Wednesday, March 23, 2016

MILDRED'S BLOG #597 (formerly RobBlog)

Mildred Fanny's ReBUTTal
Note: In the interest of fair representation, I am allowing Miss Mildred Fanny to have a moment of rebuttal regarding the content of a new show I have written called "All for Nun...The 2nd Coming".
Dear Sir or Madam,
First of all, I wish to thank Mr. Reid- immoral Atheist and poofter that he is, for allowing me to make a few points regarding a new stage show he will be presenting this summer. Mr. Reid asked myself and several other devoted Catholic Women- including Dorothea Swagman, to read his soon to be produced script. I must say I was shocked at some of the words I saw on the page. After Dorothea glanced at the first act, she has taken to the demon drink once again and refuses to allow her husband to see her in her foundations (girdle and stockings) before bedtime. I think you can understand the severity and untold affect many of the words- and resultant images, imprinted upon the script pages Mr. Reid- post hole digger that he is, handed me.
So shocked was I, I am  still quite unable to take full breaths and have decided to both reply and lodge a weighty complaint through my telephone equipment. You may dictate my words to a quality typist for publication. I don't use my twat so I am unable to tweater on that- nor do I post my face- or any other body part for that matter, on facelook which I understand is nothing but the Den of Satan.
Now to my point that Mr. Reid- man-muffin that he is, has allowed me to share with his readership.
I read his play with great trepidation and my initial instincts have proved to be more than correct. This is no Passion Play regarding the life, untimely exit and ultimate return of our Dear Catholic Lord Jesus. The  words "The Second Coming" had me fooled for a moment. Now, I don't want to sound smutty here but my second coming did not come to fruition for at least 7 months after my wedding night and safe to say there have not been that many since. I simply tell my husband George that I am not a filthy old rag rug that simply lies still in order for him to reap and sow his manly pleasures. I am woman. Hear me roar. Anyway, my husband George seems to be quite happy toddling off- these many years,to the barn and milking his own cow without bothering me about it all.
I am sure Jesus smiles down upon me. Praise Jesus Lord of all earthly men.
Now then my point. I am not sure the Nuns in this show are a proper representation of the Holy Church. The Catholic Church- as anyone who has half a brain and keeps his plunger in his pants will tell you, is the only "real" church and the sooner the Protestants- especially the Anglicans, get that- the better we'll all be.
Don't get me started during this Eastertide on the Jews who killed our Lord and Saviour. Those people should never have stopped wandering.
Chosen people my hemorrhoidal fanny cushion!
We Catholics are the "chosen" ones.
Why who has the Vatican and a Pope?
It certainly isn't the Jews or the Baptists for that matter.
As for those Nuns, I really don't believe they are true "nuns"- except for that Sister Mary Margaret who is one of the most devout, true and devoted Christian women I have ever met. She is a lady through and through, crafted in the image of the woman Eve in the Holy Blessed Garden of Eden- which the Mormons- through diligent study and sacred archeology, believe to be in Southwest Arkansas. This Sister- through and through, is indeed an example of a true "Bride of the Christ".
Listen to me people! I want these immoral representations of dedicated Holy women stopped immediately for Catholic Jesus' sake. I know he would be less amused and more ashamed.
While I am on the topic of my Lord, why in Heck do the Protestants think they have some right- after two thousand years, to tell me and my beloved church that we have the Lord's "colouring" all wrong? WTF?
For those uninitiated in short forms- WTF is Why The Foolishness.
What does all this mean when a Protestant is at home? That our Jesus should be dark skinned?
Roasted Poppy Cock!
Have none of these people ever seen Ben Hur starring that lovely, large, well-muscled, God-fearing- albeit non-Catholic man, Charlton Heston?
Anyone with a heart devoted to Jesus knows that as the Son of God he would have blonde hair and blue eyes and nobody is going to change my beloved Bible after so many centuries.
No Sir and in that I am unilingually  unilingual!
And finally, for the Sake of Jesus- our all powerful Lord in Heaven, his Father and the Holy Ghost- Casper, please keep lowly women such as myself out of the priesthood and in the kitchen where we belong- and I'm talking to the likes of you Jann Arden and Premier Kathleen Wynne.
