Thursday, March 3, 2016


Lovely, beautiful March with warm winds, greening grass and chirping birds...
No, I do not know what all the f***** snow and wind was about March 1st but I have made it a distant memory and so should you.

The long-range spring forecast from the Weather Network says above normal temps and below normal precipitation.
I'll take that.

On to other business.

In my last epistle I promised a few words about what I have been up to of  late.
Well, now I am ready to spill.
Along with my darling Husband Tom, our company Double R Productions has decided to do another season of summer theatre at the OCC in Downtown Orillia.
No, I have not gone all stupid.
Maybe more along the lines of crazy, since it seems when I tell friends of my summer intentions their response is:
"Are You crazy?"
Yes, perhaps.

It all started with a call from the Beaverton Town Hall Players who asked us to perform six "All for Nun" Shows at the Beaverton Town Hall Theatre- a historic 1910 theatre, right in downtown Beaverton.
Once we saw this marvelous old theatre, I thought the natural thing to do would be to extend those shows and perform in Orillia as well. Then, upon further thought I said to myself- "why not put a small season together by adding a second show?". 

We confirmed space at the OCC- where last year's shows were performed.
The result is- 
Two Venues and Two Shows although to us it will seem like three shows.
I've also morphed last years successful "All for Nun" into this year's "All for Nun...The 2nd Coming"
So far I have put almost 20 hours into the re-write- and I am not finished. Some aspects of last year's show will remain but there's a lot of new stuff too.
The bus tours and groups will return to have more "NunFun" and we hope single "bums" will plop themselves down into seats as well.

Our second summer offering is a very funny Norm Foster comedy that we performed three years ago as part of the Summer Season of Shows at the Gravenhurst Opera House- "Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak". That show was very successful. We had performed it earlier in the year in Orillia at the Stubley Auditorium. That show was performed in the round. Quite an experience for actors and audience alike. We still have the set pieces, so, I thought what the heck, let's do it one more time.

Many of the actors from last year will return for these shows but there could be some new faces as well.
Stay tuned.

Our show prices are cheaper than last year at $27 an individual ticket. That's good news- what with our dollar and the price of celery and meat these days! As a matter of fact that's a cheaper ticket price than our summer friends at the Orillia Opera House offer. There's even a special price in our brochure (hint, hint) that will save you more.Groups this year begin at 10+ and pay only $25 per ticket with a handling charge of $10. While single ticket holders do not have reserved seating, our groups and tour buses do.

Along with Mariposa Market- who are a hop, skip and a Nun's Habit from our Theatre door, we offer a $45 lunch and show package that can't be beat! Other specials and tour opportunities are available by getting in touch with us.

Our executive at Orillia Summer Theatre/Double R Productions includes Tom Ruechel as Stage Manager, Jim Dwyer as "Anywhere we place him Manager", Claire Acott is Group Sales and Tour Manager and Laurie Herd Promotions Manager. Scott Reid- my brother, is set design and build. First time we have a need for 2 sets at two different venues at the same time.

More details of our season are at 
Phone numbers for Groups and our Box Office (705.242.4092) details are posted there.

Oh yes, we are attempting to raise a paltry $1100 dollars on Kickstarter. Any port in a storm to raise some dollars. We have sponsorship opportunities available as well.

I'd also like to mention that we try to be an active part of the community in which we live. Last year Double R Productions supported three local non profit organizations by donating more than $3000 dollars in total. Our shows brought in a couple of dozen bus tours and groups who not only shopped in Downtown Orillia but took advantage of local activities such as a Heritage Tour- provided by us, Museum Tours and pre-show Dinners.

I must say, we work hard at our season and we don't have a major benefactor giving us thousands to perform our shows. We start with "Zero" dollars and build from there. is nail-biting time.
Some nights I wake up screaming wondering if it will all come together.

If you'd like to help us with our season there are three ways to do so.
Pledge using your credit card on Kickstarter.
Be a show or season sponsor by spending $300 to $600
Just donate "X" number of dollars to our Non Profit company.
Buying tickets is always good too!

Call our box office or e-mail and we'll gladly take your pennies and cheques or answer any questions you may have.

Now I have told you everything.
Not quite EVERYTHING but it is all I have right now.

See You at the Theatre!