Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Our Spring weather continues. Rain is forecast for the weekend. This white stuff can’t leave fast enough for me. Yes, I also know that once it leaves it just might come back again. Such is our fickle March/April weather.Let me tell you one thing. If I can work some magic, I will not be living in the snowbound whiteness of Central Ontario for one more winter.
Why-you ask?

I am sick to death of slushy roads eating through the carpets and undercarriage of my vehicles.
I am tired of snow and ice stripping the paint from my verandah floor and steps.
I am sick of the cold killing my roses and flowering bushes.
I am sick of my hydro bills going up very year- even though we have put thousands of dollars into new windows, new roof, and extra insulation and such into our home.
When do we start getting some of the savings that hydro and gas companies tell us we’ll see if we insulate, use low wattage bulbs and turn the heat down- and freeze.
I am sick of gas bills going higher and higher and hidden charges on bills called “office charges”.

I am tired of walkways covered with slippery ice.
I am tired of dog shit being encased in ice until May!
I am really sick of sidewalk ploughs ripping up the grass along the front yard and street ploughs piling mounds of snow- laced with sand, on our front boulevard- which I have to shovel off and then rake every spring.

I am tired of snowmobiles ripping up and down the street and through the park.
I hate going out to eat and have a snowmobiler- half-peeled out of their snowsuit, sitting next to me and reeking of oil and gas.
I am tired of long, dark nights.
I hate not seeing green for six months out of every year.
I get tired of listening to ski reports.

I hate seeing Christmas wreaths and Christmas lights adorning porches and front doors IN THE MONTH OF MARCH!!
I am disgusted at cigarette butt laying along the street that smokers believe will somehow magically dissolve when the snow leaves.
I hate wearing boots and sweaters and scarves and earmuffs and hats when I walk the dogs.
I hate when their paws get iced up or sand from the sidewalks get stuck between their pads.

Other than that…Winter’s a blast!


That American Lady politician of the Christian Right who was accused recently of making a speech and referring to notes written on her hand, Says she did so because she says “God” writes on his hand too.

Rufus Wainwright talked to George Strombolopolus on the Hour last night. I like Rufus. Play his music on Swisssh Radio too. He would be on my list of 10 people I would like to meet and share a martini or two with…
He reminds me of a friend who passed through and then out of my life a few years ago. We no longer see each other- but he is still a special friend whether he cares to believe it or not. My door is always open. The martini glasses are chilling.

Finally… it’s been just over a week since a special member of our family passed into “puddy heaven” and I am still having a hard time with it. I believe Tom- my husband, is too.
Nobody has said to me- “For God’s sake Rob, it was just a cat”!
If someone had said that, I would say- “You just don’t get it. You just look at what’s there and then think-that’s all there is.”
However, there is more. It changes things. Luma’s passing has changed me. I can feel it inside.
Changes are being made. I will be better for it.

Have a nice one. Enjoy the sun!