Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's been a few days since I blogged here but I have an excuse.
You see I am on vacation and it only took 19 hours from m y door to the door of my hotel room to get from there to here.
Where is here?
Honolulu Hawaii in the South Pacific.
You know the place.
Palm Trees. The Hula. Bronzed men. Magnum P.I.Surfer dudes.
I am really just a bit Diamond Head from Honolulu in Waikiki Beach, to be more specific.
We- that's my hubby Tom and I, are in a little hotel- cabana actually, on the third floor. Only three floors to this charming little building a half block- arguably, from famous Waikiki Beach.
I have to tell you the accommodations are lovely and so Hawaiian.
We have a full suite. Got it at a great price and once we booked they upgraded us to a better room. You can't beat that that savings and quality.

I'll write more later because right now I have been up for more than 24 hours with only a catnap on a Toronto Vancouver flight and a short doze or two on a Vancouver to Honolulu flight. I am on adrenalin.
Being in Hawaii is not something new. I have been here many times and it still is s truly wonderful place to be on a vacation.

So I sign off for some shut eye and will write again later.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I was trippin' up the TV dial with my remote last night because that irritaing commercial with people dancing in the streets- all in the name of a chocolate bar, was playing for the umpteenth time.
Around channel 728, I came upon this slick looking, snake-oil selling kinda guy clutching a small burgundy-coloured bible in his left hand. He was saying something about it being simply hogwash to think that Jesus Christ had an affair- including doing the "hokey pokey", with that Mary Magdalene. Mary's the holy character in the New Testament that was put down as a common whore for centuries until the all-knowing Catholic Church elevated her biblical position to "friend of Jesus" a couple of years ago. Like they have the right to re-write biblical folklore when they can't keep their penises in their pants when it comes to young men. Abusing boys- altar or choir, to many Catholic priests (not all, I said many) is second nature, like sitting down to a rousing game of Monoploy.

I digress.

This God-fearing, Bible-totting commentator who wouldn't say "Gay" if his mouth was full of one, continues by telling the camera that Christ never had a child with her either. So there! He was almost spitting bricks on this point. Basically he chanted that his Lord would never, ever stick his ~ahem~ in Mary- or anyone else for that matter. "He is God!"- he says gently raising his voice so the infidels could get his point and take it on home. I mean he tells us that anyone who thinks Jesus rode the baloney poney with Mary is simple going to hell and has a dirty mind for Christ's sake. Now I sort of paraphrased here but the intent and the message is clear-isn't it?
I had to chuckle for the little guy with the close-set eyes, never mentioned the theory regarding Jesus may have been a little "foofoo" hanging with 12 guys for three years, splashing in the dead sea and drinking wine 'till the cows came home or that infamous "Fag-Hag" Mary Magdeline. She was probably out sandal shopping- again!
I mean for pete's sake he wasn't clear on the fact that Mr. Christ possibly preferred men- and so what if he did, but he certainly wanted to pound the point home that Jesus didn't pound Mary.
Not even once, just to see what it was like if he were mortal- which by the way, I thought he was until he ascended to Heaven.
Anyway this preacher fella was quite adamant that Christ was a clean living kinda 30 something gent that never had a dirty thought regarding sex- at least with a lady, on his holy mind.
Holy Cripes!
The things one learns while editing a chocolate bar commercial out of one's television viewing.


My Goodness! We've been spitting out vile thoughts against that American bitch-slag who came to our nice quiet country and told a Muslim girl to take a camel when she-the Muslim Girl, said she didn't have a magic carpet to ride on. Now, this right-leaning, conservative sucking bitch from the netherworld who seems to be consistently suffering from permanent PMS, wants to whine to our "august"- her words (who in the hell uses the word "august" these days??), Human Rights Commission to have them pat her on her contemptuous, thorny, right-wing, scale-covered back and say- "There, there the Canuks didn't mean anything by what they did or said, it's just our way when we fight the beast from Hell!"
Of course Calgarians- who we allow to think are real Canadians like the rest of us, are all there in the front row clapping like mad and stomping their feet- with drool dripping from the sides of their Reform-Alliance lips, believing they have just seen the Saviour of the world re-incarnated. Isn't it nice when people in a city in a province that begat Stephen Harper, can have a little joy?
Ok. I feel much better now.
Now open the hole that takes her back across the border and throw her in.
God. I am exhausted.

Yeah! Orillia is getting a Winners. I have heard shoppers lamenting the fact we were without a Winners for years now, so put on a happy face. You can shop at Winners come September. Oh- and another Dollar Store is opening right next door. Hey Tim Hortons! Are you gonna let there be more dollar stores in the City of Orillia, than there are Timmies? Come on. Get with the tour!

Oh My! Didn't Orillians teach that no-good local boy Gordie Lightfoot a lesson or two. That scallywag turncoat performed at Casino Rama last night and everyone in the Orillia Media- except Swisssh Radio and Swisssh the Website, basically ignored him.
I didn't see anything in the local papers- except for one mention from an online reporter- who isn't even one of the paper's local employees, that Gordon performed at Casino Rama and changed the lyrics to his famous song- The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I didn't even see a mention in Swartzies' Column.
Taught you a lesson Mr. L.
Performing outside the "City Limits!"
How dare you sir! How dare you!
It'll take a month for the knots to come out of everyone's knickers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today my children, we chat about something we all do- eventually.
Age is a number.
Age is a state of mind.
Age moves forward. We are aging at every second of the day.
Age sucks. Especially when you are getting along in years. A polite way to say "old".

Age is to be appreciated by some, however. The young person who wants to drive a car or drink-legally, for instance. The wish to be older to do things that laws prevent you from doing when you are younger.

I remember getting health insurance to fly to England a couple of years ago and I had to pay more because of my "age". On the other hand I can shop at Senior's Day at Zellers. However, I can't get a Senior's Coffee at McDonalds for free or shop when the seniors do at Shoppers Drug Mart and receive a percentage off my purchases- not yet at least.