In conclusion, I do not believe this play would be looked upon with approval by our Lord and therefore I must tote his line and sinker and bequest the same to Mr. Reid- stinker that he is.
Thanking You in the Name of Catholic Jesus, I remain-
Mildred Fanny
P.S. Happy Eastertide for Christ The Lord has Risen today. Hallelujah!
P.S.S. I hope you are feeling better soon Dorothea.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I am having doubts.
"What about, Dear Rob..."- I hear you ask?
The list isn't that long and heck, I don't even have a list really but I thought I'd talk to you about it-since you are all my closest and dearest friends...
It's this Theatre thingy.
Summer theatre and specifically- my Double R Production's Orillia Summer Theatre.
It's such a hard slog.
Every day I am trying to convince someone or some company to support this non-profit venture and that is not easy.
It's the part about producing a theatre season without grants and backers that I detest the most. Some theatre companies have the backing of the towns and cities where they are located. City/town councils may set aside 40 or 50 thousand dollars to help a theatre company produce a lineup of summer shows.
I wonder what that would be like? Just knowing that you have 40 thousand dollars with which to play? No scrounging for dollars from businesses that can hardly afford to support you- but do. No endless explaining why you are producing theatrical shows, why you need funding and how it all works. There are the endless explanations that the company is non profit and I don't revel in thousands and thousands of dollars of profit at the end of the season.
Last season I took $200 dollars for my own pocket. That's for 8 months of work. Pretty poor return until I tell you that venues alone cost us $10,000. Cast and crew were paid thousands. Rights were paid to playwrights. Sets were built. Lights rented. $3000 dollars was donated to local charities and on and on. I knew from the start there wouldn't be much left but we provided work for actors and brought in more than 20 groups and buses to our downtown theatre. Those patrons shopped and lunched downtown and visited local sites of interest.
Can you hear me Orillia?
Now, this season I am working with a terrific, determined committee of five who are trying to interest groups and buses to come to our shows. They are selling advertising and sponsorships and taking a bunch of stuff off my desk- except for the worry and the restless sleep some nights.
To be honest, the season could still fizzle.
On the plus side, our Kickstarter campaign will make it's goal bringing us a thousand bucks to pay for brochures etc. Some season sponsors and show sponsors are in place but not as many as last season- so our funding will be less. After the initial monies are in place, we still need ticket sales- "bums in
seats". Until our groups and bus tours start to come in- if they even do, we are on a precipice.
We are teetering on the edge of season success and ultimate fizzlement. 
Yes, I know. "Fizzlement" is not a real word but you get my drift.
It's a good thing we are only presenting two shows this year, albeit at two venues. We may pull this season off and come out in the black. The next two months will tell the tale. If tickets are selling we can do it. If we don't have ticket sales and see buses and groups, we'll just not be able to continue.
Our shows are "All for Nun...The 2nd Coming"- a musical comedy which I have written...well, almost written. I have even penned 3 new songs that I hope will be included in the show.
The second show is Norm Foster's "Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak".
Go to our Facebook page:
for details. You'll find our Kickstarter project listed there too. Any amount to help us along would be appreciated. If you are a business and care to help us with a sponsorship, send us an e-mail to
Our box office will soon have the ability to accept Visa and MasterCard and when it does, we invite you to call and order your tickets- for both shows. Order 2 tickets before June 30th and get them for
$45. That's a 9 dollar savings.
Donate $80 bucks to our Kickstarter project and get 4 comp tickets as a reward and save $28
For now, I still have doubts but I also have some kind of faith that "the show will go on".
It must go on.
We do it for the Orillia Community as well as ourselves.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Lovely, beautiful March with warm winds, greening grass and chirping birds...
No, I do not know what all the f***** snow and wind was about March 1st but I have made it a distant memory and so should you.

