Thursday, February 18, 2010

There goes the sun for the day. You have to get up mighty early to see the sunshine these late February days.
A lot of clouds it seems and no "thaw" in site. I thought there might be a few days where the sun would lend enough warmth to allow a mid-afternoon "sit" but it doesn't appear that will happen after checking the Weather Network's 14 day trend.

Happily, March is on the way and things will only go uphill from there. Mid-March means more daylight too as Daylight Savings Time returns for all farmers and their cows!


After witnessing a shoplifter at work a few days ago (check the previous Blog) managers and staff at Super WalMart were busy yesterday following a culprit ot two. The "greeter" at the door was checking receipts- just like Costco, as customers left the store. He volunteered that in the week before someone left the store with 500 dollars of merchandise. There is also a regular "shopper" he says, who- while accompanied by her two teenaged children, does a little "light-fingered" browsing too. Only she says what she wants and the kids steal it.

Just finished Dan Brown's latest book "The Symbol". Dan is the author of the Da Vinci Code and "Angels and Demons". While Da Vinci and Demons were centred in Europe, he brings The Symbol to his home country and the entire story takes place in Washington within a 10 hour time-frame. It's an exciting book but I think there were a couple of false endings. The 501 page book could have been shortened to 401 pages simply by stopping around the 400 page mark. Then closer to the 500 page mark there was another place where the book could easily have ended- but it didn't. These are not major complaints. Maybe he was just trying to have the novel look like the previous two- in size. The Symbol is still at the top of Non-Fiction lists.

I see where Mr. Mirvish is bringing "Billy Elliot- The Musical" to Toronto next February. The article I read doesn't say if it will be a Toronto Cast or just a touring production. It does say arrangements were made early on in the show's current Broadway run for the muscial to come to Toronto- eventually.
"Priscilla Queen of the Desert- The Musical" will also grace the stage of one of Mirvish's theatres next season. This is the musical version of the hit Australian movie from a decade ago. Rave revues from the West End London Show that has been up and running this past year.

Have a Good one!