Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, Monday. Sunny and bright-yet a cold wind.
Must be March.

Travelled to Toronto to see Mel Brooks' production of Young Frankenstein on Saturday. If you know the campy movie from a few years ago, Brooks has kept intact all the good gags and laughs and added some songs. We were lucky to see the Broadway Cast. Not all the originals from when it opened on the great white way- but all Broadway cast. Of course Roger Bart (The Producers) was Dr. Frankenstein as on Broadway. Shuler Hensley (Oklahoma) was the Monster- as on Broadway. Cory English was Igor- that's pronounced "Eye-Gore"- and originated the Broadway Role as well.
Brad Oscar- who took a rest from this particular performance, was replaced by another actor- Erick R. Walck, for the performance we saw.
Everyone needs a day off after all!
Too bad. When we saw the big Mel Brooks' hit- The Producers on Broadway, Roger Bart and Brad Oscar were in the lead roles originally performed by Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick. It would have been nice to see them on stage together again. Other Princess of Wales audiences will- just not us.

Beth Curry, Joanna Glushak and Anne Horak were terrific as Elizabeth, Frau Blucher (Heeeeeeeee) and Inga repectively. Glushak's role was outstanding- He vas my BOYFRIEND! Now a classic song as well as a classic line!

The sets, costumes and staging were all wondefully done with many bits of the choreography- from Director Susan Stoman, reminiscent of stuff from The Producers. The show is in Toronto until April 18th. Go and laugh your ass off. We did! Details at


Hear about the guy who bopped a parking control officer in Toronto on Sunday because he got a ticket for illegal parking? Does that officer get danger pay?

I've been chopping and cutting my Swisssh Website- at, like crazy this past while.
I am making it smaller.
It's only a one-page site now.
Funny- nobody even noticed.
It's still going to shrink a bit more as time goes on. I really just got tired of posting all the "free" stuff. It's  a real time consumer- keeping a website up to date I mean. I would update the site a few times a day. I would plop banner ads and such on Swisssh at no cost. Then, I would see paid ads elsewhere for groups and organizations I had on the site for free.
I never wanted to get rich, just pay for the server.
So after 3 1/2 years the site has shrivelled.

That skateboard park down near the junk yard. You know on our beautiful waterfront...
I walked by yesterday and the garbage thrown around there is disgusting. The garbage can is right there and the grass around it is peppered with plastic bottles and paper plates. This was just a stupid place to put this skateboard facility in the first place.
We lure these young people down there to "play" who seem to have no concern for the environment- let alone our waterfront, yet we throw the Regan House out in Scout Valley instead of using it in a park where people can actually see this "historic"  log structure. Too bad.
Oh well with the MURF and the Library- why am I not surprized??

Have a nice one.