Friday, March 5, 2010

It’s been a week today since our orange tabby Luma passed into “Puddy Heaven”.
It has been a tough week.
Empty and filled with tears and memories.
The tears are not quite as frequent, as time moves along.
But I still miss her like crazy. Tom does too.
We look for her in her favourite places and forget she’s here only in spirit.
We even call her name…..

Now, the Vet has just called. Luma is almost home and we can pick her up.
We decided on cremation like our last three family members and we purchased a simple urn.
She will be home with us again- as safe as she was that evening a week ago when she slipped away in my arms. Luma joins our previous family members-

Sam- an Irish Setter- the only one of our animals we did not have cremated. We gave her up at the Humane Society in Toronto

25 years ago. We have her collar that she wore that final day. My heart still aches for that special dog and I looked forward to being able to tell her “I’m sorry” someday.

Max- a wonderful cat that stuck to me like glue even when he had to go with someone else during a split-up.
Bad Memories. Max wouldn’t have any of that routine. He wouldn’t settle down. He played “nutsy puddy” and was promptly given back to me. A day I will never forget. How happy I was that Max was with me once again.

Then, there’s Lucky. A beautiful, quiet, little white and grey tabby who died of a heart attack quite un-expectantly at the Vets. We never had a chance to say goodbye because we never expected her to leave us so soon. She was 11 years old.

Samantha the min-schnauzer left this world next. 13 1/2 years old. Her organs failed her. She was so sweet. She travelled with us from Mississauga to Orillia. She loved walks with her Dads and even travelled further with us to Florida in an RV with Lucky and Kiki- our yellow lab.

Our family still has Kiki. Full name “Waikiki” because she’s the colour of the sand in Hawaii. Kiki will be 14 this July and still runs like a puppy. She is absolutely so special and has a very spiritual bond with both of us. We love her to bits.

We share our home with little Missy too. Whiskers Miss Samantha Rose. A big name for a little mini- schnauzer. Named after her sisters- both Samantha’s. Whiskers is her kennel name. Rose- because her “birth parents” at Whiskers called her Rosie to begin with. We asked for Missy because that’s
the name we had chosen for her. She is just four and has boundless energy. She loves her sister Kiki. Such a tight bond there, it is amazing.
That’s “our kids”. Each one a special part of our life in the past and the present.


The Opposition Parties- at least the NDP and Bloc, say down with the ConservativesReformAlliance. However, the Libs are saying they will not close down Parliament with a vote of non confidence. Come on Michael!! After proroguing, suggested Afghanistan torture, anti-women rhetoric and ignoring Gays and
Lesbians in brochures for new immigrants- not to mention outbursts from the likes of lovely Helena, I say give it a whirl Iggy. Why in the hell did we freeze our asses off chanting Harpers gotta Go back in January at that rally- not only in Downtown Orillia but across this country.

I walked in the warm March Sunshine through downtown Orillia yesterday. What’s going on down there? No heart. No soul. No people. A wasteland. A few giggling schoolgirls. A lady with a cane and a shopping bag. A young smart ass crossing on a red light. A grown man also crossing against the lights.
He should know better. A homeless person or two. Some new stores opening but some empty storefronts. When is somebody going to fix up that old Bi-Way location that was a Walkers Department Store way back in the 60’s? Like I have said before. Close the street. Add some trees and benchs. A stage or two.
Some outdoor merchants. A few outdoor cafes and maybe it would fly. Oh yes- good lighting at night so we can have the street back from the questionable evening inhabitants.

I thought Hiccups, Dan For Mayor and Republic of Doyle- which I watched for the first time this week, were all funny, well done shows. So watch already. Last week you were all waving the Maple Leaf and singing the National Anthem. What better way to keepup the momentum than giving up watching a number of crappy US reality shows. Shame on you Jerry Seinfeld for making another million on stupid people who air their dirty laundry and bad luck on television.