Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Dear Readers,
I have been compromised.
I feel dirty.
That hasn't happened since the early 80's.
Feeling dirty that is...
Actually, I feel more compromised than dirty. You see, my person has not been compromised but my credit card has been.
I got a call from my bank this morning saying someone had used my card in Toronto just before midnight. The bank checked out a few things. They asked me some questions over the phone, then told me that my card was defunct- immediately.
A new card will be sent and I should get it within 24 to 48 hours.
I have been told that I will need to advise all those companies that use my credit card on an automatic basis that I have a new credit card number.
Inconvenient for me, I must say.
The bank also said I will not be liable for any charges.
That's nice.
It seems it was a company in Toronto that delivers food to homes and the red flag went up about midnight. The charge was $103.
Seems strange but it's good the bank has a system whereby a computer realizes it couldn't be Rob Reid using his card at that time, in the City of Toronto.
The security person I spoke with said they have the address of the individual(s) who placed the order and that it would be checked out.
It's fraud of course.
A serious offence but it could have been worse for the bank. These fraudsters could have duped my card and the bank for thousands.
I paid an online charge to Microsoft for Microsoft Word a couple of months back. A minute after I made the purchase, I received an automated call checking on my purchase. Must be a lot of compromised cards with that type of online purchase. Of course, it was for a couple of hundred dollars. Overall, I am pleased the bank called.
Better safe than sorry.
Will I feel nervous now when I buy online or use my credit card online?
No, not at all.
With a security system such as this in place, I feel confident the criminals will be found and thrown into Fraud Jail where they will be forced to share a toilet with a cell full of fellow fraudsters and enjoy 3 meals a day of stale bread and water.
It's a good thing I wasn't leaving on Holiday today or needing to buy something online from Simons.
Not having a credit card can certainly put a hold on one's purchasing habits- can't it?
Oh well, in 48 hours- or less, I will be back in the society of the credit card holder and all things will be right within my world.