is the musical version of the hit Australian movie from a decade ago. Rave revues from the West End London Show that has been up and running this past year.

Have a Good one!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So the **** has hit the bilingual fan, eh? There have been some rumblings across the country- via internet websites mostly, that there wasn't enough French in the Olympic Game's Opening Extravaganza. Well Garou sang. Nice voice. Nice looking man. I play a couple of his songs- in English mind you, on Swisssh Radio. Vancouver's a long way from Quebec. The show was not only a National Show of Pride but International too. Funny, the Asian, East Indian, German etc; population didn't have equal time. Of course French and English are both the only Official Languages. In a way it makes us "different" on the world stage- culturally, I mean. Imagine if we had to have 10 or 15 languages printed there on our Kellogs Special K cereal box. There just wouldn't be room for the list of ingredients.


Chatelaine Magazine has several of the Olympic Boys-practically stripped naked, between the covers of their magazine. A tid-bit of shots are released to various websites today- like The Toronto Star. Gives you the idea of the amount of physical muscle and athleticness that is required to compete. Love the pic of the snowboarder- naked, except for his snowboard which he holds across the area where his "ski bump" would be. Who's he kidding?

Orillia is overrun with more than one thousand feral cats. Not the feline's fault. It's the irresponsible cat owners who believe that cats should "run free".
Run free? Wrong.
Cat's pee and spray at my front door and all over my Bar B Que at the back door.
The spray can be neutralized with a spray bottle full of Hydrogen Peroxide and a dab of dish soap.
We have a cat and she doesn't run the neighbourhood. However, she loves being outside in the summer, when we are outdoors. She usually lays on a wicker chair on the verandah and watchs the world go by.
Ah...the life.

Saw a shoplifter shove a bunch of baked goods into his jacket while my Hubbie and I were having tea at Mariposa Market yesterday.
No fear there.
We finally alerted the manager who followed him up the street. The police were called and three cars and three cops later, the "suspect" was taken to the local detachment.
We made a statement and have done our civic duty.
We stick out our chests and feel proud.
This must be how "Captain Canada" feels.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cripes! I just looked at the long-range weather forecast and it says below normal temperatures through the first couple of days of March.
What is that all about?
Actually, we have been pretty lucky here in Orillia (Ontario). Snowbanks have been smallish compared to the last couple of snow years. That spelled "glee" for the organizers of the Orillia Winter Carnival over the weekend.
No, I didn't go, but we did walk the dogs down through the park yesterday. It was Family Day Monday- a holiday here in Ontario, so there were people everywhere. We even walked out on the ice. Our yellow lab Kiki and our min-schnauzer Missy loved running on the frozen, snow-covered lake.
All I could think of was a steaming cup of hot chocolate.


Another medal at the Vancouver Olympics. I don't watch other than the opening and closing ceremonies, I just listen for the medal count. I think the true idea of the Olympics disappeared years ago. You know, guys running around naked wrestling each other to the ground and playing hockey in the buff. At least that's what I hear they did in ancient Greece. Today, it's just utter stress for the athleletes and in some cases death. Then there's the money from the corporate sponsors too!

So, I hope you are listening to Swisssh Radio since the birth of this Blog. I think some readers are listening. I can tell by the activity on the "player" I have connected to this blog. The numbers are higher on that 64k player this morning than usual. One of the purposes of this blog is to bring more listeners. Still have to figure out how to get the Blog out there on the Net. Right now when you google "'Swisssh Radio" it's already at the top of the first 10 results from a search- and many more after that.

Yesterday when I looked at a few other blogs on the site, I noticed there were many women professing their "Christianity" and mentioning Jesus. I wonder, if Jesus were to blog- would he mention them? On the topic of Jesus and Religion, I see where the Pope- he's the guy who is appointed "God's representative on earth by the Catholic Heirachy" has invited some Irish priests and such to come to the Vatican to talk about child-abuse. That's been going on in Ireland recently. It never ends does it. Put a basic black Catholic dress on a priest and he "diddles" with the Altar boys.

Mr. Harper Goes to Haiti! I haven't seen any pics yet but I am sure there will be plenty.
"Vote for Me. I don't really work at home. I just prorogue a lot so maybe you have something for me to do here?"
Gawd, that man is embarrasing as leader of this country.
I'll say no more except "Go Iggy. Nail the bastard to the back of the barn door when Parliament resumes!".
Apparently, Canada is building a new Government Building for the Haitians. Now that's the kind of stuff we do well. Maybe it will be one of those buildings where they just cover the metal supports with a custom-made tarp. The Haitian Government is meeting under a Banyan Tree now.

Have a great Day. Thanks for reading and thanking you in advance for listening to Swisssh Radio!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rob Reid Online- On the Air!!

Well, not quite on the air- but sort of ...
Two things here....

One, I used to have a website called
Rob Reid Online. I cancelled that a while back when the company started to "crop" my site. I had a lot of pictures on Rob Reid Online and it used a lot of space. I edited a bunch out and it was still too large- so I cancelled the whole thing.

Recently a friend said to try "Blogger". Here I am.
Two. I really am "on the air". I have my own Internet Radio Station- "Swisssh Radio- We Play Favourites". Swisssh Radio is almost 4 and was born from Swisssh the Website ( which was hatched on July 20, 2006. The Website is an Arts, Muckraking and Entertainment Webspace. Rather than me describe it- just go to the site.
The name? Well, it came to me in a dream-three times as a matter of fact! Swisssh is the sound made when crushed ice and a couple of olives "swisssh" together in a martini glass- martini included!
Swisssh Radio will be three years old- "on-air", come March 7th 2010.
My background is broadcasting (25 years) from which I retired 3 years ago. So, broadcasting my own radio station is second nature to me.
What else do I do?
I am a playwright. I have written and produced several plays/shows. I have my own theatrical group- The Garage Door Players. I will speak of them here too.
I also perform for other companies when I get to an audition and get offered a part. I have been doing that for almost 10 years now. In recent times I do professional theatre. That's where one gets paid to be an actor. However, I do work with friends in Community Theatre as well.
I also direct shows and have found in the past year, that one has to discover that there are times when one has to say "no" to a show. At this point I must tell you that I have already been asked to direct a Christmas Show in December 2010. Yikes!
I also review shows in the area where I live- Orillia, Ontario, Canada- about an hour north of Toronto, in Central Ontario's Lake Country.
If you have already flipped to my website ( out of curiosity and have Swisssh Radio playing in the background (it's just a click on one of the three "players" displayed) you will see I also write quite a bit there as well. My column on the Muckraking Page is called "ROBBLOG".
You'll hear my radio voice on Swisssh Radio- along with many others. It's convenient to run your own radio station- especially when it occupies space in your own home!
Although, I have checked the little box here on this Blogger Site to say- no comments, I welcome them through the website. E-mail address is posted on site.
Now, all I have to do is learn a bit more about navigating this site. I'll post some pictures and a review or two.
Thanks for reading and visit me at or listen in to Swisssh Radio where We Play Favourites!