Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Medals. Schmedals. 11. More to come. Olympics.


After a touch of spring on the weekend Mother Nature has granted us a fresh blanket of white. Snowbanks that were receding like Peter Mansbridge's hairline, have once again made their presence known. Rain is on the way I hear. So is March.

Some friends are still heading south to enjoy some tender rays of sunshine. My sister is there now and has been for almost three weeks. My brother leaves in mere days. A close friend has been there since the last week of January. Others leave Saturday for three weeks of no snow and slush. Not to worry. I will still be here to keep you company my friends. I await the sunshine and warmth like you.

I was nominated for an award. A community-based award from ODAC- The Orillia and District Arts Council. Three others are in my category. The winner finds out March 9th....
"I would like to thank my parents, my husband, all the small people I have stepped on to get where I am today and of course Jesus!"
What do you think of my acceptance speach so far?

Have a good one!