The long-range spring forecast from the Weather Network says above normal temps and below normal precipitation.
I'll take that.

On to other business.

In my last epistle I promised a few words about what I have been up to of  late.
Well, now I am ready to spill.
Along with my darling Husband Tom, our company Double R Productions has decided to do another season of summer theatre at the OCC in Downtown Orillia.
No, I have not gone all stupid.
Maybe more along the lines of crazy, since it seems when I tell friends of my summer intentions their response is:
"Are You crazy?"
Yes, perhaps.

It all started with a call from the Beaverton Town Hall Players who asked us to perform six "All for Nun" Shows at the Beaverton Town Hall Theatre- a historic 1910 theatre, right in downtown Beaverton.
Once we saw this marvelous old theatre, I thought the natural thing to do would be to extend those shows and perform in Orillia as well. Then, upon further thought I said to myself- "why not put a small season together by adding a second show?". 

We confirmed space at the OCC- where last year's shows were performed.
The result is- 
Two Venues and Two Shows although to us it will seem like three shows.
I've also morphed last years successful "All for Nun" into this year's "All for Nun...The 2nd Coming"
So far I have put almost 20 hours into the re-write- and I am not finished. Some aspects of last year's show will remain but there's a lot of new stuff too.
The bus tours and groups will return to have more "NunFun" and we hope single "bums" will plop themselves down into seats as well.

Our second summer offering is a very funny Norm Foster comedy that we performed three years ago as part of the Summer Season of Shows at the Gravenhurst Opera House- "Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak". That show was very successful. We had performed it earlier in the year in Orillia at the Stubley Auditorium. That show was performed in the round. Quite an experience for actors and audience alike. We still have the set pieces, so, I thought what the heck, let's do it one more time.

Many of the actors from last year will return for these shows but there could be some new faces as well.
Stay tuned.

Our show prices are cheaper than last year at $27 an individual ticket. That's good news- what with our dollar and the price of celery and meat these days! As a matter of fact that's a cheaper ticket price than our summer friends at the Orillia Opera House offer. There's even a special price in our brochure (hint, hint) that will save you more.Groups this year begin at 10+ and pay only $25 per ticket with a handling charge of $10. While single ticket holders do not have reserved seating, our groups and tour buses do.

Along with Mariposa Market- who are a hop, skip and a Nun's Habit from our Theatre door, we offer a $45 lunch and show package that can't be beat! Other specials and tour opportunities are available by getting in touch with us.

Our executive at Orillia Summer Theatre/Double R Productions includes Tom Ruechel as Stage Manager, Jim Dwyer as "Anywhere we place him Manager", Claire Acott is Group Sales and Tour Manager and Laurie Herd Promotions Manager. Scott Reid- my brother, is set design and build. First time we have a need for 2 sets at two different venues at the same time.

More details of our season are at 
Phone numbers for Groups and our Box Office (705.242.4092) details are posted there.

Oh yes, we are attempting to raise a paltry $1100 dollars on Kickstarter. Any port in a storm to raise some dollars. We have sponsorship opportunities available as well.

I'd also like to mention that we try to be an active part of the community in which we live. Last year Double R Productions supported three local non profit organizations by donating more than $3000 dollars in total. Our shows brought in a couple of dozen bus tours and groups who not only shopped in Downtown Orillia but took advantage of local activities such as a Heritage Tour- provided by us, Museum Tours and pre-show Dinners.

I must say, we work hard at our season and we don't have a major benefactor giving us thousands to perform our shows. We start with "Zero" dollars and build from there. is nail-biting time.
Some nights I wake up screaming wondering if it will all come together.

If you'd like to help us with our season there are three ways to do so.
Pledge using your credit card on Kickstarter.
Be a show or season sponsor by spending $300 to $600
Just donate "X" number of dollars to our Non Profit company.
Buying tickets is always good too!

Call our box office or e-mail and we'll gladly take your pennies and cheques or answer any questions you may have.

Now I have told you everything.
Not quite EVERYTHING but it is all I have right now.

See You at the Theatre!