Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Past the halfway mark in March- already?
It seems like April with the mild weather and no snow.
According to Environment Canada Weather Forecasting, the snow could return Sunday with a few showers. Yes, we've been spoiled.
Heck what's a few flurries mixed with rain?
Friends who have been in Florida for the past three weeks can't believe the snow has disappeared since they left the frozen north such a short time ago.

This beautiful weather has a lot to do with you and Igoing "whole hog" as far as spring is concerned. For instance, I have been trying to buy a tent gazebo the past few days. Twice- like ships in the night, I have missed connecting with the department head at a local store, who I needed to talk with to confirm whether or not this gazebo was in stock. Finally, yesterday I talked to him on the telephone. This store has sold 30 of these popular summer items already he tells me and I am not the only customer still trying to buy one. It seems, he says, that more of these gazebos are still in a container on a ship- in the Atlantic I presume, where they'll be transferred to a warehouse before reaching the store.

Hearing my disappointment over the phone, the department head- who I'll call Edward, suggested he would call a couple of area stores to see if the product was in stock. He called back in half an hour.
He found one in Midland.
So, on a beautiful, sunny, warm March afternoon we drove along Highway 12 to Midland- the Heart of Huronia, and picked up the gazebo.
It's in a box of course and when the spring weather has moved in for certain- to stay I mean, it will be constructed. You know, slot A into Slot B. Screw nut C onto bolt D and tighten.
There's also a BBQ that's sitting in the garden shed, waiting to be assembled as well. That was a very early warm weather purchase back in early February that just couldn't be passed by.

It's nice to think about warm days. I even put the cushions on the wicker furniture along the side verandah. It's a favourite spot to have morning coffee in the warm sunshine.


The Harperites quietly cutting funding of internet services to small community centres and hospitals. They just keep getting better don't they?

Liar, liar, pants on fire!
That guy in LA with the frozen gas peddle? Apparently not telling the truth. It would seem he wanted noteriety and perhaps the opportunity to make some money from the car company.
Such a bad boy.

Meanwhile, there's a guy in Montreal who could be going to jail for filming movies inside movie theatres and then distributing them on the Internet. First case of it's kind in Canada all thanks to the movie studios pressuring the Harper Government a few years ago to change the law and charge such persons. What about those people who download second-rate copies of his stuff.
That old copyright thing. It just keeps rearing it's ugly head- doesn't it?

Have a great day!