Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thursday March 4, 2010 01:05EDT

O Canada.
Our home for Women, Men, Kids, Gays, Lesbians, Blacks, Mexcicans, Catholics and Jew's Home and Native Land including Six Nations, Mjinkaning, Pacific Coast, Denne, Inuit and Metis.
True, patriot Love.
In all thy Sons, Daughters, Aunts, Uncle, Nieces, Mums, Dads, Husbands and Wives command.
With Glowing Hearts
We see thee rise-
The True North Strong and Free.
From Far and Wide O Canada- We Stand on Guard for thee.
Supreme Being Keep our Land
Glorious and Free,
O Canada...

So is most everyone happy with that?
The Torys now wanna change the anthem...again.
It already had an overhaul- this anthem that wasn't even our official anthem until 1980 or so, when "God" was added.
Personally, I think "God" should be kept out of the anthem.
So if women get their place or we insert "In all of us command" for "In all they sons command", then remove the word "God" since there are those who believe in a Supreme Leader-or not, yet not a "God".

Now, maybe women are upset with the word "sons" but if they are, I have not heard one of them verbalize that fact to me over the years. If they are upset about that- I am sorry as any "real" Canadian would be.
What's up next?
I bet those former Alliance/Reformers would recind the same Sex Marriage law in a "snap" if they could.
Can they?
Who knows?
Look what happened.
It was supposed to be a Prime Minister that less than 18% of Canadians voted in- not a Dictator.

Like I said yesterday when are Canadians going to boot that man out of Ottawa and take along that Governor General- I used to admire until the "telephone prorogue thingy", whose lips have become suctioned to the PM's ass!

There, I feel better...O Canada!


How low can movies go? How about "Hot Tub Time Machine". Yup, it opens in theatres soon. Amazing how much money some people will give "men" to make a film.

Excuse me...When are people going to stop watching reality shows. Now, some 41 year old guy who thought he was "Tarzan of the Near North" took off into the bush near Huntsville to play "Survivorman". Well, he played allright. Problem is he didn't "survive". What a shame. Of course, like stupid snowmobilers who go through the ice and smokers that catch Cancer- you and I have to pay for their actions through our taxes.

Of course Conservatives in Grey-Bruce (Grey-Bruce has a panhandle as part of their electoral district that touches just above Midhurst along the Old Barrie Road betwewen Orillia and Barrie) stand behind Helena Guergis. While opposition parties are calling for her resignation, local Conservatives stand proud and free.
Just not too close. You see Helena might loose her cool and swear at a ticket agent or security personal, like she reportedly did at Charlottetown airport on Feb. 19. If that happened I'm sure they'd all slink away and use the bathroom one last time or grab a coffee. Who wants to stand behind a "screaming banshee" at an airport?