Friday, March 19, 2010

W E E K E N D Wanderings

Tulips, Hyacinths, Crocus-they are all coming up in the gardens.
It kind of makes your mind do a flip. It is only just past mid-March.
I just looked at a picture taken on March 22, 2009 and we had snow half-way up the garage wall.
Muskoka chairs on a lower deck were still stuck in a huge, icy snow bank.
What a difference a couple of seasons make!
Half the yard is raked already.
People are biking and roller blading.
Environment Canada saya a hot, dry summer is ahead.
Good for us. Bad for farmers- as well as our gardens.
Global warming or just crazy weather? I don't know but I'll take a spring that starts on March first anyday.

There's work to be done around the "castle", however.
Like painting the verandah floor.
Assembling a new BBQ.
Setting up a new Gazebo on the back deck. That's the one I told you about a couple of days ago that required the trip to Midland. These tented structures are selling like crazy in Orillia.
I don't mind these tasks.
It's better than -30 and a raging snow storm.

Yesterday I saw a guy jogging. Shirtless. The first of the season.
Then there's the young folks who have been sporting tee shirts, tube tops, shorts and sandals for a few weeks now. All hardy Canadians who love the outdoor perhaps more in this spring and summer season than any other time of the year.
I know I do.
Now, if we could only grow "real" palm trees and not fake ones, I would be totally happy.

Have a nice weekend and if the weather gets "wonky" just remember what we've had the past few weeks.
The nice days will be here in abundance still. Why those meteorologists at Environment Canada are saying a Hot and Dry Summer is ahead. I don't have a problem with that but compared to last summer we might be using the garden hose a lot more. Just remember, "even" house numbers on "even" calendar days and....oh never mind. Like I'm going to let my plants die. On "even" days, we borrow from neighbours.
No really!
They said it's OK.


The dollar shop that closed downtown just after the holidays has just re-opened. Convenient but like all the others not a real "dollar" store since some prices will be over that Loonie level.

I feel sorry for that senior couple that got dupped by those Gas Sellers here in Orillia. They are lot like Mormons these guys. Now we have used this company for years ourselves. We saved a lot the first few years but not so much the past few. When the contract comes up again, I think we'll cancel. However, just how many times do we have to tell our Seniors- DO NOT sign anything or let anyone through your front door you don't know. Following this rule would have prevented all their trouble with this company and a contract they allegedly signed.

Adam and Tiger,
Sitting in a tree,
Kissing lovely ladies
One, two, three......
OK Enough!
Who cares anymore.
Who cared in the first place?

Have a nice one.