Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rob Reid Online- On the Air!!

Well, not quite on the air- but sort of ...
Two things here....

One, I used to have a website called
Rob Reid Online. I cancelled that a while back when the company started to "crop" my site. I had a lot of pictures on Rob Reid Online and it used a lot of space. I edited a bunch out and it was still too large- so I cancelled the whole thing.

Recently a friend said to try "Blogger". Here I am.
Two. I really am "on the air". I have my own Internet Radio Station- "Swisssh Radio- We Play Favourites". Swisssh Radio is almost 4 and was born from Swisssh the Website ( which was hatched on July 20, 2006. The Website is an Arts, Muckraking and Entertainment Webspace. Rather than me describe it- just go to the site.
The name? Well, it came to me in a dream-three times as a matter of fact! Swisssh is the sound made when crushed ice and a couple of olives "swisssh" together in a martini glass- martini included!
Swisssh Radio will be three years old- "on-air", come March 7th 2010.
My background is broadcasting (25 years) from which I retired 3 years ago. So, broadcasting my own radio station is second nature to me.
What else do I do?
I am a playwright. I have written and produced several plays/shows. I have my own theatrical group- The Garage Door Players. I will speak of them here too.
I also perform for other companies when I get to an audition and get offered a part. I have been doing that for almost 10 years now. In recent times I do professional theatre. That's where one gets paid to be an actor. However, I do work with friends in Community Theatre as well.
I also direct shows and have found in the past year, that one has to discover that there are times when one has to say "no" to a show. At this point I must tell you that I have already been asked to direct a Christmas Show in December 2010. Yikes!
I also review shows in the area where I live- Orillia, Ontario, Canada- about an hour north of Toronto, in Central Ontario's Lake Country.
If you have already flipped to my website ( out of curiosity and have Swisssh Radio playing in the background (it's just a click on one of the three "players" displayed) you will see I also write quite a bit there as well. My column on the Muckraking Page is called "ROBBLOG".
You'll hear my radio voice on Swisssh Radio- along with many others. It's convenient to run your own radio station- especially when it occupies space in your own home!
Although, I have checked the little box here on this Blogger Site to say- no comments, I welcome them through the website. E-mail address is posted on site.
Now, all I have to do is learn a bit more about navigating this site. I'll post some pictures and a review or two.
Thanks for reading and visit me at or listen in to Swisssh Radio where We Play Favourites!