Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Mother gave me a box of old photos the other day. The box always sat on a side shelf on my Grandmother's Library table. As I was taking the dusty photograph envelopes out of the box, I found a couple of newspaper clippings tucked in beside them.

The columns were by a Doctor- Doctor Royal S. Copeland. Although the title of the column was "Jaunt Outdoors Good for Housewife", the advice from December 22, 1927 is relevant today for all of us.

Dr. Copeland says-

Please get out of doors everyday.
Don't use the telephone if you can possibly find the time to walk to the store. You need the air, the sun, the out-of-door exercise, the change of scene.
Your movements around the house are regular and monotonous, that they do not set the heart to pounding and the sweat glands to acting.
Good, smart out-of-door walking will do far more.
The invigorating coolness of the air (this was written in December remember) stimulates the skin, calls the blood to the surface and sets the heat to thumping.
A reasonable amount everyday will do wonders. The change of environment and the interface of ideas with the neighbours you meet on your outing will help clear the cobwebs from the brain.
Get out and add years of happy life to your expectation.

Basically, using the Doctor's own words- "Monotony within walls of home brings on ills that lessen years".

It amazed me that this simple bit of doctoring still holds true today- although some of us may be strolling down the street using the interface on our IPhone instead of interfacing with the neighbours, as Doctor Copeland says but the act of walking for excercise is the thing.
There's a real lift to strolling down the street, through the park and back again.
Thanks for that timely bit of advice from 1927 Doctor Copeland!


The Loonie is at par (basically) and set to go higher and stay there. Now, just try to get parity when you order something from the U.S. It is nice to know if you travel into Yankee Doodle land that a dollar is a loonie.

I went into an Old Navy and Gap store for the first time ever the other day.
What's the big deal. Same stuff at Zeller's and WalMart. Different label- but same stuff for a much cheaper price. The  Mannequins at Old Navy were kind of neat. Just like the television commercials. They weren't for sale.

They're still shooting visitors in Northern Mexico. The Canadian Government has warned us not to travel there. Drug and gang wars are responsible. Over 18,000 people have been killed in these conflicts since 2007.