When you get to the point where another "big birthday" is just around the corner, it makes you stop and think. This is the final go around for a few things- like a career change. Oh, not that I can do that since I am already retired.
Gee, that's an age thing, isn't it? Retiring. Not being wanted because of you age. It happens. My last few sojurns at terrestrial radio stations were thwarted by age. Oh they never said. I could hold nothing more than a "contract" or reduced hours position- probably because of my age. It would have helped had I been a woman. A person of colour or a minority. Actually, being Gay did put me in the minority but being Gay doesn't work in the same way as being a Native Canadian or a Muslim for instance.
I wonder why? We are fabulous at all we do and say.

No, at this point I won't be doing much new. Like opening my own terrestrial radio station. Operating a Net Radio Station will just have to do. And it does do.
I won't have the chance to open that amusing liitle antique shop or corner cafe with tables on the patio and sunny umbrellas shielding each table from the hot sun. Possible, just not likely.
I probably won't get the chance to travel to all the places I want to go. Time, money and health may barricade the way to those opportunities.

Then what can I do. What can you do?
Just be happy with where you are in life. Be glad and joyful when you wake up in the morning and are able to put two feet on the floor.
Be glad you have friends.
Be appreciative that you can still celebrate a birthday and if you really want to open that corner cafe or antique book shop- or run a radio station, give it a whirl.


It's amazing that the Catholic Church still gets away with "kiddie-diddling". It's amazing that Catholics can still hold their church in such high esteem and trust their leaders. Why doesn't God smite them down? Because  as the sign says- "There probably is no God. So relax and enjoy life!" It's a man-made fabrication to put fear into the hearts of many little people and it's worked for centuries.

Good Gawd that TV show "Spartacus" is obviously a show made for the hetrosexual man. I have never seen so many "puddy cats" winking at me in High Def as the "kitties" that are displayed in this show. Sure, there is the occasional flash of manly ass and hunk of "salami" but female "boobies" and "nether regions" abound. I use the fast forward button- a lot!

Remember we are to turn out the lights on Saturday Night at 8:30. It's Earth Hour. Make sure you don't leave your candles un-attended as you sit and twiddle in the dark. Maybe grab a few extra batteries for flash lights. No big wup. It's just an hour.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, Monday. Sunny and bright-yet a cold wind.
Must be March.

Travelled to Toronto to see Mel Brooks' production of Young Frankenstein on Saturday. If you know the campy movie from a few years ago, Brooks has kept intact all the good gags and laughs and added some songs. We were lucky to see the Broadway Cast. Not all the originals from when it opened on the great white way- but all Broadway cast. Of course Roger Bart (The Producers) was Dr. Frankenstein as on Broadway. Shuler Hensley (Oklahoma) was the Monster- as on Broadway. Cory English was Igor- that's pronounced "Eye-Gore"- and originated the Broadway Role as well.
Brad Oscar- who took a rest from this particular performance, was replaced by another actor- Erick R. Walck, for the performance we saw.
Everyone needs a day off after all!
Too bad. When we saw the big Mel Brooks' hit- The Producers on Broadway, Roger Bart and Brad Oscar were in the lead roles originally performed by Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick. It would have been nice to see them on stage together again. Other Princess of Wales audiences will- just not us.

Beth Curry, Joanna Glushak and Anne Horak were terrific as Elizabeth, Frau Blucher (Heeeeeeeee) and Inga repectively. Glushak's role was outstanding- He vas my BOYFRIEND! Now a classic song as well as a classic line!

The sets, costumes and staging were all wondefully done with many bits of the choreography- from Director Susan Stoman, reminiscent of stuff from The Producers. The show is in Toronto until April 18th. Go and laugh your ass off. We did! Details at


Hear about the guy who bopped a parking control officer in Toronto on Sunday because he got a ticket for illegal parking? Does that officer get danger pay?

I've been chopping and cutting my Swisssh Website- at, like crazy this past while.
I am making it smaller.
It's only a one-page site now.
Funny- nobody even noticed.
It's still going to shrink a bit more as time goes on. I really just got tired of posting all the "free" stuff. It's  a real time consumer- keeping a website up to date I mean. I would update the site a few times a day. I would plop banner ads and such on Swisssh at no cost. Then, I would see paid ads elsewhere for groups and organizations I had on the site for free.
I never wanted to get rich, just pay for the server.
So after 3 1/2 years the site has shrivelled.

That skateboard park down near the junk yard. You know on our beautiful waterfront...
I walked by yesterday and the garbage thrown around there is disgusting. The garbage can is right there and the grass around it is peppered with plastic bottles and paper plates. This was just a stupid place to put this skateboard facility in the first place.
We lure these young people down there to "play" who seem to have no concern for the environment- let alone our waterfront, yet we throw the Regan House out in Scout Valley instead of using it in a park where people can actually see this "historic"  log structure. Too bad.
Oh well with the MURF and the Library- why am I not surprized??

Have a nice one.

Friday, March 19, 2010

W E E K E N D Wanderings

Tulips, Hyacinths, Crocus-they are all coming up in the gardens.
It kind of makes your mind do a flip. It is only just past mid-March.
I just looked at a picture taken on March 22, 2009 and we had snow half-way up the garage wall.
Muskoka chairs on a lower deck were still stuck in a huge, icy snow bank.
What a difference a couple of seasons make!
Half the yard is raked already.
People are biking and roller blading.
Environment Canada saya a hot, dry summer is ahead.
Good for us. Bad for farmers- as well as our gardens.
Global warming or just crazy weather? I don't know but I'll take a spring that starts on March first anyday.

There's work to be done around the "castle", however.
Like painting the verandah floor.
Assembling a new BBQ.
Setting up a new Gazebo on the back deck. That's the one I told you about a couple of days ago that required the trip to Midland. These tented structures are selling like crazy in Orillia.
I don't mind these tasks.
It's better than -30 and a raging snow storm.

Yesterday I saw a guy jogging. Shirtless. The first of the season.
Then there's the young folks who have been sporting tee shirts, tube tops, shorts and sandals for a few weeks now. All hardy Canadians who love the outdoor perhaps more in this spring and summer season than any other time of the year.
I know I do.
Now, if we could only grow "real" palm trees and not fake ones, I would be totally happy.

