Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh for pete's sake! The gals were just celebrating a tasty Olympic victory. Who in the hell were they hurting laying on the ice savouring victory on the world wide athletic stage.
A cigar and a beer while lying on their backs on the very ice where victory was theirs- all the while in hockey attire. How much more Canadian can you get than that I ask you?

What reporter busied themselves and snapped shots of this private celebration. The public celebation was finished. Oh My God an 18 year old may have sipped a beer!
Like that has never happened before. As much as I question why young ladies would stick huge stogies in their mouthes- a phallic symbol to be sure, is beyond me. Maybe they were saying to the Canadian men- "Suck this. Grow a pair and win a few like us Canadian Gals!"

Now it's all such a big deal. Look find some other news.


Joannie Rochette was held tightly to the chest of every Canadian before, during and after her programme.  She said her Mum was with her during every slice of the ice. A bronze- but they can't take away the golden moment. How one can loose a parent- her Mum, a few days before and skate to the podium is beyond me. Mum was definitely right there, standing next to her daughter- like she had all those times before.

What was that storm all about? More snow in a day than we have had all winter? Global warming, schmobal warming. What gives? I remember many a late February day when one could sit in the sun- out of the wind and enjoy a hot chocolate and read a few chapters of a good book while crows noisily chatted in the highest branches of the Honey Locust trees in the side yard. Not this February.

Cameras downtown. Yes- I say. We installed cameras outside last summer after our house was  attached by a group of young men who threw 6 to 8 dozen eggs against our Victorian Home. It was a rainy June night- at midnight, just last year. Of course, besides being pelted with eggs, we were personally chided for being Gay.
Yup. We were called "FAGGOTS" by someone who stood right on our property.
What?- we would all of a sudden become "straight" just because we were publicly yelled at on our own property. It doesn't work that way Asshole!
Yes, the young men were right. They were calling a spade a spade- a Fag a Fag actually- but why?
Oh, we took it to the Orillia OPP Detachment. They seemed to be concerned at first and were very helpful.
Why one officer cuddled me to his massive chest, tears rollong down his brawny face while wrapping his bulging biceps of comfort round my trembling body...
That's a dream I had.
Back to reality.....
The officers even had pictures that were taken of the culprits while buying the eggs at Foodland. A few weeks later we never heard from the cops again. It was neatly swept away.
All quiet.
After all. They are just a couple of "FAGS".
So, I say yes to cameras downtown and Assholes beware!

Have a good day-eh?