Monday, March 1, 2010

Things are a little bit easier today.
I know- time heals all wounds but what about an ache in your heart?
As my previous blog tells you, we lost a beautiful member of our family Friday evening- our orange tabby Luma.
Over the past few days, we have discovered that she's not really gone. Her spirit was strong and her determination to stay longer- she left us at such an early age (10 years), has meant that we still find her in all her favourite spots around the house.
Her earthly body has departed but she's still around in the warmth of a ray of sunshine across the bed.
In her favourite chair in the parlour. On her favourite pillow and the corner of the padded pet bed in front of the fire.

We were so blessed with Luma being a part of our lives- yet, it is still so hard to let her go.
One day at a time...


What a spectacular Closing Olympic Ceremony from Vancouver. I want a blow-up "Beaver" for the yard.
Maybe Canadian Tire?

A guy runs into a pole with his car. He calls his family to tell them what has happened. They go to the accident location and find him dead. Apparently he had to pee. He did so into a ditch at the scene.
However, there just happened to be a "live" electrical wire laying in the ditch.
He was electrocuted. Yikes!
The Moral: Don't pee into a ditch.

Finally, it's March.
The average daytime temperature is above freezing.
Ice Huts have to be removed from the lake soon.
Skiers will start compaining about poor "spring conditions".
Snowmobilers will "whine" about the lack of snow coverage in fields.
The sun will feel ever so warm on you face.

Have a nice day!