Have a nice weekend and if the weather gets "wonky" just remember what we've had the past few weeks.
The nice days will be here in abundance still. Why those meteorologists at Environment Canada are saying a Hot and Dry Summer is ahead. I don't have a problem with that but compared to last summer we might be using the garden hose a lot more. Just remember, "even" house numbers on "even" calendar days and....oh never mind. Like I'm going to let my plants die. On "even" days, we borrow from neighbours.
No really!
They said it's OK.


The dollar shop that closed downtown just after the holidays has just re-opened. Convenient but like all the others not a real "dollar" store since some prices will be over that Loonie level.

I feel sorry for that senior couple that got dupped by those Gas Sellers here in Orillia. They are lot like Mormons these guys. Now we have used this company for years ourselves. We saved a lot the first few years but not so much the past few. When the contract comes up again, I think we'll cancel. However, just how many times do we have to tell our Seniors- DO NOT sign anything or let anyone through your front door you don't know. Following this rule would have prevented all their trouble with this company and a contract they allegedly signed.

Adam and Tiger,
Sitting in a tree,
Kissing lovely ladies
One, two, three......
OK Enough!
Who cares anymore.
Who cared in the first place?

Have a nice one.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Mother gave me a box of old photos the other day. The box always sat on a side shelf on my Grandmother's Library table. As I was taking the dusty photograph envelopes out of the box, I found a couple of newspaper clippings tucked in beside them.

The columns were by a Doctor- Doctor Royal S. Copeland. Although the title of the column was "Jaunt Outdoors Good for Housewife", the advice from December 22, 1927 is relevant today for all of us.

Dr. Copeland says-

Please get out of doors everyday.
Don't use the telephone if you can possibly find the time to walk to the store. You need the air, the sun, the out-of-door exercise, the change of scene.
Your movements around the house are regular and monotonous, that they do not set the heart to pounding and the sweat glands to acting.
Good, smart out-of-door walking will do far more.
The invigorating coolness of the air (this was written in December remember) stimulates the skin, calls the blood to the surface and sets the heat to thumping.
A reasonable amount everyday will do wonders. The change of environment and the interface of ideas with the neighbours you meet on your outing will help clear the cobwebs from the brain.
Get out and add years of happy life to your expectation.

Basically, using the Doctor's own words- "Monotony within walls of home brings on ills that lessen years".

It amazed me that this simple bit of doctoring still holds true today- although some of us may be strolling down the street using the interface on our IPhone instead of interfacing with the neighbours, as Doctor Copeland says but the act of walking for excercise is the thing.
There's a real lift to strolling down the street, through the park and back again.
Thanks for that timely bit of advice from 1927 Doctor Copeland!


The Loonie is at par (basically) and set to go higher and stay there. Now, just try to get parity when you order something from the U.S. It is nice to know if you travel into Yankee Doodle land that a dollar is a loonie.

I went into an Old Navy and Gap store for the first time ever the other day.
What's the big deal. Same stuff at Zeller's and WalMart. Different label- but same stuff for a much cheaper price. The  Mannequins at Old Navy were kind of neat. Just like the television commercials. They weren't for sale.

They're still shooting visitors in Northern Mexico. The Canadian Government has warned us not to travel there. Drug and gang wars are responsible. Over 18,000 people have been killed in these conflicts since 2007.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Past the halfway mark in March- already?
It seems like April with the mild weather and no snow.
According to Environment Canada Weather Forecasting, the snow could return Sunday with a few showers. Yes, we've been spoiled.
Heck what's a few flurries mixed with rain?
Friends who have been in Florida for the past three weeks can't believe the snow has disappeared since they left the frozen north such a short time ago.

This beautiful weather has a lot to do with you and Igoing "whole hog" as far as spring is concerned. For instance, I have been trying to buy a tent gazebo the past few days. Twice- like ships in the night, I have missed connecting with the department head at a local store, who I needed to talk with to confirm whether or not this gazebo was in stock. Finally, yesterday I talked to him on the telephone. This store has sold 30 of these popular summer items already he tells me and I am not the only customer still trying to buy one. It seems, he says, that more of these gazebos are still in a container on a ship- in the Atlantic I presume, where they'll be transferred to a warehouse before reaching the store.

Hearing my disappointment over the phone, the department head- who I'll call Edward, suggested he would call a couple of area stores to see if the product was in stock. He called back in half an hour.
He found one in Midland.
So, on a beautiful, sunny, warm March afternoon we drove along Highway 12 to Midland- the Heart of Huronia, and picked up the gazebo.
It's in a box of course and when the spring weather has moved in for certain- to stay I mean, it will be constructed. You know, slot A into Slot B. Screw nut C onto bolt D and tighten.
There's also a BBQ that's sitting in the garden shed, waiting to be assembled as well. That was a very early warm weather purchase back in early February that just couldn't be passed by.

It's nice to think about warm days. I even put the cushions on the wicker furniture along the side verandah. It's a favourite spot to have morning coffee in the warm sunshine.


The Harperites quietly cutting funding of internet services to small community centres and hospitals. They just keep getting better don't they?

Liar, liar, pants on fire!
That guy in LA with the frozen gas peddle? Apparently not telling the truth. It would seem he wanted noteriety and perhaps the opportunity to make some money from the car company.
Such a bad boy.

Meanwhile, there's a guy in Montreal who could be going to jail for filming movies inside movie theatres and then distributing them on the Internet. First case of it's kind in Canada all thanks to the movie studios pressuring the Harper Government a few years ago to change the law and charge such persons. What about those people who download second-rate copies of his stuff.
That old copyright thing. It just keeps rearing it's ugly head- doesn't it?

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good God, hasn't there been a lot of shootings lately?
It's like watching Eyewitness News .
Then, when you throw in that fire that claimed the lives of a father and daughter, it conjures up images of the City of Buffalo- always on fire.
Very sad.

