Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Day Two is at an end. At last.

We are in Thunder Bay at a KOA. Such a nice lot we have. There's:
A patio.
A Firepit.
A two-person swing- wood no less.
A table with 4 chairs and an umbrella.

When we drove folks were probably saying- "Here comes those rich "fags" from Orillia!"
I think it was the most expensive lot.
Worth every penny.

The Sign Says it All
Back up a few hours now and envision an Ontario Provincial Park in Pancake Bay just west of
Sault Ste. Marie
We started our day at 0730. That was sleeping in!!
It was cool in Priscilla.
I flipped on the furnace and nothing happened.
I checked the hot water and nothing!! I had turned it on- I thought, before bed last night.
It didn't work.
I was miffed.
Totally pissed really. Four letter words spewed forth like a woman scorned!
Tom told me to take a pill...well, it was something like that but a little spicier, so off I trotted in my little black flip flops, cradling a towel under one arm and my showering essentials- including my Jennifer Aniston face scrub in the other.
I had slipped on my Ray Bans so no one would recognize me or attempt to talk to me or throw a cheery "Good Morning!" in my direction.

I showered and realized I had left my hair brush back in Priscilla.
Damn. Double Damn. So, I flipped and flopped back as quickly as I could at oh-seven thirty-something and grabbed by brush.
So far, I hate this fucking day.

We took our time to pack things away and left Pancake Bay at 10ish.
10 hours later after a couple of breaks we arrived where we are now in Tunderin' Bay.
The drive was gorgeous.
Scenery spectacular.

A Bridge at Nipegon around 6pm
Words are hard to come by to describe the vistas but let me try- tree, tree, tree, lake,
construction, tree, rock, lake, tree, rock, rock and rock is the best I can do.
Let the photos tell the story.

In mid afternoon after a few texts and e-mails, I tried one last switch in Priscilla. This Motorhome if full of switches and they all serve a purpose. I flicked it while Tom went into an A&W at White River. By the time he came back we had hot water.
Thanks the Lord, I mean if there was such an entity to thank but this time it was pure luck and I just happened to pick the right switch.

Tom the Captain filling Priscilla to the brim with H2O
We arrived in this KOA at 8ish. It's actually in Shuniah- like in Twain.
I fed the kids. Tom hooked up H2O and power and Bless his little ole heart, he even got the shite pipe hooked to the sewer on our expensive, show-stopping lot.
I thought-"If my husband can play around with a shite pipe, I could cook him supper and I did.
It was Veggie Lasagna.
The oven even worked and I had to figure out how to light the pilot.
This RV thing is starting to click.

With the lasagna cooking away, we took the girls for a half hour spin through the park.
It was good.

It is getting late folks and the Captain says I have to be on duty- I'm the "In-charge" Priscilla Attendent. My duty day starts at 0900. We have an 8 hour drive to another KOA just west of Winnipeg and I will be sharing driving duties unlike today when Tom did the whole trip.

Wish us luck and if I get WiFi or tether this laptop to my Samsung, I will tell more tomorrow.