Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Gordie is toast and now Elton is in a "jam" spreading rumours that the Lord is "light in the sandal". Too funny what makes new today. If you have a chance read the Blog below that I posted yesterday aternoon. It was a blog I wrote 3 years ago about Mr. Christ being "fruity". I can channeled scripture with the best right-leaning, born again folks you can find. Of course "my verses" will all be poo-pooed. Do some research yourself. Just google "Gay Jesus".


Give the athletes a break. Whoever coined the phrase "Own the Podium" should be buried in a B.C. snowbank- if there's one to be found! I don't watch the games but in seeing online reports it's hard not to keep up with the medal count. With 4 gold medals as of this writing- where's the problem?

Apparently Celine Dion was supposed to perform at the Opening Ceremonies but she's trying to have another "turkey-baster child" and wasn't feeling well. Turns out the VANOC said all performers had to lyp synch anyway. You must of seen Bryan Adams singing without the microphone to his lips- at first. Too bad the performances were fake. Although Nikki Yanowski and the "Opera Lady" seemed real enough. What was real, however, was that young man- with the incredible ripped body from one of the 4 aboriginal nations, who oustetched his beefy arms to say welcome. Yowsa!

It's sunny and warm in Honolulu today with light trades and a temperature in the high 20's. I only mention that because it's good to know there's one place in the world where the weather is always perfect!
Just another day in Paradise as the locals say!

Have a nice one.