I remember many years ago some friends and I drove from Pickering to Buffalo to attend an "Oldies Concert". Lesley Gore and Lou Christie- among others, were performing. As we drove through North Tonewanda, we came to a police roadblock.
"There's a huge fire"- the officer told us through an open driver's side window.
We all laughed. He was a little taken aback.
"Fires burning in North Tonewanda is all we hear about on Buffalo News. We are here for a concert and now the fire may make us late"- we chimed in.
The officer pointed to a street just ahead on the right and told us how to get to the concert location.
Damned if I can remember the name of the spot. I can see it in my mind's eye but can't remember the name of the venue. It was popular at the time but I believe it's no longer in operation.
That was the first time I had seen people drinking beer at a concert. The floor was sticky and smelled of stale beer.

Just last December while watching The Sound of Music at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, a lady a couple of rows ahead was slurping on a beer and shoving nachos into her mouth. It was pretty disgusting and you could sure smell the beer. If I was next to her, I would have been ill. I hate the smell of beer.
Good thing it wasn't smoke as well.
I know, I dislike the smell of beer and I call myself a Canadian.

Touching on the shootings I mentioned off the top of this blog, once again a good reason for getting guns off the streets and making the gun registry even more stringent. This at a time when our
Conservative Government- the one with the Reform/Alliance background, would like to de-register the registry. What a bunch of *&;^%$#*&;^.
Once again fellow Canadians- anything is better than a Tory on the Throne of Canada.
If we don't "oust" them soon, we'll all be driving around in our pickups with a rifle or two on a rack above the rear-view window, spitting tobacco into the wind and having barnyard sex.


I don't care what they say, I believe the new Orillia Public Library will be a glass and steel monstrosity that won't be open until the MURF is a reality. I mean they don't even have the shovel in the hallowed ground that is the old farmer's market- yet.This architectural firm tells Orillia Citizens that the last thing we- as citizens, would want is a "fake heritage building" as our library.
Why does it have to look fake? Someone, somewhere must be able to build a new bulding that looks Victorian or Edwardian in nature. For cripes sakes, they do it on movie lots all the time!

CTV didn't air the Parolympics "live" except for B.C. The rest of the country had to watch Saturday afternoon. This either says CTV thinks these athletes aren't worth the air time- or there just isn't the money- even to flip a switch.  I still believe you'll see some massive layoffs at CTV.

Lady Ga Ga has a new video. She strips. Who in the hell wants to see that "SheMan" undress. I am still having nightmares about those rings she wore around her body when she was on Saturday Night Live a few months ago- and the way she "peeked" through them to sing to the camera. Egads!!

Remember your Sun Block!

Have a Good One and thanks for reading

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I was up for an auspicious award the other day.
Maybe that's the incorrect word- since this is the first year for the award.
It had to do with what I do in the community.
You know. The acting, the writing, directing, the  "putting on of shows".
I was terribly pleased, honoured and humbled that I was nominated.
A good friend- Krista Storey, ran the flag up the pole to see who would salute.
She encouraged several others to write down a few words of what I do for the arts and
cultural community.
It got my name in the paper- and on a website or two- but other than that most people didn't even know that I was up for this honour.
As it turns out- I lost.
I am not surprrized. I knew who the winner would be. I know who the winner should be.
No, not me.

Things never seem to work out.
Truthfully, I am one of those people who always say- "I never win anything."
I don't and that's the problem.
I don't like that aspect of awards. It's a pissing contest really.
The award in my mind is in the nomination. The fact that one has been recognized by one's peers.
That's the beauty of it. That's what I will remember.
The contest to tell everyone who is better than the next, disturbs me.
Maybe that's because I never win. I've just never been one for contests of any description, right down to playing parlour board games to swinging a baseball bat.
I have no interest.
Instead of this "pissing contest", I would have honoured all the nominees and leave it at that.
Have a reception. Allow the "awarded nominee" to talk for a couple of minutes and express their gratitude
at being placed on a pedestal- even for a brief few minutes.
I believe all those in the three areas of nomination should be recognized to help the arts community in Orillia feel proud that people such as these exist. God knows in Orillia you're nothing without a hockey stick in one hand and a soccer ball at your feet.

Even that is not the problem. Yes, money and facilities dedicated to sport- hockey especially, with two more ice surfaces being built in Orillia is a reality. In the Arts and Cultural Community there is a lack of support. A lack of available "bums in seats". Anyone who has produced a show can tell you it's nerve-racking trying to get the same people over and over again to support your presentation. I have found- even with a couple of stage presentatons I was involved in last year, that fellow actors don't even support each other.
I certainly don't see the support- except for a few hard-core audience members that are always there for you when you are on stage.

As a matter of fact most of the time I hear excuses as to why they didn't or couldn't make the show.
Fair enough. It's just that I am tired of hearing the stories. So, I have stepped back. Maybe for a short term maybe for good. I am reviewing the situation as Fagan sings in the muscial "Oliver".

That is why receiving the nomination for this award couldn't have arrived at a better time. It's a nice way to
go out. A whimper and not a bang, I know, but it's still nice.
Thanks again for those who took up the cause and wrote glowing letters of support.
I am humbled.


A little burg of 23,000 in some Bible-thumping area of the south has refused to hold a school prom this year because a young lady wants to bring her girlfriend and wear a tuxedo. So the powers that be closed it down to protect the other kids from feeling "uneasy" when the two gals would have taken to the dance floor.
What a bunch of acorns!

There's a law for the rich and important and one for the rest of us. Looks like some people are getting mighty upset over that a former MP is getting a 500 dollar slap on the wrist for doing drugs. Why do they call it dope? Beats me.

The Loonie will be at par with the US dollar soon and surpass the Yankee buck by summer. Cue the manufacturers and the tourist spots who are whimpering already about lack of American trade and visitors. Yawn...

Have a good one!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sean Hayes is Gay!
I read it yesterday in the entertainment news. I went online to read the article in The Advocate- the U.S. magazine of “all things Gay”. Sean-you may remember, played Jack McFarland on the Television series “Will & Grace”. The on-screen character was Gay- flamboyantly so. He had heart. A nice guy. The whole world was Gay according to Jack.
Now, in his private life, four years after Will & Grace wrapped, he has come out- publicly, with this Advocate interview.

