Sunday, July 31, 2016

RobBlog #603

Well it's been awhile hasn't it?
Where have I been you may well ask?
Directing and being in a show for the month of July is my answer.
Sister Mary Margaret and the Sisters at the Church of Little Hope have performed 14 shows over the past three weeks both in Orillia at the OCC and in Beaverton at the c.1910 Beaverton Town Hall Theatre.
The audiences have been super. ..for the most part. A couple have been like pulling teeth and one in particular in Beaverton on a Friday Night was like death warmed over. Fellow actor Claire Acott (Sister Murray Anne) and myself called time of death at 923pm in the second act. That was a tough be sure.
Sister Mary Margaret & Sister Murray Anne on stage at the OCC

Next, come October, rehearsals start for Norm Foster's "Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak". A rip-roaring, hilariously funny story about the goings on in a small town in Ontario called Big Oak. It's Norm Foster funny at his best and it runs at St. Paul's Centre October 27 to 30th! Look to our Facebook page for details:
In other news...
I turned 65 years old on Friday July 29th.
My husband Tom had a big Sunday afternoon soiree in honour of that milestone on Sunday July 31st at Casino Rama. 40 or 50 friends were there. The food was terrific and the chocolate birthday cake to die for. How can one go wrong with a 1/2 inch of fudge icing on top of a chocolate slab layer cake?Kudos to the dessert chefs at Casino Rama. You outdid yourselves. Everybody raved!
So between acing and turning 65, I haven't had a lot of time. Being all of 65 years old hasn't really hit me yet. I can't compute that figure. Like most baby-boomers my age, it just doesn't seem right. Our parents and grandparents turned 65 but not us. Not me.
However, my birth certificate does not lie. I was indeed born in July of 1951.
Older than least dirt born after 1951.
One birthday wish said:
"Growing Older is Mandatory. Growing up is optional".
That's me.
When I saw Peter Pan as a kid- before I knew that Peter was played by a "girl", I said to myself- I'm never going to grow up and I still haven't.
I try to deny the reality in many things and truly believe that Hugh Jackman and I could be twins!
Old phart that I am!
Hugh and Me- Can't distinguish the difference? That's Hugh above!
I may not be able to pull off a tight tank top any longer but I still have great legs, big tits and a kickass butt.
What more can an old fellah ask for?