Thursday, March 11, 2010

I was up for an auspicious award the other day.
Maybe that's the incorrect word- since this is the first year for the award.
It had to do with what I do in the community.
You know. The acting, the writing, directing, the  "putting on of shows".
I was terribly pleased, honoured and humbled that I was nominated.
A good friend- Krista Storey, ran the flag up the pole to see who would salute.
She encouraged several others to write down a few words of what I do for the arts and
cultural community.
It got my name in the paper- and on a website or two- but other than that most people didn't even know that I was up for this honour.
As it turns out- I lost.
I am not surprrized. I knew who the winner would be. I know who the winner should be.
No, not me.

Things never seem to work out.
Truthfully, I am one of those people who always say- "I never win anything."
I don't and that's the problem.
I don't like that aspect of awards. It's a pissing contest really.
The award in my mind is in the nomination. The fact that one has been recognized by one's peers.
That's the beauty of it. That's what I will remember.
The contest to tell everyone who is better than the next, disturbs me.
Maybe that's because I never win. I've just never been one for contests of any description, right down to playing parlour board games to swinging a baseball bat.
I have no interest.
Instead of this "pissing contest", I would have honoured all the nominees and leave it at that.
Have a reception. Allow the "awarded nominee" to talk for a couple of minutes and express their gratitude
at being placed on a pedestal- even for a brief few minutes.
I believe all those in the three areas of nomination should be recognized to help the arts community in Orillia feel proud that people such as these exist. God knows in Orillia you're nothing without a hockey stick in one hand and a soccer ball at your feet.

Even that is not the problem. Yes, money and facilities dedicated to sport- hockey especially, with two more ice surfaces being built in Orillia is a reality. In the Arts and Cultural Community there is a lack of support. A lack of available "bums in seats". Anyone who has produced a show can tell you it's nerve-racking trying to get the same people over and over again to support your presentation. I have found- even with a couple of stage presentatons I was involved in last year, that fellow actors don't even support each other.
I certainly don't see the support- except for a few hard-core audience members that are always there for you when you are on stage.

As a matter of fact most of the time I hear excuses as to why they didn't or couldn't make the show.
Fair enough. It's just that I am tired of hearing the stories. So, I have stepped back. Maybe for a short term maybe for good. I am reviewing the situation as Fagan sings in the muscial "Oliver".

That is why receiving the nomination for this award couldn't have arrived at a better time. It's a nice way to
go out. A whimper and not a bang, I know, but it's still nice.
Thanks again for those who took up the cause and wrote glowing letters of support.
I am humbled.


A little burg of 23,000 in some Bible-thumping area of the south has refused to hold a school prom this year because a young lady wants to bring her girlfriend and wear a tuxedo. So the powers that be closed it down to protect the other kids from feeling "uneasy" when the two gals would have taken to the dance floor.
What a bunch of acorns!

There's a law for the rich and important and one for the rest of us. Looks like some people are getting mighty upset over that a former MP is getting a 500 dollar slap on the wrist for doing drugs. Why do they call it dope? Beats me.

The Loonie will be at par with the US dollar soon and surpass the Yankee buck by summer. Cue the manufacturers and the tourist spots who are whimpering already about lack of American trade and visitors. Yawn...

Have a good one!