Coming out is dubious.
I know. I’ve been there.
I did it back in 1980 when things were still fairly closeted for Gay Men and Women. I had a few friends back away. I had family stand way back. As a matter of fact, my father didn’t want me in the house for Christmas. He changed his tune a week or so before but by then it was too late.I had other plans.

I don’t know why one has to come “out” publicly. I suppose it’s because you are really something other
than what people perceive you to be. So, you need to change their mindset. After a while it becomes quite droll having Aunt Tillie continually ask you-
“So, when are you going to get married. A fine boy like you would be a “catch” for a young gal!”
So changing their mindset is really shifting their gears- as I always say.
My line would be- “Hey, I’m Gay”.
Their line- “Oh.”
Slight pause. This is the shifting gears part…

I know of many people who indeed are Gay or Lesbian but remain closeted- unless they are in your presence. It’s hard to keep it- pardon the word, “straight” sometimes. t’s like- Oh ya, there are no straight people around so you are Gay- or Lesbian. Then let one heterosexual step in and all of a sudden their sexual orientation is ambiguous. I needed a checklist to remember who and what that person was when someone came new. I even got accused of outing someone once, while at dinner with a tableful of Gays and Lesbians.
You see, I left my checklist in my other pants and apparently blurted out within earshot of strangers sitting around our table that a certain person at our table was Gay. I didn’t use that word but it was innuendo so I was told. Basically, that would mean that I too have to pretend to be “straight” when someone I am in the company of keeps jumping from the Gay to the Straight side of the fence and back again.

Everyone has their own reason to be whatever they are and to let whomever they choose know who they really are in their day to day life. But for gosh sakes, when you reach your 30’s and 40’s have some respect for yourself and who you claim to be. I could be wrong here but I don’t think I have lost too many good chances in my life just because someone knew that I was Gay.
Maybe I have.
If I have, I really don’t need to know about it now- or care.

Back to Sean Hayes. I understand that being “out” in Hollywood might be injurious to one’s career. In his case though I would expect he has a few million tucked away in a bank account, so why not say- F*** ‘em if they can’t take a joke!I always had thought he was Gay in real life anyway.

Don’t know why.
I just did.
Maybe I read it somewhere.

Thinking back to the Will & Grace days on TV you sure didn’t see him in too many interviews and when you did it seemed the whole Will & Grace gang were there. He didn’t say much. He seemed quiet and shy. Maybe it was his way of protecting his ass. Maybe his management told him to only speak when spoken to and to be careful what he spake! After all there were a lot of people who were getting paid from Sean’s talent.

So, now we know he’s out. We know too- from The Advocate article, that he has someone special in his life but he’s not offering details about that relationship. I wouldn’t either.
We don’t need to know.
Hmmm. Maybe one day it might be nice to sit down with him and have a “bitch-fest”.
Invite Rufus Wainwright too.
Now that’s a “fest!”


Helen's Hubbie gets wrist slap for drugs and careless driving. You and I would be thrown in jail. Tory-leaning judge? Tory intervention? Sounds like somehting that would happen south of the border- down Mexico way. Chuck the "cons"-sooner rather than later.

A virus that may kill cancer cells? 10 years of research but it won't be available outside of test cases for another two years. Woo-Hoo! Cancer can be beaten!

Research says 40+ women better at math than the rest of us- women under 40 included.
Huh go figure!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Our Spring weather continues. Rain is forecast for the weekend. This white stuff can’t leave fast enough for me. Yes, I also know that once it leaves it just might come back again. Such is our fickle March/April weather.Let me tell you one thing. If I can work some magic, I will not be living in the snowbound whiteness of Central Ontario for one more winter.
Why-you ask?

I am sick to death of slushy roads eating through the carpets and undercarriage of my vehicles.
I am tired of snow and ice stripping the paint from my verandah floor and steps.
I am sick of the cold killing my roses and flowering bushes.
I am sick of my hydro bills going up very year- even though we have put thousands of dollars into new windows, new roof, and extra insulation and such into our home.
When do we start getting some of the savings that hydro and gas companies tell us we’ll see if we insulate, use low wattage bulbs and turn the heat down- and freeze.
I am sick of gas bills going higher and higher and hidden charges on bills called “office charges”.

I am tired of walkways covered with slippery ice.
I am tired of dog shit being encased in ice until May!
I am really sick of sidewalk ploughs ripping up the grass along the front yard and street ploughs piling mounds of snow- laced with sand, on our front boulevard- which I have to shovel off and then rake every spring.

I am tired of snowmobiles ripping up and down the street and through the park.
I hate going out to eat and have a snowmobiler- half-peeled out of their snowsuit, sitting next to me and reeking of oil and gas.
I am tired of long, dark nights.
I hate not seeing green for six months out of every year.
I get tired of listening to ski reports.

I hate seeing Christmas wreaths and Christmas lights adorning porches and front doors IN THE MONTH OF MARCH!!
I am disgusted at cigarette butt laying along the street that smokers believe will somehow magically dissolve when the snow leaves.
I hate wearing boots and sweaters and scarves and earmuffs and hats when I walk the dogs.
I hate when their paws get iced up or sand from the sidewalks get stuck between their pads.

Other than that…Winter’s a blast!


That American Lady politician of the Christian Right who was accused recently of making a speech and referring to notes written on her hand, Says she did so because she says “God” writes on his hand too.

Rufus Wainwright talked to George Strombolopolus on the Hour last night. I like Rufus. Play his music on Swisssh Radio too. He would be on my list of 10 people I would like to meet and share a martini or two with…
He reminds me of a friend who passed through and then out of my life a few years ago. We no longer see each other- but he is still a special friend whether he cares to believe it or not. My door is always open. The martini glasses are chilling.

Finally… it’s been just over a week since a special member of our family passed into “puddy heaven” and I am still having a hard time with it. I believe Tom- my husband, is too.
Nobody has said to me- “For God’s sake Rob, it was just a cat”!
If someone had said that, I would say- “You just don’t get it. You just look at what’s there and then think-that’s all there is.”
However, there is more. It changes things. Luma’s passing has changed me. I can feel it inside.
Changes are being made. I will be better for it.

