Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The end is in sight for this Cross-Canada Odyssey of ours.

We have been on the road since Tuesday August 15th and finally arrived at our destination at
Country Maples RV Park- south of Chemainus around 6pm Pacific Time Wednesday August 23rd- Tom's Birthday. An Island Boy and today a "Birthday Boy".
From Country Maples, it should be about a 10 minute drive to our new home in West Duncan.

Birthday Boy and now Island Boy on the Pacific
Our day started at Peace Arch RV Park in White Rock where last night we ordered pizza from a Sicilian- Award Winning actually, Pizza Restaurant.

More Gardens at Peace Arch RV Park in White Rock
We had had a bit of a lie-in since we didn't have a seven hour drive ahead of us. I put my coffee on and afterwards we had some time for a short walk around the park. It was really to the garbage and recycling area but still- a nice walk. That's where I took this snap of a Greek God in the gardens. The gardens here are beautiful. Check out the palms and banana plants I shared with you yesterday. I popped into the office to ask the name of that huge plant I showed you in yesterday's blog. It is Gunnera Manicata. I have got to get me one of those for our new house!

We left the park at 11ish and made the 20 minute drive to Annacis  Island to pick up our van- the famous Swissshmobile, from Hansen's. Hansen's made expediting the van by rail from Toronto to Delta BC very easy- and economical too. They were very professional. Shelly kept us up to date on its progress across the country and the office staff happy to see us arrive to pick it up this morning. Joey checked the van out with us for any scratches or dents etc. Everything was in working order as we had left it- plus we got a van wash too!

Bridge to Annacis Island and Hansen's
From Annacis Island we made our way with Priscilla, which had Tom at the wheel and me driving the Montana, to Tswwassen. Another 20 minutes on Hwy 99 and 17 and we pulled into Tswwassen Mills a huge new shopping mall about 10 minutes from the BC Ferry Terminal.

We lined up after check in. Me in line 30 and Tom in 23. It was so easy driving onto the ferry. I was on Deck 3 and Tom below in Deck 2. I worked my way past cars and trucks and buses to where Priscilla was parked. It was like a maze above and below deck. The ferry ride on The Queen of Alberni was so smooth we didn't even realize- at first, that she had left port.

The view from inside the van. We were four vehicles from front.
Over the next two hours we cruised, taking in the Pacific Ocean air under blue, sunshine-filled skies- with only an occasional cloud here and there, arriving at Duke's Point the southernmost Ferry Terminal located at Nanaimo.

Our Baby "On Board"
Disembarking onto the Trans Canada- of which the ferry routing was a part of, it was an easy drive along the TCH. We drove south- down Island, towards Victoria. An easy 20 minute drive later, we pulled into Country Maples RV Park- our Island home for the next six weeks!

...and that's it folks. More than 5000 kms over 8 days. We saw mountains and trees. Rocks and lakes. Lost our beloved cat Doyle in West Winnipeg and took an ocean cruise.

It was our Canada 150th trip and the beginning of our new life on The Island, where we look forward to a winter of  mild temps, palm trees and no -30C temperatures or Snow!

Thanks for reading and I will still continue to blog on the progress on our new build and how we integrate into the Cowichan Community.