Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Dear Readers,
I have been compromised.
I feel dirty.
That hasn't happened since the early 80's.
Feeling dirty that is...
Actually, I feel more compromised than dirty. You see, my person has not been compromised but my credit card has been.
I got a call from my bank this morning saying someone had used my card in Toronto just before midnight. The bank checked out a few things. They asked me some questions over the phone, then told me that my card was defunct- immediately.
A new card will be sent and I should get it within 24 to 48 hours.
I have been told that I will need to advise all those companies that use my credit card on an automatic basis that I have a new credit card number.
Inconvenient for me, I must say.
The bank also said I will not be liable for any charges.
That's nice.
It seems it was a company in Toronto that delivers food to homes and the red flag went up about midnight. The charge was $103.
Seems strange but it's good the bank has a system whereby a computer realizes it couldn't be Rob Reid using his card at that time, in the City of Toronto.
The security person I spoke with said they have the address of the individual(s) who placed the order and that it would be checked out.
It's fraud of course.
A serious offence but it could have been worse for the bank. These fraudsters could have duped my card and the bank for thousands.
I paid an online charge to Microsoft for Microsoft Word a couple of months back. A minute after I made the purchase, I received an automated call checking on my purchase. Must be a lot of compromised cards with that type of online purchase. Of course, it was for a couple of hundred dollars. Overall, I am pleased the bank called.
Better safe than sorry.
Will I feel nervous now when I buy online or use my credit card online?
No, not at all.
With a security system such as this in place, I feel confident the criminals will be found and thrown into Fraud Jail where they will be forced to share a toilet with a cell full of fellow fraudsters and enjoy 3 meals a day of stale bread and water.
It's a good thing I wasn't leaving on Holiday today or needing to buy something online from Simons.
Not having a credit card can certainly put a hold on one's purchasing habits- can't it?
Oh well, in 48 hours- or less, I will be back in the society of the credit card holder and all things will be right within my world.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Or is it.
Doesn't seem like it in Central Ontario at least. Since the beginning of March, we have had 4 storms. The first on March 1st brought us 30 cm.
That melted. It was spring.
Then the end of March a bugger of an ice storm. That melted and we got a few cms of snow as a reminder that winter was still hiding around a corner. Then, April 3rd overnight another 15cm. It is melting in the warm April Sunshine but the temps are crazy cold.
Like -12C overnight tonight.
Everyone is complaining. They're bored. People want to feel springy. Get on with things.
I read a young man's tweet on twitter today.
He said "Orillia is so boring, no wonder people take drugs."
Not sure about that pastime but at times living in Orillia can be like living in a "little" backwater of rednecks. I love the asshole who drives around town with his truck and the Civil War Confederate flag hanging in the window or stuck on a pole and flapping in the breeze from the tailgate.
Does he even know what that flag represents?
Because he's a bloody redneck and probably has never sat down and talked to someone of colour or someone who is Gay.
Now, on that subject of Gay, April 4th is our anniversary- number 31. My husband and I met on a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii thirty-one years ago.
April 4th, 1985.
That's us on the steps of the Royal Hawaiian in April 1985. Me on the right.
I know.
The legs!
The shorts!
The brown hair.
Those were the days.

We had an official wedding- licence and guests and vows, 10 years ago on April 4th, 2006.
We've had a good run these past 31 years and we intend to keep it going. Just going out to dinner tonight to celebrate but we did send a collage of photos to those that shared in that happy event 10 years ago.
The e-mails we got back are nice. We all had a great evening ten years ago and maybe it was one of the top social events of that spring season- so many people tell us.
It was a Black & White Wedding meaning- Rednecks aside, guests were asked to dress in black and white.
They did.
Even two gents in white tux jackets.
It was so classy and so much fun.

Now, this coming year we are doing something different. Something we haven't experienced in these past 31 years. My husband Tom is going to retire- in two months time he tells me. That will be something!
I mean, we've had stretches where he's been on vacation for a few weeks but never forever and ever since he's been a Flight Attendant/In Charge for almost 42 years.
It will be interesting saying "buh-bye" to Air Canada.

We need to plan for our future too. It's time. We haven't been able to do that with Tom working and being away a dozen days every month.
Will we stay in Orillia?
Will we sell and move.
Will we just spend our winter's away somewhere nicer?

All these questions need to be answered and since we don't have any real redneck friends to ask their opinion, we'll just have to come up with the answers ourselves.