Saturday, March 6, 2010

I don't intend to "jinx" this or anything but the next 5 or 6 days are to be sunny and mild.
All those poor people who paid untold dollars to go to Florida for sunshine and here it is- right at home.
Those rather "puney" snowbanks should be gone by the middle of the week.

Well folks, I did it.
I cut back on my Arts and entertainment website "Swisssh" ( I had been mulling the whole thing over for  the past couple of months and decided- while walking in that brilliant sunshine yesterday, that I would make a major change.
So, the website only has two pages now. The Swisssh Radio Page and the Muckraking Page.
The other two pages- I deleted.
Now, that's not to say that some "artsy-cultury" stuff might still appear in a written blog, it's just that I am not preparing a Culture and Performance and Bits and Bites Page like I have for the past few years.

It just got to be too much.
Too much work for too little- profit.
Don't make me laugh!
The only profit I got was the fun of doing it.
The problem is it began to wear thin.
Like- Can you put this on Swisssh. Can you put that on Swisssh.
We don't have a budget.
So I would.
Then I'd see an ad in a newspaper or somewhere.

So, it's gone.
Read 'em and weep but not too much.
There's still the Swisssh Radio Page with goodies and of course the Muckraking Page with a few blogs including one such as this one- only different.


"Leave My Anthem Alone"- the Canuks yelled enmasse and the Tories did. What a smokescreen eh? We forgot all about the prorouging business that went on before the Olympics.
It just went away with a whimper- didn't it?
I thought we were all as mad as a moose in heat about that one and it just slid quietly away into the muskeg.

I'm not one for Television "cop shows" but I did sort of watch CTV's "The Bridge" last night.
It was well done. Cops, street chases, intrigue and union stuff. Obviously a Toronto show but they never mentioned a city, just the Metropolitan Police.
The Bloor Viaduct was there as plain as day and a red rocket or two.
You know one could quite easily go through a week watching nothing but Canadian-produced shows and with the possible inclusion of Modern Family and Cougar Town, not miss the U.S. crap at all!
It's just that we've been programmed to lap up the American stuff and "poo poo" our stuff.
I thought that was all going to change after the Olympics?

On a final note, did you see that new computer that projects a "keyboard" onto your arm or chest or your ~ahem~  if it's big enough. You just tap and display. Gee, something else for drivers or theatre-goers to do instead of watching the road or the show.

Have a nice one.