Friday, August 11, 2017


No, that photo is not me.
That's Bette Davis as Baby Jane in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"- The Movie.
However, this photo is pretty much how I am looking and feeling these days!

Tempus Fugit.
My Smartphone says 3 days till blast off.
By "Blast Off", I don't mean this is a grave warning that Kim Jung Jock Strap is prepping one of his rockets. It just tells me we have 3 more sleeps till we leave this popsicle stand and head for the Island.

Things are at a fever pitch.
It was an adventure taking the Swissshmobile to Hansen's rail facility Wednesday. This place on Nashene Road near Markham Road is amazing. High security fences and a security post to pass through when you arrive at the gate. Thank goodness the security people had our names in their computer. A half hour later we left the vehicle after talking to the friendly, helpful Hansen staff and headed downtown to The Village for lunch. Our friends Val and Bev came with us in Val's car as our ride home. We drove about 20 minutes from the rail facility when Tom discovers we have left our sweatshirts in the back of the van.
So, back we go to Hansen's. We are now on a first name basis with the security guard!!!

Lunch at the Church Mouse pub in the Gay Village was fun. We laughed and chatted with staff and had decadent desserts after a hearty lunch. The whole day was a much-needed stress reliever and we even found time on the way home to stop by Tanger Outlet mall to buy new Samsonite Suitcases. Of course there was a Fossil store there with out of this world prices on watches, so I bought myself one. I mean who could pass up that kind of savings and one must always pay one's self after paying for an RV from Heidi's!!!
See above blogs if you don't get the joke!!

Our Junkman came Friday morning and took a truck load of junk away for the cool sum of $260 bucks. I am now printing this stuff in the basement.
Dollars not junk.
Only kidding...

Friends came by in late morning to take a plant or a gargoyle in Darlene's case. Geraldine picked up some garden ornaments. Shane took home a bottle of Absolut Vodka- what else does one give a "girlfriend" as a parting gift? I ask you...
Our Friend Julie from a village near Niece in France popped in to say hello and tour Priscilla. I hear Niece is "nice"!
An old joke but I just had to do it.

Sorry Dame Edna, we gave lillies not gladdies
Then, we were off to Colleen's for a final hair trim. Aunt Shirley and Jim came along after our cut. Shirley to get her weekly blow and dry from Colleen and Jim...well, Jim is follicle free so he just chatted.
After Shirley was a looking rather gorgeous, Colleen surprized us with coffee and chocolate cake made from a Casino Rama recipe. Her Hubbie Basil joined us. The cake I had last year at my 65th birthday celebration was replicated by Colleen.. It was grand and Colleen receives top marks for all the chocolate contents.

Afterwards, we made a final trip to the bank where we said goodbye to Julie Emery and Stephanie- among others, who gave us a Bon Voyage basket of goodies.
Yum and Mmmm.
We emptied our safety deposit box after signing a bunch of papers and headed home.
Another busy day was almost done.

Finally, Swisssh and Starlite my online radio stations are "off air" as we say in the biz. I was set to pack up the studio Saturday anyway and with a little help from the evening's thunderstorm that flashed our lights and power, I decided to leave the stations off air a few hours early. Both will return from The Cowichan in early October.

Insert a huge ~sigh~ and a tear or two...