Have a nice one. Enjoy the sun!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Ache-Ademic Awards

The show was painful. I am not a real big fan of the Academy Awards.
Heck, I am not a big fan of competition of any kind.
That’s just me.
However, I did click into the Awards- when I wasn’t watching a special about Bing Crosby.
A few observations....

So, why didn’t the sound people notice that when Steve and Alec clapped at the intro monologue- which was pretty dreadful, that’s all you could hear.
The director could have told them that before they came back on stage again. Anyway, isn’t that what a dress rehearsal is for?
That’s what this looked like. A dress rehearsal.
I use a dress rehearsal to iron out the mistakes.

Looks like all the ladies’ gowns have shoulder straps missing. Now those two young “duckies”- one was that Cyrus Gal with the uncomfortably tight top. Why her tits were all pushed up- right from her stomach. I think part of her belly was actually visible right alongside her boobs.

Mathew Broderick looked fantastic. So did Robert Downey. So did Tina Fey- except, part of the shoulder on her dress was missing, but they were funny!

Geeze, in the movie “Inglorious Basterds”, I hated that guy Christop Waltz as the Nazi “fiend” and although I hadn’t seen any of the other performances (like Christopher Plummer and Matt Damon), I thought- “This guy has to take it. He made me hate him so much.”
So, he did.

I hated the way CTV cut parts of the “live” the show. Once as Sandra Bulloch was onscreen. Again when they came back from a commercial, Steve and Alec were already doing an intro. Very bad. Bad. Very bad.
If I could have watched it on another network, I would have but on Rogers you don’t have a choice.

Gawd. I am missing the musical numbers but someone decided not to have any this year.
Nice tribute to John Hughes. Not musical but nice. Too bad Macauley Culkin didn’t have time to wash his hair. Eeeew.

Who is that freekin’ female announcer? It’s like- “Listen to me. I am the announcer at the Academy Awards!”Why did Ben Stiller do that “Avatar” thing? Oh, wait. I know. To make Steve and Alec look good.

Finally some glamour- Queen Latifah! Now she’s wearin’ that dress not the other way around.
Steve Martin was actually funny as he introduced “Queen L’. Maybe he locked Alec in the bathroom. They just shouldn’t have been paired together.

More class. Betty Bacall. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore! That is the glamour and class that Hollywood and pictures used to be. Meryl Streep has that stuff.

Love the woman sitting in front of Mo’Nique. She should not smile with that big ole tooth missing. It’s leaving a big black gaping hole on a 52 inch screen. Uh-oh. Black woman putting down the whites. God Bless you know who……!

Sigourney Weaver grabbed a crimson red sheer curtain. Wrapped it around her, plopped a brooch on her chest and Volia! You go girl. Looks great! Sarah Jessica. What is all this silver stiff-stuff up there?
Tom Ford on the other hand- Yowsa! Slurp!

Now, there’s a whole bunch of scary, young, pale-skinned actors with no stage presence. That young Taylor guy from Twilight should have just removed his shirt. His abs would have been the “hit” of the evening.

Gee, Cameron’s X Wife is taking all the awards for The Hurt Locker. Isn’t it cute the way he’s sitting there pissed off and she’s standing up applauding in front of him. I believe that the Academy doesn’t consider the actors in Avatar- real actors.

Sandra’s on now- Maybe she’ll be funny. Ooops. Too much red lip stuff and way too much 1940’s rouge. Guess her grannie did her makeup.
Nice gown, however.

Next: Bring Out Yer Dead! James Taylor sings…
Alec and Steve have stopped clapping. They’ve been reading the “tweets”.

Keanu Reeves. Yum. Who cares what he said.

So stuff and more stuff. Kathy Bates looked beautiful introducing a short clip from Avatar. Her voice quaked. Guess she’s a bit nervous.
You know. I haven’t seen James Cameron’s last Epic - “Titanic”. So far, from the clips of Avatar- I can honestly say I am not that interested.

Oh My God. The actor praising George Clooney. Her dress is melting!!!
Kate Winslet. Pretty in Silver. Another classy lady doing the Best Actor honours to Jeff Bridges!

Ok the women are next. Sean Penn does the intro. I hope for Meryl Streep….but maybe Sandra or that gal Gabourey from Precious.
It’s Sandra Bulloch!

OK. Barbra Streisand. This is total class all the way- although she is wearing her Grandmother’s tablecloth around her neck, but still looks fab-u-luss.
Best Picture.
Babs says: Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker.
The first female director to ever win an Academy Award. Gee, wish it could have tied with first African-American. Wouldn’t that have been something- for the Americans.

Tom Hanks intros Best Picture.
Yikes. That woman again. The Hurt Locker. Best Picture with 9 Academy Awards.
Guess the Academy thinks Avatar isn’t really acting or all the gals got together to vote for the lady on the ticket.
Now, remember what picture won last year?
So do the Awards really mean anything- except to the industry.
Probably not.

Have a good one!
P.S. It was Slumdog Millionaire. I never saw it.

Lets' see The Oscars.
Out of the 10 films nominated.
It is ten isn't it? It used to be 5 but they have made it ten this year.
Out of the 10 films nominted I have seen one.
Inglorious Basterds...and it took two tries to do it.
A lot of violence. Blood, torture and "stuff".
It was Nazi Germany after all. I couldn't finish the film the first time. I let it rest and finished it a few days later. I'm glad I did- although the violence is pretty hard to take.
The ending....
No, I won't ruin it.
The endimg was interesting. I'll leave it at that.

I wonder if any of the Canuks nominated will give a nod back home.
Probably not because in America one has to do what the Americans do and that's snub Canada.
I will be looking for a little snippet of red in a sea of fashion.


Swisssh Radio is officially 3 years old today. Swisssh went "live" over the Internet three years ago.
A shaky start but a good finish- eventually.
New computers along the way.
A LAN line. I was working off a wireless router but after a year and a bit I ran a LAN line and poof!
Things were stable after that.
We get around 4000 hours tuned a month. That would translate into several hundred people listening each week- if not more. A few Net Stations have come and gone but here at Swisssh Rdaio we are hanging tight.
We're waiting for the first million to come rolling in.

