Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So the **** has hit the bilingual fan, eh? There have been some rumblings across the country- via internet websites mostly, that there wasn't enough French in the Olympic Game's Opening Extravaganza. Well Garou sang. Nice voice. Nice looking man. I play a couple of his songs- in English mind you, on Swisssh Radio. Vancouver's a long way from Quebec. The show was not only a National Show of Pride but International too. Funny, the Asian, East Indian, German etc; population didn't have equal time. Of course French and English are both the only Official Languages. In a way it makes us "different" on the world stage- culturally, I mean. Imagine if we had to have 10 or 15 languages printed there on our Kellogs Special K cereal box. There just wouldn't be room for the list of ingredients.


Chatelaine Magazine has several of the Olympic Boys-practically stripped naked, between the covers of their magazine. A tid-bit of shots are released to various websites today- like The Toronto Star. Gives you the idea of the amount of physical muscle and athleticness that is required to compete. Love the pic of the snowboarder- naked, except for his snowboard which he holds across the area where his "ski bump" would be. Who's he kidding?

Orillia is overrun with more than one thousand feral cats. Not the feline's fault. It's the irresponsible cat owners who believe that cats should "run free".
Run free? Wrong.
Cat's pee and spray at my front door and all over my Bar B Que at the back door.
The spray can be neutralized with a spray bottle full of Hydrogen Peroxide and a dab of dish soap.
We have a cat and she doesn't run the neighbourhood. However, she loves being outside in the summer, when we are outdoors. She usually lays on a wicker chair on the verandah and watchs the world go by.
Ah...the life.

Saw a shoplifter shove a bunch of baked goods into his jacket while my Hubbie and I were having tea at Mariposa Market yesterday.
No fear there.
We finally alerted the manager who followed him up the street. The police were called and three cars and three cops later, the "suspect" was taken to the local detachment.
We made a statement and have done our civic duty.
We stick out our chests and feel proud.
This must be how "Captain Canada" feels.

Have a good day.