Thursday, February 25, 2010

I know. I know. It's not about the Gold, it's about the way we play the game.
Bull**** it's about the Gold. The SIlver and Bronze are nice too but doesn't Gold go with everything?
As of this writing we are tied with Germany and the US for the same number of Gold medals.
That's good, eh?


I have been blogging faithfully for over a week now but I don't think anyone is reading. It's like if a Blogger blogs in the woods does anyone hear?
Remember in the movie Jules and Julia? Jules writes a cooking blog as she attempts every receipe in Julia Child's cookbook. She has a large reading audience for her blog. How did she do that?

Killer whales doing just what their name says- KILLER WHALES...and some people are surprized when they kill. They are magnificient when they jump out of the water all black, white and shiny with big teeth flashing a "friendly" smile. However, those big teeth can wrap around a human's waist and tragedy results.
Leave the fish in the ocean where they belong.

A study of online systems in the world says that Canada's Internet is slow despite what the big Internet companies in the country say to the contrary. I have to agree. I have Extreme High Speed Rogers and the past couple of weeks some pages on news sites are loading slower than dial-up. It's frustrating. Many of these sites have ads flashing, talking and blinking at you and maybe that's the cause. Too much stuff happening when a page loads and companies like Rogers can't keep up. I have complained and was given a "ticket number". No one called back. Pages used to load in the blink of an eye. Not anymore.

That's it for today loyal readers. Until we meet again....