Environment Canada is telling us not to get too smug about the "spring-like" conditions.
They tell us- " There's more winter to come".

Who was that guy hosting SNL last night? I don't think I have ever seen him. The name didn't even ring a bell. He must be in a movie that's popular right now. I can't even remmeber his name to Google him.
Guess I could go to the SNL website.

That's it for today. Have a sunny one!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I don't intend to "jinx" this or anything but the next 5 or 6 days are to be sunny and mild.
All those poor people who paid untold dollars to go to Florida for sunshine and here it is- right at home.
Those rather "puney" snowbanks should be gone by the middle of the week.

Well folks, I did it.
I cut back on my Arts and entertainment website "Swisssh" ( I had been mulling the whole thing over for  the past couple of months and decided- while walking in that brilliant sunshine yesterday, that I would make a major change.
So, the website only has two pages now. The Swisssh Radio Page and the Muckraking Page.
The other two pages- I deleted.
Now, that's not to say that some "artsy-cultury" stuff might still appear in a written blog, it's just that I am not preparing a Culture and Performance and Bits and Bites Page like I have for the past few years.

It just got to be too much.
Too much work for too little- profit.
Don't make me laugh!
The only profit I got was the fun of doing it.
The problem is it began to wear thin.
Like- Can you put this on Swisssh. Can you put that on Swisssh.
We don't have a budget.
So I would.
Then I'd see an ad in a newspaper or somewhere.

So, it's gone.
Read 'em and weep but not too much.
There's still the Swisssh Radio Page with goodies and of course the Muckraking Page with a few blogs including one such as this one- only different.


"Leave My Anthem Alone"- the Canuks yelled enmasse and the Tories did. What a smokescreen eh? We forgot all about the prorouging business that went on before the Olympics.
It just went away with a whimper- didn't it?
I thought we were all as mad as a moose in heat about that one and it just slid quietly away into the muskeg.

I'm not one for Television "cop shows" but I did sort of watch CTV's "The Bridge" last night.
It was well done. Cops, street chases, intrigue and union stuff. Obviously a Toronto show but they never mentioned a city, just the Metropolitan Police.
The Bloor Viaduct was there as plain as day and a red rocket or two.
You know one could quite easily go through a week watching nothing but Canadian-produced shows and with the possible inclusion of Modern Family and Cougar Town, not miss the U.S. crap at all!
It's just that we've been programmed to lap up the American stuff and "poo poo" our stuff.
I thought that was all going to change after the Olympics?

On a final note, did you see that new computer that projects a "keyboard" onto your arm or chest or your ~ahem~  if it's big enough. You just tap and display. Gee, something else for drivers or theatre-goers to do instead of watching the road or the show.

Have a nice one.

Friday, March 5, 2010

It’s been a week today since our orange tabby Luma passed into “Puddy Heaven”.
It has been a tough week.
Empty and filled with tears and memories.
The tears are not quite as frequent, as time moves along.
But I still miss her like crazy. Tom does too.
We look for her in her favourite places and forget she’s here only in spirit.
We even call her name…..

Now, the Vet has just called. Luma is almost home and we can pick her up.
We decided on cremation like our last three family members and we purchased a simple urn.
She will be home with us again- as safe as she was that evening a week ago when she slipped away in my arms. Luma joins our previous family members-

Sam- an Irish Setter- the only one of our animals we did not have cremated. We gave her up at the Humane Society in Toronto

25 years ago. We have her collar that she wore that final day. My heart still aches for that special dog and I looked forward to being able to tell her “I’m sorry” someday.

Max- a wonderful cat that stuck to me like glue even when he had to go with someone else during a split-up.
Bad Memories. Max wouldn’t have any of that routine. He wouldn’t settle down. He played “nutsy puddy” and was promptly given back to me. A day I will never forget. How happy I was that Max was with me once again.

Then, there’s Lucky. A beautiful, quiet, little white and grey tabby who died of a heart attack quite un-expectantly at the Vets. We never had a chance to say goodbye because we never expected her to leave us so soon. She was 11 years old.

Samantha the min-schnauzer left this world next. 13 1/2 years old. Her organs failed her. She was so sweet. She travelled with us from Mississauga to Orillia. She loved walks with her Dads and even travelled further with us to Florida in an RV with Lucky and Kiki- our yellow lab.

Our family still has Kiki. Full name “Waikiki” because she’s the colour of the sand in Hawaii. Kiki will be 14 this July and still runs like a puppy. She is absolutely so special and has a very spiritual bond with both of us. We love her to bits.

We share our home with little Missy too. Whiskers Miss Samantha Rose. A big name for a little mini- schnauzer. Named after her sisters- both Samantha’s. Whiskers is her kennel name. Rose- because her “birth parents” at Whiskers called her Rosie to begin with. We asked for Missy because that’s
the name we had chosen for her. She is just four and has boundless energy. She loves her sister Kiki. Such a tight bond there, it is amazing.
That’s “our kids”. Each one a special part of our life in the past and the present.


The Opposition Parties- at least the NDP and Bloc, say down with the ConservativesReformAlliance. However, the Libs are saying they will not close down Parliament with a vote of non confidence. Come on Michael!! After proroguing, suggested Afghanistan torture, anti-women rhetoric and ignoring Gays and
Lesbians in brochures for new immigrants- not to mention outbursts from the likes of lovely Helena, I say give it a whirl Iggy. Why in the hell did we freeze our asses off chanting Harpers gotta Go back in January at that rally- not only in Downtown Orillia but across this country.

I walked in the warm March Sunshine through downtown Orillia yesterday. What’s going on down there? No heart. No soul. No people. A wasteland. A few giggling schoolgirls. A lady with a cane and a shopping bag. A young smart ass crossing on a red light. A grown man also crossing against the lights.
He should know better. A homeless person or two. Some new stores opening but some empty storefronts. When is somebody going to fix up that old Bi-Way location that was a Walkers Department Store way back in the 60’s? Like I have said before. Close the street. Add some trees and benchs. A stage or two.
Some outdoor merchants. A few outdoor cafes and maybe it would fly. Oh yes- good lighting at night so we can have the street back from the questionable evening inhabitants.

