Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Well Kids, Day one is behind us!!!
We drove for 10 hours including lunch and gas and puppy pee stops.

However, the day began with a major Priscilla problem. We discovered we had no power on her right side and our fridge and freezer was not working. We tried a new fuse but no luck.
We were desperate, so we drove to Heidi's for service.
We arrived at Heidi's gate at 7ish and realized they didn't open till 8am. So, we waited.
To make a long story shorter it was a "short" in the bathroom ceiling light.

We got on the road at 930 with me in the driver's seat. I drove 4 hours to the other side of Sudbury.
A caution if you go up that way. Our friend Karen told us to top up when we saw a gas station. This is true. So true.
Once past Sudbury one travels a long, long way to gas up and the road is the worst.

Hwy 17 you suck- BIGTIME!!!
Our cats hated that part of today's drive. They were pretty calm by the end of the day though.

There is a ton of construction when traffic only goes one way at a time.
Hwy 17, you'll be great when you are done but today- you sucked!!

We had lunch at 2ish- I forget where. Then Hubbie took over the driving. The scenery is spectacular at times and view of Lake Superior was superb.
I will try to add a photo or two.

Eventually, we ended up in Sault Ste Marie- with me driving again, at a Wal*Mart of course!
Tom picked up a few items while I stayed with the "kids" in Priscilla.
We gassed up at a nearby Esso that conveniently had a Tim's next door and we were off again.

I took a little snooze at one point when Tom was driving and was jolted from a sound sleep when Tom swerved this way and that on a curve that was spitting distance from Lac Superior. Well, the fridge door flew open and chili sauce, water and half the fridge flew across the kitchen floor.
I screamed like a "girl".
He pulled to the side of the road and we started cleanup. |I was a little pissed at his "swerve" but I got over it about 20 km down the road...
He did pick a pretty spot for the cleanup operation. Late afternoon sun glistened on Superior waters as we mopped the mess.
The lake not the mess.

Just after the Fridge emptied itself!!
Once past The Soo we had 76 kms to go to get to Pancake Bay where we would stay the night in our lovely- yet increasingly, costly Priscilla and that is where I am writing this blog. An Ontario park where we had only a quick opportunity to plug in our power before darkness fell...and
boy did it fall.
It's darker than a turkey's arse at fly time outside Priscilla!
Can't see the nose on top of one's moustache!!

Entrance to Pancake Bay Provincial Park
Tom let the girls- Missy and Koko, out for their last pee- after a supper of cold chicken and potato salad. I gave him the "Bear Horn" when he went outside. The one I had bought a month ago.
One never knows here in bear country.
What is left of the chicken we consumed is neatly stuffed in Priscilla's fridge instead of being thrown outside the RV's door.

So, it has been a long day but we managed it.
Good for us!

Time now for beddy bye.
I am beat.

If I can't get photos transferred over, it'll have to be tomorrow when I am fully awake.
Thanks for all your wonderful- yet sometimes teary, goodbyes.
Our heartiest, funniest, best goodbye came from our friend and neighbour Louise.
She came across the road from her house yesterday and says to me-
"So, the day if finally here!"
She started to cry. suddenly she stopped and added-
"Well, Fuck You!! ~pause~ "Yes, Fuck. You!!"
It was so unexpected and so funny and really- from the heart.

Each and every tear was appreciated by Tom and |I. We will miss you all dearly but we soldier on to our new home on Vancouver Island.

Good Night Irene...and the rest of you too!

P.S. Two pics loaded. I stayed up way past my bedtime just for you!