Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday, Sunday. With "sunshine" no less. Maybe we'll see a few degrees on the plus side today. We've put a pretty good dent in this useless month- except of course if you have a birthday nestled in these 28 days.
March ho! A new month is on the horizon. To those of you basking in southern climes, we are all managing here. There's not much snow shovelling and lately the temperatues are pretty temperate. The wind chill seems to have moved north.
So, throw a steak on the Bar Bee and pretend it's June!


That Canadian school ship that sank. One girl says it was like being on the Titanic. I should know how that feels. In a previous life- I was a Titanic Passenger! She was probably a passenger too. I hate big ships. They give me the heebie-jeebies. A few years ago while in sunny, smog-filled Los Angeles, we toured the LA Harbour. The Queen Mary is moored there so we took a tour. When we moved to the lower decks near the engine room it practically made me sick. I just heard loud screaming in my ears. Some anxiety too. I had to get out. Being on the water is not one of my favourite places to be.

Stores are closing downtown, eh? Varley's a 70 year clothing ttradition. The United Cigar Store a staple since I was a kid. King's Buffet, the huge Chinese Food Buffet. A dollar store- although another one is supposed to replace it. Others are probably on the brink. The sooner they block off Mississaga Street and make it a permanent outdoor mall and "people place" the better. Take a cue from other Canadian Cities- like Calgary and Vancouver. Have a gander at European Cities. People first! Orillians have always been so anal about parking. That "if I can't park in front of the store, I'm not shopping there" mentality. Make the street into an outdoor pedestrian paradise with stalls and stages and benches and trees. Pretty and the heart of the community. How about a water park and permanet built in "fun" place like Canada's Wonderland on the waterfront. Rides. A theatre. A waterfall. Open to citizens and visitors alike.

Went in to the Metro to pick up some yogurt and milk Saturday. When I looked at the prices on these two items, I realized I could save a dollar 33 if I bought them at WalMart's Grocery store. So I did. How anyone affords to shop there is beyond me. Convenience is one thing but....

Have a Happy Sun-silled Sunday!