Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When will Mr. Harper and the Harperite's reign be through in Ottawa?
Now a slap in the face for all Gay and Lesbian Canadians. Rights- including the right to marry, conveniently left out of a brochure given to prospective immigrants.
Now, there is a picture in the brochure of that handsome man Mark Tewkesbury- Speedo wearer extrordinaire. There's a bi-line under the picture that says he works for Gay Rights and won a gold medal in swimming at the Olympics. That is somehting at least...
But come on this Conservative Government has a hard time with the motto- "Live and Let Live".

Why are Canadians so blind to the fact that this is a minority government and he's changing this country to become a backwater for his own beliefs. I watched him at the closing ceremonies. Something wasn't right.
He looked sour. Dazed. He looked like a dictator.

If that was Mrs. Harper next to him and his daughter behind him they looked like "normal" Canuks but him- there was something deep and dark about him. Okay. Not too deep.

Bring on a spring election and let's dump him while we still have a Canada.


Time to take down the Chrissy Deckies everyone. I still have a tree with blue and white lights standing next to the front door but it's a winter thing. It will come down today. However, red lights. Dead cedar garlands. Wreaths with faded red bows and the like, have got to go.

Gotta love the Yanks who love their guns. Some big tadoo about a well known coffee chain in the States allowing people to carry guns into their coffee shops where it's legal. I can't quite get my mind around it all but then I'm Canadian- eh.

A City grows up a little. Come fall Orillia will have transit service until 10PM. Passed by council to help College and University students get home from classes. The new Lakehead Campus opens in the fall.
Now how to get people about on Sunday. Still no change there that I can see.

Have a nice one. Enjoy the sunshine.