I thought Hiccups, Dan For Mayor and Republic of Doyle- which I watched for the first time this week, were all funny, well done shows. So watch already. Last week you were all waving the Maple Leaf and singing the National Anthem. What better way to keepup the momentum than giving up watching a number of crappy US reality shows. Shame on you Jerry Seinfeld for making another million on stupid people who air their dirty laundry and bad luck on television.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thursday March 4, 2010 01:05EDT

O Canada.
Our home for Women, Men, Kids, Gays, Lesbians, Blacks, Mexcicans, Catholics and Jew's Home and Native Land including Six Nations, Mjinkaning, Pacific Coast, Denne, Inuit and Metis.
True, patriot Love.
In all thy Sons, Daughters, Aunts, Uncle, Nieces, Mums, Dads, Husbands and Wives command.
With Glowing Hearts
We see thee rise-
The True North Strong and Free.
From Far and Wide O Canada- We Stand on Guard for thee.
Supreme Being Keep our Land
Glorious and Free,
O Canada...

So is most everyone happy with that?
The Torys now wanna change the anthem...again.
It already had an overhaul- this anthem that wasn't even our official anthem until 1980 or so, when "God" was added.
Personally, I think "God" should be kept out of the anthem.
So if women get their place or we insert "In all of us command" for "In all they sons command", then remove the word "God" since there are those who believe in a Supreme Leader-or not, yet not a "God".

Now, maybe women are upset with the word "sons" but if they are, I have not heard one of them verbalize that fact to me over the years. If they are upset about that- I am sorry as any "real" Canadian would be.
What's up next?
I bet those former Alliance/Reformers would recind the same Sex Marriage law in a "snap" if they could.
Can they?
Who knows?
Look what happened.
It was supposed to be a Prime Minister that less than 18% of Canadians voted in- not a Dictator.

Like I said yesterday when are Canadians going to boot that man out of Ottawa and take along that Governor General- I used to admire until the "telephone prorogue thingy", whose lips have become suctioned to the PM's ass!

There, I feel better...O Canada!


How low can movies go? How about "Hot Tub Time Machine". Yup, it opens in theatres soon. Amazing how much money some people will give "men" to make a film.

Excuse me...When are people going to stop watching reality shows. Now, some 41 year old guy who thought he was "Tarzan of the Near North" took off into the bush near Huntsville to play "Survivorman". Well, he played allright. Problem is he didn't "survive". What a shame. Of course, like stupid snowmobilers who go through the ice and smokers that catch Cancer- you and I have to pay for their actions through our taxes.

Of course Conservatives in Grey-Bruce (Grey-Bruce has a panhandle as part of their electoral district that touches just above Midhurst along the Old Barrie Road betwewen Orillia and Barrie) stand behind Helena Guergis. While opposition parties are calling for her resignation, local Conservatives stand proud and free.
Just not too close. You see Helena might loose her cool and swear at a ticket agent or security personal, like she reportedly did at Charlottetown airport on Feb. 19. If that happened I'm sure they'd all slink away and use the bathroom one last time or grab a coffee. Who wants to stand behind a "screaming banshee" at an airport?
When will Mr. Harper and the Harperite's reign be through in Ottawa?
Now a slap in the face for all Gay and Lesbian Canadians. Rights- including the right to marry, conveniently left out of a brochure given to prospective immigrants.
Now, there is a picture in the brochure of that handsome man Mark Tewkesbury- Speedo wearer extrordinaire. There's a bi-line under the picture that says he works for Gay Rights and won a gold medal in swimming at the Olympics. That is somehting at least...
But come on this Conservative Government has a hard time with the motto- "Live and Let Live".

Why are Canadians so blind to the fact that this is a minority government and he's changing this country to become a backwater for his own beliefs. I watched him at the closing ceremonies. Something wasn't right.
He looked sour. Dazed. He looked like a dictator.

If that was Mrs. Harper next to him and his daughter behind him they looked like "normal" Canuks but him- there was something deep and dark about him. Okay. Not too deep.

Bring on a spring election and let's dump him while we still have a Canada.


Time to take down the Chrissy Deckies everyone. I still have a tree with blue and white lights standing next to the front door but it's a winter thing. It will come down today. However, red lights. Dead cedar garlands. Wreaths with faded red bows and the like, have got to go.

Gotta love the Yanks who love their guns. Some big tadoo about a well known coffee chain in the States allowing people to carry guns into their coffee shops where it's legal. I can't quite get my mind around it all but then I'm Canadian- eh.

A City grows up a little. Come fall Orillia will have transit service until 10PM. Passed by council to help College and University students get home from classes. The new Lakehead Campus opens in the fall.
Now how to get people about on Sunday. Still no change there that I can see.

Have a nice one. Enjoy the sunshine.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Things are a little bit easier today.
I know- time heals all wounds but what about an ache in your heart?
As my previous blog tells you, we lost a beautiful member of our family Friday evening- our orange tabby Luma.
Over the past few days, we have discovered that she's not really gone. Her spirit was strong and her determination to stay longer- she left us at such an early age (10 years), has meant that we still find her in all her favourite spots around the house.
Her earthly body has departed but she's still around in the warmth of a ray of sunshine across the bed.
In her favourite chair in the parlour. On her favourite pillow and the corner of the padded pet bed in front of the fire.

We were so blessed with Luma being a part of our lives- yet, it is still so hard to let her go.
One day at a time...


What a spectacular Closing Olympic Ceremony from Vancouver. I want a blow-up "Beaver" for the yard.
Maybe Canadian Tire?

A guy runs into a pole with his car. He calls his family to tell them what has happened. They go to the accident location and find him dead. Apparently he had to pee. He did so into a ditch at the scene.
However, there just happened to be a "live" electrical wire laying in the ditch.
He was electrocuted. Yikes!
The Moral: Don't pee into a ditch.

Finally, it's March.
The average daytime temperature is above freezing.
Ice Huts have to be removed from the lake soon.
Skiers will start compaining about poor "spring conditions".
Snowmobilers will "whine" about the lack of snow coverage in fields.
The sun will feel ever so warm on you face.

Have a nice day!