Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cripes! I just looked at the long-range weather forecast and it says below normal temperatures through the first couple of days of March.
What is that all about?
Actually, we have been pretty lucky here in Orillia (Ontario). Snowbanks have been smallish compared to the last couple of snow years. That spelled "glee" for the organizers of the Orillia Winter Carnival over the weekend.
No, I didn't go, but we did walk the dogs down through the park yesterday. It was Family Day Monday- a holiday here in Ontario, so there were people everywhere. We even walked out on the ice. Our yellow lab Kiki and our min-schnauzer Missy loved running on the frozen, snow-covered lake.
All I could think of was a steaming cup of hot chocolate.


Another medal at the Vancouver Olympics. I don't watch other than the opening and closing ceremonies, I just listen for the medal count. I think the true idea of the Olympics disappeared years ago. You know, guys running around naked wrestling each other to the ground and playing hockey in the buff. At least that's what I hear they did in ancient Greece. Today, it's just utter stress for the athleletes and in some cases death. Then there's the money from the corporate sponsors too!

So, I hope you are listening to Swisssh Radio since the birth of this Blog. I think some readers are listening. I can tell by the activity on the "player" I have connected to this blog. The numbers are higher on that 64k player this morning than usual. One of the purposes of this blog is to bring more listeners. Still have to figure out how to get the Blog out there on the Net. Right now when you google "'Swisssh Radio" it's already at the top of the first 10 results from a search- and many more after that.

Yesterday when I looked at a few other blogs on the Blogspot.com site, I noticed there were many women professing their "Christianity" and mentioning Jesus. I wonder, if Jesus were to blog- would he mention them? On the topic of Jesus and Religion, I see where the Pope- he's the guy who is appointed "God's representative on earth by the Catholic Heirachy" has invited some Irish priests and such to come to the Vatican to talk about child-abuse. That's been going on in Ireland recently. It never ends does it. Put a basic black Catholic dress on a priest and he "diddles" with the Altar boys.

Mr. Harper Goes to Haiti! I haven't seen any pics yet but I am sure there will be plenty.
"Vote for Me. I don't really work at home. I just prorogue a lot so maybe you have something for me to do here?"
Gawd, that man is embarrasing as leader of this country.
I'll say no more except "Go Iggy. Nail the bastard to the back of the barn door when Parliament resumes!".
Apparently, Canada is building a new Government Building for the Haitians. Now that's the kind of stuff we do well. Maybe it will be one of those buildings where they just cover the metal supports with a custom-made tarp. The Haitian Government is meeting under a Banyan Tree now.

Have a great Day. Thanks for reading and thanking you in advance for listening to Swisssh Radio!